Whether you use cannabis for chill vibes at night or motivation and energy to attack the day, you’re probably familiar with the cannabinoids CBD and THC. But, what about the other one hundred plus cannabinoids that cannabis plants are capable of producing? CBN is just one of many up-and-coming cannabinoids that interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system for potential therapeutic effects. So, before your next trip to the dispensary, let’s take the time to learn more about unique CBN effects. Keep on reading to answer the question – WTF is CBN? And, see if the cannabinoid may just enhance your cannabis routines. 

So, WTF is CBN?
CBN, short for cannabinol, is a cannabinoid that is produced when THC matures and degrades. Or, when THC is exposed to certain environmental factors like heat, air, and light. It has about ¼ the potency of THC, so you more than likely won’t get high from CBN alone. However, early research is showing CBN and THC may just amplify one another’s effects when consumed together. While CBN isn’t as well known as some other cannabinoids, its popularity has skyrocketed at dispensaries across the US over the past year.

So, let’s explore these benefits more. While more research is still needed to determine the true cannabinol effects, some users report CBN increases their sleepiness when consumed with THC. In fact, anecdotal evidence shows the CBN compound may be just as effective as traditional sleep-aid medications like diazepam. But, of course – before you go ditching your prescription, talk to your doctor and try CBN for sleep on your own first. 

As for appetite, we’re sure you’re all too familiar with catching a case of the munchies. Yes, it’s stereotypical, but it’s the truth; weed scientifically increases our appetite for all the snacks we crave. According to research, the same holds true when it comes to consuming cannabis with CBN. Or, could be from CBN alone. Since early animal studies, prove CBN successfully increases food intake, suggesting it could be an appetite stimulant on its own. 

In regards to protecting against specific health conditions, the longtime discussion or industry myth that cannabis can treat glaucoma might have CBN to thank. Another recent animal study found that CBN and THC together reduced intraocular pressure, which is the most significant risk factor for glaucoma

Other studies have shown that CBN might have antibacterial qualities. When tested on strains of MRSA bacteria that are resistant to traditional antibiotics, researchers found CBN to be a powerful agent against them. While we’re not trading in our antibiotics for CBN gummies just yet, some experts believe that CBN effects may be of good use for fighting off bacterial infections in the future. As more research develops on this versatile cannabinoid, experts may be able to determine how it could heal us in ways that usual antibiotics can’t. 


CBN research also indicates that it may have the potential to be a neuroprotectant. If you’re not sure WTF that means either, or why you should care – know that this quality can protect nerve cells against damage and impairment of function. In a recent study, researchers used CBN as a treatment for ALS and found that it helped delay the condition’s onset. These findings suggest that CBN might be a powerful tool to fight against conditions like ALS, and other neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s. 

Last, but not least here are a few other CBN benefits that are being researched further including – 

  • Anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant effects
  • Reduced physical pain
  • Treatment for psoriasis 
  • May slow or stop the growth and spread of cancer cells, and reduce tumors
  • May promote bone healing and growth 


By now, you might be wondering – how exactly does CBN differ from CBD? Especially considering how CBD has taken the world by storm. In today’s world, you can literally find CBD anywhere, from gas stations to your local dispensary. When looking at CBN vs CBD, the similar acronyms make it easy to confuse the two, but why is one so much more common than the other? That’s because CBD is produced in much higher quantities in hemp and cannabis plants, versus CBN. Therefore, CBN is much harder to get your hands on.

As for effects, CBN and CBD are quite similar. Both have the ability to reduce inflammation and pain, promote sleepiness, treat skin conditions, and produce anticonvulsant effects.  When looking at the comparison of CBN vs. CBD however, there are a few differences. Including – 

  • CBD has been used to help cancer patients and reduce depression and anxiety disorders, while CBN has not. 
  • CBD is FDA-approved for two rare forms of epilepsy. CBN is not FDA approved for any ailments or disabilities.
  • CBN products tend to be more expensive since the cannabinoid is found in lower quantities. 


In the future, as research increases and extraction techniques improve, CBN may also become just as mainstream as CBD as a natural cannabinoid for healing.


Seeking out CBN Benefits
Since CBN is far less abundant in cannabis plants than CBD and THC, your next question might be – where TF can I find CBN? With increasing awareness and research, even though CBN isn’t as prevalent as the two major cannabinoids many cultivators and manufacturers are trying to change that. By implementing new techniques in their growing processes, introducing new genetics, and changing their drying and curing phases to accommodate CBN supply and demand. 

Since its discovery, many brands are exploring ways to enhance CBN production and are now able to offer CBN in the form of tinctures and edibles. Most often, these products are paired with CBD, or THC and marketed as sleep aids. Of course, there are some cannabis strains that have higher traces of CBN than others, too. Like – 

  • Animal Cookies
  • Ace of Spaces
  • Magic Jordan
  • Allen Wrench
  • Green Crack
  • Durban Poison


Finding genetics rich in CBN gives you the opportunity to explore its effects, along with the cannabinoids’ synergistic effects when paired with THC. Keep in mind, due to the CBN effects we discussed for intraocular pressure and glaucoma – when consuming strains with higher levels of CBN, you may notice your eyes are a tad heavier vs other strains. 

Embarc on a new cannabinoid journey
Now that you know WTF CBN actually is… you can better decide whether or not you should embark on a new cannabinoid journey. If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of CBN seeking out high-quality, top-shelf products is key. Especially considering its rare nature. Luckily, Embarc strives to offer cannabis consumers a vast collection of premium flower, edibles, tinctures, and goods. Like, CBN tablets that are recommended for a subtle and non-intoxicating nudge into dreamland.

So, start browsing our full line-up of products, robust in a variety of cannabinoids for a well-balanced (and efficient) cannabis routine. Or, stop in to see just how our budtenders can help find the right product for you.