No matter where you are on the spectrum of cannabis use – from beginner to occasional user to a “highly” experienced expert – come “embarc” on your journey with cannabis today with Embarc! Whether you want to experience the ultimate high or the medicinal benefits of CBD, we’ve got you covered!

Many people use marijuana for recreation to get that euphoric high it’s known to produce. A compound in cannabis called THC is responsible for producing that mind-altering effect which affects both the brain and body. However, the cannabis plant also offers medicinal uses.

Its use is not limited to the underworld anymore as both recreational and medical marijuana are legalized in many states in the United States. Let us deep-dive into the wonders of cannabis with a discussion of its different strains and dispensary etiquette including dosage and consumption rules.

Are All Cannabis Products the Same?

Cannabis goes by many names, chief among them being marijuana, weed, pot, dope, grass, and ganja, charas, and doja in other parts of the world. No matter what you call it, its psychoactive effects are the same or at least are perceived to be. However, the fact is that its effects can highly vary depending on the strain and method of ingestion and of course how your body reacts to it. The degree of high – and how long it lasts – that two people experience from the same product can vary greatly.

Plus, there are different methods of enjoying cannabis – smoke it, vape it, rub on, or eat it to enjoy its psychoactive high.

What to expect from a Martinez dispensary

As you can see from the list above, many Martinez cannabis dispensaries are only digital stores. In other words, you can only get your cannabis delivered to your home and can’t check out wares personally.

However, at the brick and mortar dispensaries, you have budtenders fully available to help you make your purchase, who can give recommendations and tell of their experience using products.

Especially for a newbie, a budtender is of great help. You don’t need to tread this path unguided and the budtender will help you buy the products which cause the effects you desire, whether that be to soothe the nerves, socialize or spark a creative flair.

So, if you have the chance to visit a dispensary in-person at Martinez go for it. Friendly staff makes purchasing cannabis products way more fun!

What to expect from Embarc, Martinez

At Embarc, Martinez you have a safe space to use your cannabis products. Since many people (unfortunately) can’t smoke at home safely, at Embarc you have a space to use your wares without being judged.

The cannabis dispensary has a designated smoking area and budtenders are available to soothe people that experience any bad, unintended effects. Our goal is to provide you the best high and we’ll do our best to provide that.

And at Embarc, Martinez you can start off your cannabis journey with our guide picks, which include CBD bath bombs, highly-acclaimed flower strains, gummies, vape cartridges, and pre-rolls.

For fans of edibles, the dispensary offers cannabis-infused beverages with orange or grapefruit, as well as caramel and coffee-flavored bites.

And for those in need of gear, get rolling paper, vaporizers, and batteries.

Embarc Martinez also has tinctures, topicals, and extracts available. Click on the link below to see our full cannabis collection:

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Different Types of Marijuana

There are many strains of cannabis found today as new variants were derived as it journeyed from its humble beginnings in central Asia to different parts of the world. If you’re a beginner, you might want to familiarize yourself with the various strains you’ll find in the dispensaries in California today.

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid are three of the primary varieties. The Sativa plant has long and narrow leaves and can grow quite tall. It offers an invigorating effect, as opposed to the sedative effect offered by the Indica strain. It has a high THC to CBN ratio and can enhance creativity; it’s consumed by people who want to feel energized during the day.

For those who want to experience the mellow effect, the cannabis Indica is the right option. It puts the body in a deep state of relaxation and has a high amount of CBN.

Indica also has medicinal properties as it is said to alleviate anxiety, insomnia, pain, muscle spasms, and migraines. Since Sativa has a high amount of THC – the “high-producing” compound – it’s rarely used in treating disorders. However, it’s believed to help with fatigue, depression, ADHD, and mood disorders. The Indica and Sativa varieties are also said to vary in terms of their smell and smoke quality.

Hybrid, as the name suggests, is nothing but a combination of Sativa and Indica. Naturally, the goal of hybridization is to cultivate the positive traits from each parent. The Hybrid variety has a high number of variants in terms of multiple factors including yield, THC to CBN ratio, flowering cycles, and others. California dispensaries offer other types of marijuana strains too that go beyond these three basic categories.

Dispensary Etiquette

Beginners, don’t be intimated when you walk into a cannabis dispensary. Here are some guidelines on dispensary etiquettes that will make your first walk-in a breeze.

1. Photo ID is a Must!

The most basic dispensary etiquette is to carry your photo ID. Yes, even in states with legal recreational marijuana consumption, naturally there are age restrictions – you have to be 21 years or older to consume it. And with the tight regulations around the same, proper identification is necessary at the time of purchasing. So carrying your photo ID makes sense.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

First-time users are bound to feel intimidated by the experience of walking into a dispensary for the first time ever. However, rest assured that the staff is there to help you with your needs, so don’t be afraid to ask the right questions about the different types of products, be it edibles, vaping oils, joints, flowers, or topicals. Moreover, you might also want to know the different strains of Cannabis they’re selling and where those have been cultivated. Remember that an educated consumer is a smart consumer!

3. First-time User? Don’t Be Shy of Admitting It!

Whether you’re a first-time user who’ll be trying cannabis for the first time or are used to extremely small dosages, please say so, as that way the attendant can better help you. They can recommend the right products that beginners do good with or if you’re used to small doses, they can suggest mild products so you don’t ingest anything that may be too strong for you.

4. Best Not to Touch!

You may want to touch your Cannabis products to see how sticky of fragrant they are. However, here’s one of the most important dispensary etiquettes: Unless the attendant offers a sample for you to try, it’d be best not to touch anything. Remember, no one wants to smoke, inhale, or eat products that have been touched by other consumers.

5. Purchasing and Site Limitations

Even states that have legalized recreational marijuana have laws regarding how much can be purchased and where you can smoke or ingest it. It’s important to know the laws regarding purchasing limits and the places where it is prohibited to use your products. One of the most important dispensary etiquettes is to remember not to light up right in front of the dispensary where you bought your products – it may put both you and the store owner in a difficult position, legally speaking.

Do you need assistance to get you started on your cannabis journey? You can purchase online or at any of our stores – our dispensary in South Lake Tahoe or Alameda or Martinez cannabis dispensary. Our staff would love to assist you!

Embarc on your journey with cannabis today!