Our Community

Meet Embarc

We are a Northern California company demonstrating through action that cannabis can operate mindfully and sensitively in communities. One way we do so is through our local partnership model, where each Embarc store is locally owned and operated. This ensures each store is responsive to the unique needs and priorities of each community. We are proud to be welcoming the new Alameda shop into the Embarc family, joining Embarc Tahoe as an example of community-oriented cannabis.

Meet Embarc Alameda
Opening Embarc Alameda represents our owners’ journey coming full circle. Local residents and owners John and Ryan began advocating for local cannabis policy shortly after legalization in 2016. They first served as active community organizers, educating their friends and neighbors on the need for thoughtful local cannabis regulations; then they founded Alameda for Safe Cannabis Access — an organization dedicated to unifying Alamedans behind the City’s policy process — and finally, they are now local entrepreneurs opening a business on the island they call home. It is this commitment to community-oriented cannabis that shapes Embarc Alameda.

A New Way to Shop Local
Embarc Alameda is committed to the local community. We have allocated 1% of all sales in perpetuity to a local Community Investment Fund, with 100% of these funds going to local causes and organizations. This funding is driven by a Community Advisory Board, comprised of local community stakeholders, to ensure we are addressing the community’s most acute needs.

Since legalization, the founders’ focus has been on bringing cannabis to Alameda in a safe, sustainable and community focused way. We are proud to be able to deliver on that promise and look forward to celebrating with you – our family, friends, and neighbors – now that we have opened our doors.

And keep an eye on your inbox, Embarc Martinez next!