One of the best properties of cannabis is its versatility, mainly how it can be consumed. From oils and tinctures to edibles and smoking, the options are endless. One way to enjoy cannabis that is rapidly gaining traction among novice and veteran cannabis users is vaping.

That’s probably why you’re looking for the best cannabis vape pen.

Before we show you how to choose the best cannabis vape pen for you, let’s briefly look at what vaping is and why it should be an option.

Why Vape?

Vaping pens are designed as an alternative to smoking weed by combusting it. Cannabis releases cannabinoids at temperatures lower than that at which it burns. Vaping pens allow you to do that. The biggest advantage is that you get to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiols without exposing yourself to the dangers of other compounds in the smoke.

On top of that, vaping also gives you:

  • Control. You’re better able to control the amount of marijuana you use per sitting.
  • Comfort. No need to worry about smoke, ash, or filters. Vape pens also look cool, making them more comfortable to smoke in public.
  • Convenience. Vape pens are easy to carry, store, and use.

Now that you know all the benefits of vape pens, you may be itching to get one. But one thing you’ll find as you shop around for a cannabis vape pen is that there are several different types available. This post will help you navigate the variety of types and make the right decision.

Different Types of Vape Pens to Consider

Choosing the best cannabis vape can be a daunting task. Here are some vape pen features you should consider as you hunt for one:

Vape Pens According to Their Heating Methods

Most cannabis vape pens heat the weed in one of three ways:

Conduction Cannabis Vape Pens

Conduction involves the use of a coil or heating element to heat the weed directly. This results in faster burning, more highs, and larger smoke clouds. The disadvantage is that it results in uneven burning, and you may have to shake the vape pen around to get everything to burn. Conduction-powered cannabis vape pens are generally on the cheaper end than the other two types below.

Convection Cannabis Vape Pens

Convection systems heat cannabis via air that passes through and around it. This means you heat the weed indirectly, resulting in a cooler vapor that doesn’t hit your lungs as harshly. The cannabis also heats evenly, eliminating the danger of anything getting burnt up in the process. This type of vape pen is more expensive than its conduction counterpart, but the extra dollars are definitely worth it.

Hybrid Cannabis Vape Pens

Hybrid cannabis vape pens heat your cannabis using both the conduction and convection methods. The fast-acting conduction method jump-starts the process while the convection system ensures even heating of your cannabis by maintaining a constant temperature within the system.

The best cannabis vape pens come in different shapes and sizes.

Dry Herb Vape Pens vs. Concentrate Vape Pens vs. Hybrid Vape Pens

Another consideration to make as you shop around for a cannabis vape pen is whether you prefer a dry herb vape pen or a concentrate vape pen.

  • Dry herb vape pen. Dry vape pens are designed to heat ground-up cannabis and release cannabidiols and their therapeutic properties. The lower temperature allows you to get the best out of the cannabis than if you smoked it.
  • Concentrate cannabis vape pens. These are the most common methods for heating cannabis dabs, wax, or liquids. Because of the concentrated nature of the cannabis extracts, they offer faster relief of symptoms.
  • Hybrid cannabis vape pens. Hybrid cannabis vape pens feature exchangeable parts that allow you to switch between dry herb and concentrate cannabis vape pens.

Depending on whether you prefer dry cannabis or concentrates (or both), you can choose the best cannabis vape pen using that criteria.

Choose Low-voltage Vape Pens

Studies have shown that the hotter your vape battery gets, the more likely you’re to inhale carcinogens. Therefore, opt for cannabis vape pens that use low-voltage batteries over those that require higher voltages. Vape pens that use 3.3-volt batteries tend to be better than those with 5-volt batteries.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

The temperature adjustment settings on a cannabis vape pen are also very useful. These allow you to have unique experiences with your cannabis without having to switch out what you’re vaping. They’re also ideal for trying out different substances in their optimum temperature ranges.

Choosing the Best Cannabis Vape Pen — Buyer’s Guide

With all these options to choose from, how do you pick the best cannabis vape pen for you?

First of all, consider your budget. Cannabis vape pens with more advanced technology and features are likely to cost more, but that doesn’t mean those with fewer features won’t provide the experience you’re looking for. It’s all a matter of striking a balance between budget and features.

Another tip for choosing the best cannabis vape pen for your needs is to consider the experience you want. Different vape pens offer different experiences. Your experience with conduction-powered vape pens will differ from your experience with a convection or hybrid vape pen.

Finding the best cannabis vape pen is easy if you know what to look for.

Where can You Get the Best Cannabis Vape Pens?

Ready to get yourself a new vape pen?

Having learned their differences and the features you desire, choosing one should be easier. So, go ahead and find a California dispensary near you and get yourself a high-quality cannabis vape pen.