This Friday from 11am to 4:20pm (of course), Embarc Tahoe will host a visit from Bertha— the massive, green tie-dyed Airstream from Garcia Hand Picked cannabis. This one-of-a-kind cannabis brand, inspired by the legacy of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia and launched by his close family, has also partnered with our team at Embarc to exclusively offer their full range of cannabis products for the near future.

With all of this excitement, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce our customers to the Garcia Hand-Picked brand, their amazing products, and what makes them so special.

The Hand Picked History
Jerry Garcia: guitarist for the Grateful Dead, cofounder of Ben & Jerry’s, and lifelong cannabis enthusiast and advocate. What’s not to love about the legacy of this amazing man?

Fortunately, his equally passionate family members have carried on his cannabis legacy into the legalized future with Garcia Hand Picked— as much a tribute to his passion as it is a high-quality cannabis brand in its own right.

Here’s what The Garcia Family has to say about the brand in an open letter on their website.

“Given a blank space to create a cannabis brand worthy of Jerry, we picked everything carefully—we took an eco-friendly path whenever possible, sourced original and unique genetics with stories of their own, and partnered with expert and honorable people to cultivate, roll joints, and make everything cool and beautiful. We spent a lot of time looking for the right partners to ensure our weed is worth sharing.”

The Products
Let’s talk details. The Garcia Hand Picked lineup of cannabis products currently features three strains of flower, three unique pre-rolls, and a gummy edible. Spoiler alert— they’re all amazing.

The Flowers
Each Garcia hand-picked strain of premium slow-cured flower— there’s a sativa, indica, and hybrid— comes in a 1/8th serving delivered in a gorgeous, air-tight custom jar. According to the brand and Garcia family, each strain is best enjoyed with friends— the way Jerry would have wanted it.

The Pre-Rolls
Speaking of sharing with friends, each strain also comes in a pack of 5 pre-rolled joints. All of the quality of Garcia Hand Picked indoor-grown premium strains in an easy to store, easy to smoke and easy to share package.

The Gummies
Jerry’s Picks gummies come in three flavors— blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry. They feature a hybrid terpene profile for balanced effect, with 5mg of THC per gummy and 20 gummies per tin. They’re even shaped after Jerry Garcia’s guitar picks for an added unique touch.

This Friday at Embarc
Our entire team at Embarc can’t wait to host Bertha’s arrival and the official launch of our exclusive partnership with Garcia Hand Picked, and we want all of our customers there for the fun.

This Friday from 11am to 4:20pm, Garcia’s pop-up airstream will be here to pump Grateful Dead music, help us sell their exclusive premium flower, pre-rolls and gummies, and share merch you won’t find anywhere else.

You don’t want to miss when Bertha arrives.