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Does the scent of your weed affect your high? Top Facts on Terpenes

Skunky. Diesel. Fruity. Sour. Cheesy. Creamy and Sweet…

There are not many things that can be described with such an array of adjectives. But weed can. The cannabis plant not only produces a wide variety of cannabinoids for its elevated effects – but a variety of terpenes, too. Terps are responsible for each bud’s unique aroma and flavor, and come to find out – terpenes’ effects can even affect your buzz.

So to elevate your cannabis connoisseur status – let’s get into our guide of terpenes explained. Where you’ll discover more about terpenes and their effects, strain terpene profiles, and terpenes’ benefits for your elevated routines. Keep reading to explore the magic of terps for your high.


No matter how many times you’ve puff, puff, passed…it’s likely you’ve noticed a bag of Blue Dream smells far different than a bag of Sour Diesel. The reason being, both strains contain a different terpene profile. Terpenes are the aromatic centers of cannabis, that serve more of a purpose than just igniting stoner senses. Horticulturally, terpenes are compounds that the plant produces to protect itself. Their strong aromas have a way of deterring herbivores while attracting beneficial predators of herbivores too.

What seems like a dual-purpose compound is actually a triple-threat when it comes to cannabis. Terpenes come from the same sticky-icky resin that coats top-shelf flower and contains beneficial cannabinoids too. Each plant has its own varying terpene profile that produces its own terpene effects too. That’s right – terpenes aren’t just notable for their distinctively good whiffs but actually alter how the strain makes you feel.

With that said, let’s queue up our explanation on the entourage effect and the reason behind knowing more about terps.


If you’ve ever consumed an isolate product or a lower quality distillate – you might have experienced what’s known as an ‘empty’ high. Where you feel slightly buzzed, but not as rocked as you might normally feel. That’s because the more you refine a product the more you lose out on the strain’s natural level and concentration of terpenes. And, when terpenes and cannabinoids are consumed together – they’re stronger than apart. That’s the phenomenon known as the entourage effect. In the 1980’s, psychopharmacologist Dr. Ethan Russo uncovered a unique synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes amplifying one another’s effects. Terming the synergistic relationship as the ‘entourage effect’.

Since then, unfortunately, few studies have been conducted to definitively prove the phenomenon. Outside of consumers experiencing the difference themselves. However, there are some studies that seem to back up what Dr.Russo coined, and the real-time effects that consumers feel. Including –

● In 2010 cancer patients were administered pure THC extract, and a combination of CBD and THC to reduce condition-related pain. The patients given the CBD/THC extract reported less pain after the dosage, overall.

If you’re interested in experimenting with the entourage effect on your own – full-spectrum CBD oils, and products contain ‘whole-plant’ extract, terpenes included. Concentrate-wise, Live Resin is held to a higher standard due to the complex extraction processes it takes to preserve the integrity of whole-plant terpenes, too. Of course, good ol’ fashioned flower is the easiest way to harness the full potential of a strain terpene profile and cannabinoids, too.

Beyond terpenes’ synergistic relationship with cannabinoids, industry experts have come to the conclusion that alone – terpenes’ health benefits do exist. So, next, let’s explore the most common terpenes found in modern cannabis today, their signature scents, and individual terpene effects.


While nearly 100 different terpenes can be found in cannabis plants, there are a select few more common than others. Without further ado, here’s a guide to the top 5 most prevalent terpenes in cannabis today and what you need to know about each.


First for a reason, myrcene is the most abundant terpene found in commercially grown cannabis sold in the US. The terpene is well-known for your bag of bud producing musky, earthy and herbal aromas. As for the terpenes effects, early research is showing that myrcene may be capable of delivering anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain-relieving, sedating and calming benefits.

● Strains with high levels of myrcene – White Widow & OG Kush


We all know that refreshing zing you smell when opening a jar or bag of Super Lemon Haze, or another notably citrus strain. That lemon, orange aroma comes from limonene another abundant terpene found in cannabis. Limonene is one of the more researched terpenes, and so far we know some of the terpene’s health benefits are equally beneficial for the body and mind. Including the terps’ power to reduce stress and depressionrelieve anxiety, and elevate moods overall. While also being anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antifungal, and antibacterial in effects.

● Strains with high levels of limonene – Wedding Cake & Do-si-dos


Caryophyllene is one of the more unique terpenes, as research shows it’s one of the only terps to directly activate the endocannabinoid system itself. This interaction allows caryophyllene to reduce pain, and stress including anxiety and depression. As for aroma, caryophyllene is notable for weed’s signature spicy, clove-like and peppery scents.

● Strains with high levels of caryophyllene – Purple Punch & Gelato


Also found in high concentrates in lavender, it’s no surprise that Linalool has a similar aroma and type of effects as the aromatic plant. Linalool has a robust herbal and floral aroma, that delivers relaxing and sedating effects, along with being anti-inflammatory for relieving pain. Its calming nature is being researched for the potential treatment of anxietydepression, and insomnia.

● Strains with high levels of linalool – Amnesia Haze & Granddaddy Purple


From its name alone, you can probably guess the aroma that Pinene is responsible for. The terpene is infamous for weed’s woody, and pine-scented strains that tend to tingle the senses. As for terpenes effects, Pinene may improve alertness and memory retention – in contrast to what many naysayers may say or believe about cannabis’ effect on the memory. Even more surprising about the unique terp, is pinene may also counteract THC’s psychoactive effects. Pinene is also being explored for its treatment of asthma, pain, inflammation, ulcers, anxiety, cancer.

● Strains with high levels of pinene – Jack Herer & Trainwreck


Now, you may better understand the common saying across the cannabis industry, ‘the nose knows’. For most consumers, the aroma you prefer from cannabis tends to deliver the types of effects you crave. If not – now you know more about terpenes and how they can help you achieve elevated results according to your desires. So, if you’re seeking high-quality cannabis for quality highs – look no further than Embarc. Embac on a new journey of all-natural healing, and browse our premium collection of California cannabis goods, now. Or, find a location near you!