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Want to order a cannabis delivery to your door? Well, there are some best practices to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Read below 5 tips you should follow before ordering a delivery. These tips will make sure your order meets your expectations and avoids the common setbacks associated with cannabis online orders.

So what are you waiting for? Read the 5 tips below!

#1 Call the dispensary (if you feel comfortable)

This is a valid tip many people don’t follow, but can avoid a lot of headache. Sometimes when you order online you might get something out of stock by accident. Or you read the product description too fast and what arrives is smaller than you expected.

A way to avoid these headaches is by purchasing at trustworthy dispensaries, with clear product photos and detailed descriptions. But we highly recommend dropping a phone call.

You’ll be able to get a feeling of the place by how they answer your questions on the phone — and you can check if the product you wish to purchase is in stock (and if it’s exactly what you’re looking for).

So, in the end, this is a pro tip. Call the cannabis delivery service and avoid disappointment when the order arrives at your door.

#2 Ask if the delivery is discreet (if this worries you)

Some people don’t want a van that says 420 Blaze it! with a cannabis symbol rolling up to their driveway. Neighbors might ask weird questions and you’ll be the next hot gossip in the suburbs.

So, if discretion is a concern, it’s best to ask how the delivery will be made. Some dispensaries deliver their orders in unidentified vans and paper bags that can’t be traced as a dispensary by your snoopy neighbors.

Check out details on the website, or like step #1, drop them a call.

#3 Get a starter pack (guide picks package)

Sometimes the infinite amount of choices makes us stuck: what should we get for our next high?

Well, there’s a guide picks section fully prepared for you to start off your journey. There you get recommendations of strains, vapes, edibles, and extracts of our expert budtenders who have experience with all our wares.

So if you’re stumped (or want a delivery cannabis care package), then get 3 products from the guide picks and you’re set. A high-tier edible with a strain — what else could you ask for?

Embarc dispensaries with “guide picks” for delivery

You can get guide picks delivered right at your door from our Alameda and South Lake Tahoe cannabis dispensaries.

  • Check out the Alameda guide picks!
  • Check out the Tahoe guide picks!

#4 Befriend the budtenders

When you’re friends with a budtender, things become way better. That’s because you’ll be notified of new releases as soon as they drop, as well as get the best suggestions of what the dispensary has to offer.

Having a budtender as a buddy has many perks that off-the-bat smokers don’t get. But how do you befriend a budtender? That’s simple! Talk with them on social media, or even better — pay them a visit in the dispensary.

We know telling you to visit a dispensary sounds counterintuitive (after all you wish to ask for a delivery), but you only need to visit once to establish trust and have contact details to ask for recommendations. Or you can give them your number, email or social media accounts to receive any news.

And once you’ve established this bond you can become a regular, asking for deliveries from the same dispensary. After all, trust goes a long way and some places offer membership programs to get discounts and early access to products.

#5 Check the delivery upon arrival

As soon as you get your delivery, head back inside and check its content. If any mistakes were made, it’s best to identify them as soon as possible so the dispensary can fix things for you.

Better yet if you can check the delivery with the driver, but we understand checking out cannabis products in the driveway can be… troublesome.

That’s because if you check the order with the driver, chances are they can head back to the dispensary ASAP and replace the items.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen. And especially on busy days with many deliveries (such as Friday nights), staff or drivers can make mistakes and mess up your order. Of course, this doesn’t excuse the dispensary’s error, but you can correct it quicker if you check the order upon arrival.

Get cannabis delivered to your door by an Embarc dispensary!

If you live in the Alameda area or near South Lake Tahoe, you can get cannabis delivered right to your door every day.

All you need to do is browse our online store, check out the products you’d like, add them to the shopping cart and select a time for delivery. Our drivers are timely and will get your cannabis delivered on the agreed deadline so you don’t need to anxiously keep looking anxiously at the clock or driveway.

Our stores have highly acclaimed flowers such as Apple Quake and Pixie Dust, which you can enjoy in the comfort of home! You can also order a delivery of delicious edibles to get high, including cannabis-infused fruity drinks, gummies, and corn.

Pre-rolls in every flavor, vapes, topicals, tinctures, and extracts are also available for delivery. And if you need any gear (such as rolling paper), we can deliver that too!

So, visit the digital Alameda and South Lake Tahoe stores to get your delivery now:

  • Shop at Alameda dispensary
  • Shop at South Lake Tahoe dispensary

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