At Embarc, we believe that we’re just one link in an amazing partnership that includes our community, our customers, and the wonderful brands we stock on our shelves. With that in mind, it’s our pleasure to highlight one of our favorite brands currently available at Embarc.

The revolutionary cannabis
brand on a mission.

Based in Los Angeles, Besito is a cannabis brand that’s dedicated to providing fun, uplifting, and energetic highs for all occasions. Their products emphasize a balanced experience, bringing a buzzy high that lets you be more of who you are for both social occasions and solo experiences.

Besito’s offerings of pre-rolls, miniatures, and oil blends have quickly become customer favorites at Embarc. But what we love most about this incredible brand isn’t just their fantastic products— it’s the people that make them happen, and the mission behind everything they do.

What makes Besito Different?
Besito is a womxn-founded and queer-led organization, and their commitment to radical inclusiveness goes beyond their core leadership to extend throughout their organization. They’re committed to ensuring that their entire company (and the companies they partner with) make space for women, BIPOC, and the LGBTQIA+ community. They recognize that true representation goes beyond positive, supportive words. They’re a brand that walks the walks when it comes to demanding inclusion for all people.

That said, Besito’s socially conscious impact can’t truly be appreciated until you look at their work outside their own organization.

Besito is striving to right the past wrongs of the cannabis industry.
Besito has made an ongoing commitment to serving the 77 million people in the U.S. whose criminal records restrict their access to basic freedoms such as access to housing, employment, education, and the right to vote. Like our team at Embarc, Besito is particularly conscious of the fact that our industry prospers off of a plant and industry that has incarcerated and continues to incarcerate thousands of people, disproportionately in communities of color.

In September of 2019, Besito launched a partnership with Equity First Alliance, a non-profit working towards repairing the harms caused by the War on Drugs. To help educate on the history of criminalized cannabis, the brand created a campaign called “A Record Shouldn’t Last a Lifetime,” amplifying the stories of LA communities most impacted by unjust incarceration through beautiful photography and a short documentary film.

Since then, 1% of all Besito’s profits have been donated to supporting the EFA’s mission of automated expungement of cannabis-based convictions and more accessible health, employment, and legal resources for those who need them most.

Besito also continues to support National Expungement Week this month by sponsoring and volunteering at LA clinics offering legal relief, and is among a group of cannabis companies who recently launched Cannabis for Black Lives, a coalition for cannabis companies committed to supporting Black leaders and communities in order to build an equitable industry.

Their commitment to repairing the mistakes of the past and moving forward towards a better future make Besito a uniquely admirable brand in our space, one we’re proud to stock on our shelves.

Wondering what Besito has to offer? Here’s a quick rundown of which Besito products you’ll find here at Embarc.


Available in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, Besito’s California-grown flowers are lovingly packed into every convenient pre-roll. Available in Sour Tangie, Strawberry Key Lime Pie, and Watermelon Zkittles. SHOP NOW


All the buzzy goodness of Besito’s pre-rolled singles in small packages of 10 mini-joints, Besito Minis are designed to be your companion on a vibey night out where anything can happen. Available in Sour Diesel, Chemdawg, and Sundae Driver. SHOP NOW

Shop Besito.
Do Good. It’s That Simple.

At Embarc, we’re incredibly proud to stock Besito products on our shelves (and our online store). Every purchase you make of a Besito product at Embarc helps support their mission of reducing injustice within the cannabis industry and the broken criminal justice system that continues to imprison people for doing what we all now legally enjoy and benefit from every day.

When it comes to amazing, quality cannabis products with a purpose, we can’t think of anyone we’re more proud to support than Besito.