We live in a wonderful time for weed. Legalization in California means that we now have more options than ever for how to safely and legally access cannabis, and every day the range of products and high-quality brands available grows.

As the cannabis industry grows, there are also more ways to make buying and enjoying it more convenient. Our personal favorite new revolution? The ability to order cannabis online and have it delivered right to your door. There’s nothing better than deciding to restock your supply and being able to have your order delivered right to you, sometimes even the very same day you placed the order.

That said, ordering cannabis online may still be pretty new to a lot of people. If you don’t know where to start when ordering weed online in Tahoe, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the Embarc guide for how to buy weed online.

How Do I Know What I’m Buying is Quality?
One of the hesitations people have about ordering cannabis is online is that they worry they won’t get what they expect when it comes to quality. While you can’t directly sample cannabis in-store before buying, you do have a chance to inspect the packaging, take a closer look, and ask questions directly to budtenders and guides. So how can you translate that experience online?

If you have specific questions about a product or brand, you can always call Embarc directly. Our expert guides are always happy to discuss products, brands, categories, and recommendations over the phone with anyone 21+.

Meanwhile, you can depend on Embarc’s commitment to quality. Anything sold through our online store has been carefully vetted and curated by our team. Meanwhile, every delivery is hand-fulfilled and we’ll ensure that nothing goes into your order that doesn’t meet our standards.

Now it’s time to explore the actual process for buying cannabis online.

Step 1: Find a Store
Your first step is to find a recreational cannabis store in your area that allows for online ordering. Fortunately, if you live in the area of South Lake Tahoe, you’re already in exactly the right place. Embarc offers online ordering for delivery, in-store pickup and even curbside pickup that lets you stay in your car while we bring your order directly to you.

When choosing your store, start with sources you trust. Ask trusted friends and family members for recommendations. Otherwise, online reviews are a great place to start if you don’t have a personal recommendation to go by. Look for positive marks for service, selection, delivery dependability, and price.

Step 2: Browse and Choose Your Products
Once you’ve found your store of choice, it’s time to choose which products you’d like to order. Embarc has a full online menu for buying cannabis online in Tahoe that lets you simply browse or search for products by indica, sativa or hybrid, CBD-only, potency level, category, and even specials or temporary promo deals you don’t want to miss.

From here you can choose the products you want to order and add them to your cart. Just remember, the most cannabis you can purchase and possess at once according to California law is 28.5 grams of cannabis flower or 8 grams of concentrate.

At Embarc, if products you add to your cart are part of a special bundle discount, the discount will be automatically applied once you get to checkout.

Step 3: Place Your Order
Now that you’ve added your items to your cart, it’s time to place your order. Delivery orders can be placed anytime between 10am and 9pm, 7 days per week. You can also choose curbside pickup if you’d like to come to the store and have your order brought to your vehicle.

Most stores will require a minimum purchase amount for delivery. At Embarc, that amount is $50 or more. However, there’s no fee for delivery— which means that you won’t pay anything extra to get your cannabis delivered right to you.

Step 4: Get Your Cannabis
Based on when your order is placed, your cannabis can be delivered to you that same day. At Embarc, we offer same-day delivery for locations within South Lake Tahoe unless orders are placed after 8pm, in which case they’ll be delivered the next day.

Because of legal regulations, there are some things you’ll need to know about receiving your order. For one, only the person who places an order can receive that order— and orders can only be placed by people 21+. You’ll need to present an ID to the person delivering your order, whether they bring it to your home or your vehicle. Additionally, everyone in a vehicle for curbside pickup must be over the age of 21 for the transaction to be completed.

We can also currently only accept cash for cannabis deliveries, another regulatory rule. For the same reasons, cannabis can’t be left at your door and products can’t be returned unless they’re defective.

So, there you have it— place an order, find out your delivery window, and wait for that knock on the door with your ID and cash in hand. Getting your favorite cannabis brands is now that easy thanks to online weed delivery from Embarc!

Ready to place your first online order? Head to our shop and start your order now!