Although there are no foreseeable supply chain issues with the cannabis industry – it’s never too early to start being stoner Santa, for your friends and family this holiday season. In fact, cannabis gifts can be a hit all year long. 

Whether you’re buying for an all-day everyday consumer or someone who is just starting to experiment – we’ve got the buying bud guide for you. Keep reading for all the best tips to keep in mind when gifting ganja, plus the ultimate cannabis gift guide for what to buy this 2021 holiday season.

Tip #1 – Consider the recipient

While this may be an obvious tip for buying a gift – we’ve all gotten one gift or two that’s made us say WTF? Even the bestest of friends or greatest of people can go awry when it comes to buying gifts, cannabis gifts included. When buying gifts for stoners you’ll especially want to consider the recipient.

Think of how often they consume to determine the type of gift to purchase, their experience to determine the strength or potency of the product and even their preferences too. As in – if your friend has a high THC tolerance, a high CBD product might not do a thing. Or, if they don’t consume often – don’t get ‘em them concentrates they won’t be able to dab, or infused drinks they won’t be able to finish.

Tip #2 – Don’t expect a sharing sesh

Don’t be the person to hand over a dank cannabis gift and say ‘so, when are gonna try it?’. By giving the gift you’re relinquishing your ownership and putting that in the hands of those you gifted. In the case that you want to try the gift yourself, too – buy your own, and share it together.

Tip #3 – Enhance their experience

You know how there’s always that one luxury item that you want but just can’t justify buying for yourself? Stoners are the same. For those you love the most, consider gifting those extravagant elevated items like a Puffco Peak, a one-of-a-kind glass piece (like a bong that’s also a vase!) or other high-end items that’ll enhance your high.

Tip #4 – Put together a cannabis gift box

Can’t decide what gifts for weed lovers to buy? Buy ‘em all! Get small quantities of edibles, flower, pre-rolls or concentrates and package your own cannabis gift box. Put it all in a fun decorated mason jar, or tie it all up with a bow on a new rolling tray.

Tip #5 – Think outside of the box

Instead of gifting your friends or family with the weed you know they’re going to buy anyways…search for the hottest new accessory or latest and greatest tool to elevate their experience even more. Are they a dab connoisseur? Consider an all-in-one electric dab bundle. Are they interested in growing weed themselves? What about supporting a local Cali small business with a Pot for Pot? Or, merch from their favorite brand or reppin’ their favorite strain.

Need ideas? We’ve got you!

Still stumbling when it comes to put together an original cannabis gift box or choose the best gifts for weed lovers? Use this cannabis gift guide to help.

For the elevated connoisseur of weed & drinks:

For that boujee friend who likes to get down with top-shelf cannabis and spirits too – why not combine both? Gift them the Italian Style Artet Infused Botanical Beverage and add in a set of glasses, to be even more extra.

For those that get canna-cozy for sleep:

Curate a basket of sleep specific goods like Absolute Xtracts Sleepy Time Soft Gels, Wyld Elderberry CBN + Indica Enhanced Gummies, or Calm by Dosist Dose Pen. Throw in a sleep mask, silk pillowcase or other snooze-related gifts to be even more creative.

For the tried-and-true joint smoker:

Give the gift of variety with a pre-roll cannabis gift basket that’ll sure to be a hit and affordable too. Add a twist with an infused pre-roll, a sativa pack, indica varieties and hybrids for an all-around experience in just one weed gift.

For the flower lover:

Any fan of flower loves to try new strains – for their unique aromas, versatile effects, and eye-catching appearances, too. So, play to their affections and put together a weed kit box of like minded genetics. Like all fruity strains – think Bananas Foster, and Peach Cresendo. Or, all haze strains with Sour Haze, Super Lemon Haze and Cuban Black Haze. Add some hemp wraps, a new bowl, lighter or package in a fresh new stash box to complete the perfect puff, puff, pass cannabis gift.

For the edible explorer:

The epitome of cannabis gift baskets is one that’s elevated with infused edible treats. Put a twist on a classic holiday gift with edibles that are best suited for your recipient. For mom? Go low-dose or CBD dominant. For a foodie? Try a variety of infused ingredients and snacks from Potlit like Shrimp Chips or Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

For the daily dabber:

What do dabbers like the most? More product to dab! Especially considering the cost of some of the most premium extracts and concentrates. So treat them by going all out with 710 Platinum Persy Sauce or Persy Live Rosin. Or, give a variety of textures with a sample pack of diamonds, crumbles, bubble hash and more.

Embarc – A One-Stop Kind of Shop

If you’ve learned anything about buying weed in the legal market – it’s convenience is key. There’s no difference when buying cannabis gifts, or shopping for the best stoner gifts this upcoming holidaze season. Choosing a cannabis retail shop that has a wide range of product types, brands, locations and offers the ease of online ordering, rewards and pick-up or delivery – just makes sense. When shopping for yourself or someone else.

We hate to brag…but Embarc provides all those perks and more. So, go on get your gifting on – head into a location near you where our friendly staff members can help you choose the perfect cannabis gifts or begin customizing your gift online, now.