There are a multitude of ways to approach cannabis consumption, many of which stray far from the old days of inconveniently having to find flower, papers, or a glass pipe. While the tried and true toke won’t let you down, it’s not always ideal.

To experience the best for overall cannabis efficacy including speed of onset high, purity, and convenience, we recommend looking into cartridges. 

Whether you are a local, temporary passerby, or weekend visitor, this handy guide from the cannabis pros here at Embarc will take you through the many options available to you in Martinez.

What is a Cannabis Cartridge? 

Believe it or not, cannabis cartridges were an idea born out of inspiration from electronic cigarette vapes. Here we see the modern-day pre-filled disposable containers of cannabis oil, either THC, CBD, or a combination of other cannabinoids we’ve come to know and love. 

Why Use A Cartridge? 

Cannabis cartridges have taken the cannabis community by storm, as their ease of use, portability, and potency are bar none. The temperature that vaping THC requires to activate the liquid into a vapor is less than the temperature used to light a pre-roll, and therefore preserves more of the active ingredients in cannabis, causing more of a potent effect. Likewise, since you are able to turn the vape on and off with the push of a button, you’re able to control your dosing much more effectively.

Use of cannabis Cartridge

What Am I Looking For? 

When considering cartridge options, it’s best to start with an understanding of the most popular types of cannabinoid varieties on the market currently. 

Cured Resin vs Live Resin 

Resin is a sticky, golden brown substance found on the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Cured resin uses dried flower in the extraction process, while Live resin uses still-living flower, and is potentially more potent because of its higher terpene and cannabinoid content. 

Embarc Martinez dispensary sells Friendly Farms brand cartridges, their cured and live resin carts are each 1g and have plenty of options for whatever high you’re looking for.

Their four Indica strains are Biscotti, Pandoro, and Red Zlush for cured resin, and Pop Rocks for live resin. The four hybrid live resin carts are Casa Flor Haze Off #30, Golden Goat, Vanilla Frosting, and Strawnana; the two cured resin hybrids are Nana’s Bread and Jelly. Lastly, their Sativa live resin cart comes in the Hard Limon strain, and Astro Lato x Jupiter Jack for cured resin.


THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis responsible for the “high” mental and physical effects we are most familiar with. Cartridges with higher THC percentages are going to be stronger in potency. Embarc Martinez’s selection of high THC and THC-only carts include Heavy Hitters, Papa’s Herb, and Phire brands being in the 90% and higher range; Surplus Cartridge Co, Brite Labs, Buddies Brand, and Oakland Extracts between 74% – 87% THC content; and Ursa Extracts and Sherbinskis cartridges containing around 65% – 78% THC. 


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that does not cause psychoactive effects but does provide the physical and emotional relaxation of traditional THC products. Cannabinol (CBN) is another cannabinoid that is the product of oxidation, and also is not associated with the “highs” of THC. 

Embarc carries Care By Design’s 40:1 CBD vape cartridge, meaning there is 40.71% CBD content and 1.40% THC. This cartridge would be a great choice for someone who wants to kick back without the “high” effects of a mostly THC cartridge. 

CO2 & Distillate 

CO2 cartridges use pressurized carbon dioxide gas in liquid form to essentially purify the cannabinoids and terpenes from the flower. According to Leafly, distillate cartridges are a highly refined oil containing pure cannabinoids and almost nothing else. The THC percentage of distillate cartridges is usually quite high between the 80s and 90s.

Embarc Martinez’s cannabis dispensary carries two CO2 oil cartridges, both from Brite Labs containing 600mg and coming in three strains – Gelato, Slurricane, and Black Jack. We also provide distillate cartridges through Kingpen, both 1g in Gelato and Pineapple Express strains.

Where to Find Cartridges in Martinez

At Embarc we pride ourselves on thoughtfully curating the best cannabis cartridges from local California businesses and farms that align with our company’s mission. With this guide in mind and our Guides in-store, we are looking forward to seeing you at our dispensary location on 3503 Alhambra Ave to find the best cartridge for you!