Want to learn more about California dispensaries? The state is dotted with hundreds of great places to chill out and buy high-end cannabis products, including flowers, vapes, and edibles.

If you want recommendations for California dispensaries, read this guide below!

How to find California cannabis dispensaries?

If you’re located at Alameda, Martinez, or Tahoe you can visit one of these dispensaries for your next high:

  • Alameda, 1616 Webster Street. Shop now!
  • Martinez, 3503 Alhambra Avenue. Shop now!
  • Tahoe, 4035 Lake Tahoe Blvd. Shop now!

However, if you’re located elsewhere in Cali, you can still find a dispensary close by! Here are some tips:

  • Weedmaps: find dispensaries across the state, reviews, and learn all about cannabis on their blog!
  • Pot guide: another great resource for dispensaries in California, strain reviews, and to discover cannabis brands
  • Leafly: Find dispensaries across the state, read reviews, and get educated with Cannabis 101

Recreational or medical cannabis dispensaries?

There is a key difference between recreational and medical dispensaries and it’s best to check out before you visit what kind of cannabis they sell.

Although many California dispensaries sell both recreational and medical cannabis, some are restricted to only one option.

What are the rules for recreational cannabis in California?

The only rule you need to follow is to be a legal adult (over 21). And that’s it.

Anyone over 21 can purchase cannabis for recreational use in California at a dispensary. All you have to do is show a legal form of ID.

You can smoke or vape cannabis at a designated location of the dispensary, but it is illegal to smoke outdoors. Also, while commuting from one spot to another, the cannabis packaging must be sealed at all times.

What are the rules for medical cannabis in California?

To purchase medical cannabis in California you must have a Medical Marijuana Identification Card.

The main benefit of having a Medical Marijuana card is you don’t pay taxes when purchasing cannabis products.

To obtain the card, you need to have a valid medical condition, a written certification by a physician appointing cannabis as a treatment, and fill in a form at the California Department of Public Health.

What should I look for in a cannabis dispensary?

That depends on what you’re looking for in a dispensary. If it’s affordable prices, then take a look at the price tags and ask for a free delivery to smoke with comfort at home.

However, if it’s a welcoming ambiance to smoke freely that you desire, then pick a dispensary with a comfortable, lush smoking spot.

Many people, unfortunately, can’t smoke at home (either because of disapproving parents or neighbors) and depend on dispensaries for a safe location to get high — or even use cannabis medicinally.

If you are one of these people, then a dispensary where you feel welcomed is a prime concern. You should feel as if it was your second home, a place to unwind. Many regulars visit the dispensary every day after work as a place to decompress before heading back home.

But maybe you are a newbie and need guidance. Some dispensaries have experienced budtenders that know all about cannabis strains and their effects to guide you on this journey.

Instead of having bad unexpected effects (which most newbies suffer from), you’ll only be picking the best strains for newcomers thanks to a caring budtender.

And perhaps you have questions if you should smoke or vape, THC or CBD — edibles, extracts, or tinctures? The list of doubts goes on and the knowledgeable staff at a dispensary will be more than willing to help you out!

So, if you are looking for a relaxing cannabis experience head to a dispensary!

What you can find at Embarc cannabis dispensaries

At our 3 dispensaries (located in Alameda, Martinez, and Tahoe, CA), you find flowers, edibles, vapes, topicals, and more!

If there’s a cannabis product you need, you’ll find it at Embarc. Check out our product categories below:

Guide picks

Here you find the personal recommendations of our staff. Our favorites are in this section, so it’s a great place to start if you’re lost and have no idea what to buy.

And we always cover all bases with our picks! So you’ll find flower, edible, and vape recommendations in this section.

  • Shop Alameda dispensary guide picks
  • Shop Martinez dispensary guide picks
  • Shop Tahoe dispensary guide picks


Highly-acclaimed Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or CBD strains for you to experiment with. Names include Pixie Dust, Cherry AK, and Apple Quake.

  • Shop Alameda dispensary flowers
  • Shop Martinez dispensary flowers
  • Shop Tahoe dispensary flowers


CBD gels, cannabis-infused drinks, cannabis-infused corn, chews, and gummies. An arsenal of flavors is available for you to experiment with CBD or THC in exciting new ways!

  • Shop Alameda dispensary edibles
  • Shop Martinez dispensary edibles
  • Shop Tahoe dispensary edibles


Ready-to-smoke cigars with THC or CBD. If you’re looking for a blunt, then search no more and click on the links below:

  • Shop Alameda dispensary pre-rolls
  • Shop Martinez dispensary pre-rolls
  • Shop Tahoe dispensary pre-rolls


Vapes in every flavor (rich in THC or CBD) for you to puff out gorgeous, relaxing clouds. Cherry Remedy, Sour Kush, Orange Fuel, and Mai Thai are some vape oils you can enjoy!

  • Shop Alameda dispensary vapes
  • Shop Martinez dispensary vapes
  • Shop Tahoe dispensary vapes


Rolling paper, eye drops, and hemp wraps. If you need the gear, you’ll get it here!

  • Shop Alameda dispensary gear
  • Shop Martinez dispensary gear
  • Shop Tahoe dispensary gear


Bath bombs, transdermal patches, and relief balms. Soothing CBD products to unwind after a tough workday.

  • Shop Alameda dispensary topicals
  • Shop Martinez dispensary topicals
  • Shop Tahoe dispensary topicals


Sublingual CBD tinctures for you and pets to sit back and relax!

  • Shop Alameda dispensary tinctures
  • Shop Martinez dispensary tinctures
  • Shop Tahoe dispensary tinctures


Highly-concentrated cannabis extracts with THC or CBD to infuse in your food or drinks. You can also apply as a microdose for smoking, vaping, or sublingual use.

  • Shop Alameda dispensary extracts
  • Shop Martinez dispensary extracts
  • Shop Tahoe dispensary extracts

Embarc at one of our dispensaries

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