Is there anyone in the world who hasn’t popped a handful of Pop Rocks in their mouth and let them sit on their tongue, enjoying the satisfying ‘fizzle’ and ‘pop’ they create? It’s one of the most iconic candy experiences you can have— and now, thanks to one of our favorite brands, it can now become one of your favorite cannabis experiences, too.

That’s right. Sonder, your favorite creator of unique cannabis oil cartridges, has found a way to bring their high-quality, sun grown cannabis into a Pop Rocks-style edible. And you can find it right here at Embarc.

This week, we’re celebrating the launch of Sonder Poprocks at Embarc with a special deal. Get a limited edition Tahoe-inspired art print from Sonder when you buy Sonder Poprocks this week at Embarc, while supplies last.

Why We Love Sonder
Isn’t it enough that they’ve brought the patented experience of Pop Rocks to cannabis edibles using the actual formula used to create the original candy?

Okay, fine. We’ll talk about some of the other reasons we love Sonder.

Founded in 2018, this California-local brand is all about ingredients. They believe in starting with the best possible cannabis, which starts in the best possible cannabis soil— Northern California’s ‘Emerald Triangle.’

It’s here that Sonder grows the highest quality flowers you can find, eventually turning them into the purest and most potent cannabis oils (and now, Pop Rocks) available.

Plus, Sonder believes in the power of cannabis as a way to engage more closely with ourselves, each other, and the world around us— an ideal that we also believe strongly at Embarc. It’s what made them the perfect partner in the first place.

Now, that partnership just got even sweeter. Come experience the magic of cannabis-infused pop rocks this week at Embarc. And remember, buy Sonder Poprocks and get a limited edition, Tahoe-themed art print from Sonder.

Get popping!