Doing some holiday shopping for the cannabis lover in your life? It’s not always easy— with hundreds of products from dozens of brands available at Embarc, choosing the perfect selection for your loved one’s specific tastes can be tough. Are they a chilled-out relaxation seeker or a high-energy euphoria fan? Into edibles or prefer joints? Experienced and on the hunt for more potent highs or just trying out cannabis for the first time?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our new gift baskets and stocking stuffer bundles are here to make your gift buying easy. This week, choose from one of three bundles that not only offer a curated selection of products for a range of unique tastes, but also bring you deep discounts compared to full retail of individual products, or shop Embarc to find all your holiday needs.

It’s the Embarc Holiday Gift Guide, here to make holiday wishes come true.

$100 (RETAIL $145)

For a full sampling of the many wonderful ways to enjoy cannabis, you can’t go wrong with this week’s special Embarc gift basket bundle.

For a potent and delicious experience that’s convenient and smoke-free, we’ve included Sugar Plum flavored gummy edibles from Kanha.

Next, give the gift of high-quality cannabis straight from the stem with our favorite Moon Made Farms cannabis flower.

We’ve also included your choice of Tutti Hash, available in indica, hybrid, or sativa, as well as a Peanut Butter single from Big Pete’s Treats.

Finally, let your loved one indulge in a little self care with either a Wintergreen CBD stick or Juniper Balm from Humboldt Apothecary, the perfect topical solutions offering the soothing health benefits of CBD.

Each gift basket also comes with a 2.5” glass pipe and lighter.

$60 (RETAIL $45)

We love convenient, easy-to-enjoy cannabis that’s also, well, amazing. That’s why we think this stocking stuffer bundle makes for the perfect gift for anyone who loves ready-to-consume cannabis products that don’t sacrifice quality.

First up is a pack of Emerald Sky Peanut Butter Cups. As yummy as they are potent, we’d be surprised if anyone who receives them has any leftover by New Years.

This bundle also includes a set of Ganga Gold Red Tarantula luxury pre-rolls for ready made joints as lovingly made as if you’d rolled them yourself. Top it off with deliciously buzzy Keef Cola and you’ve got a stocking stuffer that puts mints and magazines to shame.


Looking for an inexpensive gift that packs a punch? Give the gift of a ready-to-enjoy rolling experience. This bundle includes your choice of a gram Tutti infused ground flower pouch, a 2.5” glass pipe, and an Embarc branded lighter.

High-quality, affordable, and everything your loved one needs to enjoy, this bundle is the perfect go-to gift for everyone on your list.

Don’t wait— these gift bundles are only available now through Sunday, Dec. 13. Available in-store only at Embarc. Buy now, before their gone!