A Guest Post from The Garden Society

Every year on October 10th we observe World Mental Health Day in an effort to raise support and awareness of mental health issues around the world. If there’s anything this year has shown us, it’s the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship between our body and mind. Typically, when someone asks us what we do to stay healthy we’re quick to rattle off our workout schedule or yoga regime, but it’s easy to forget the important roles that sleep, happiness, and tranquility all bring in keeping us mentally healthy. And, as they say “where your mind goes, the body will follow.”

At Garden Society our path to cultivating a healthy mind begins with our strain specific Rosette pre-rolls and artisanal chocolates, crafted from sun-grown Sonoma and Mendocino cannabis and designed to function in harmony with your body and mind. Afterall, the secret to maintaining calm and focus begins with a blissful rest and culminates in a brighter day.

Brighter Day

What if we told you that you could reduce stress, lower the risk of depression, enhance coping skills, and even improve your cardiovascular and immune system just by thinking positively. According to the Mayo Clinic these are all benefits of fostering an upbeat attitude. Sounds easy right? If only. Whenever we’re feeling stressed, overworked, or just plain down in the dumps, we reach for a little ray of sunshine in the form of a Brighter Day Rosette or Spiced Dark Chocolate. Make your day a little brighter with a mild, yet uplifting dose of sun-grown sativa-hybrid- it’s the perfect way to hit reset on a stress-filled day.

Calm & Focus

CBD has been frequently featured in the news as of late due to its numerous purported health benefits for your body and mind. While studies have shown CBD’s potential to reduce stress and combat anxiety, not all CBD is equal. Our High-CBD Rosettes and Milk Chocolate with Chai utilize cannabis strains that contain naturally high levels of CBD, and low levels of THC so you can achieve relaxation with little to no psychoactive effect. Because we incorporate the whole plant, we are able to provide a full spectrum product with a wide range of natural cannabinoids that have a physically calming effect and provide the mental clarity to focus on the task at hand.

Blissful Rest

While most of us suffer from the occasional restless night, insomnia and chronic sleep issues disproportionately affect adults suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and ADHD. According to a Harvard Mental Health study, “a good night’s sleep helps foster both mental and emotional resilience, while chronic sleep deprivation sets the stage for negative thinking and emotional vulnerability.” Sleep is our body’s way of healing and repairing itself and is critical to our mental and physical health, however, sometimes it’s difficult to drift off into the peaceful slumber we desire. Instead of staring at the ceiling and letting your mind wander to all the items you didn’t get crossed off of your to-do list, start your bedtime routine with a Blissful Rest Rosette or a Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt. Calming indica-hybrid strains provide relief from life’s aches and pains and help relax your body and mind so you can drift off and achieve the blissful rest you’ve been dreaming of.

Karli Warner, Co-founder Garden Society

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