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Summer Daze Ahead- Learn about Sun Grown Cannabis & Shop Our Top 4 Brands!

It’s an age-old debate that almost any and every consumer has heard… which is better, sun-grown cannabis or indoors? It’s also a question that the answer often varies depending on who’s answering it.

But one thing’s for sure – for the extra tree-loving, and super crunchy stoners, it’s sun-grown for sure. Why? Indoor facilities consume an exorbitant amount of energy and can produce even more waste. This means an increasing number of consumers are now seeking out ‘Sun and Earth Certified’ cultivators to buy from, too.

So, what are the myths, truths, and facts surrounding sun-grown cannabis? And what’s there to know about Cali’s Sun and Earth certification?

You’ve got questions – you know Embarc’s got the answers! Keep reading to find out more about how the sun (and mother earth!) can enhance how we get lit as we come up on its’ prime time to shine (summer daze, ahead!).

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Sun Grown 101

If it wasn’t obvious enough – the definition of sun grown cannabis is crops that are cultivated outdoors, with the sun as the primary source of energy. Outside of rolling fields, sun grown cannabis also includes ‘light dep’ facilities which use greenhouses for sunlight benefits with an added layer of protection from the elements.

Now, there’s an ongoing myth that sun grown cannabis is ‘more flavorful’ but the jury on that is still out. The one glaring difference of sun grown cannabis vs indoor weed today, is their individual effects on our environment.

Recently, New Frontier Data reported that indoor cannabis cultivation labs produce 25 times more carbon than outdoor grows. In addition to being 70 times more energy-intensive in comparison to commercial office buildings.

Those earth-loving consumers who want to continue their elevated routines without contributing to the industry’s waste contribution: are now turning to outdoor cultivators to do so. Not only do they get to puff, puff, pass with peace for mother nature, but they may get a taste of that burst of all-natural flavor, too.


So before we get into what exactly ‘sun and earth’ certified means, let’s cover a few last rumors and truths on sungrown cannabis:

  • Many indoor lighting systems market that their light ‘mimics’ the Meaning, the sun may reign supreme.

  • Terpene profiles tend to be more versatile in sun grown cannabis versus indoor flower that’s provided one-dimensional indoor So, technically it may actually smell and taste more intense.

  • Indoor cultivation is associated with higher THC levels overall. However, the sun promotes the even development of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes which produces an ‘entourage effect’ of well-balanced benefits for a more profound



In efforts to #KeepCannabisGood and #CultivateGoodness, one group has come together to create a Sun and Earth certification for cannabis cultivators. In doing so, the Sun and Earth certification helps to distinguish brands that implement environmentally friendly, organic, and sustainable practices in their practices from seed to sale.

More specifically, the organization certifies “cannabis that is grown under the sun, in the soil of mother earth, without chemicals by fairly-paid farmers.” This includes cultivators that take part in organic practices and regenerative farming, while empowering and caring for the ‘humans’ behind the plant.

In addition, Sun and Earth certified brands collectively engage with their communities with greater ‘focus and intention’. By building roots locally, cultivators further spread the love for mother nature, and her connection to cannabis in a more positive light. .

So far, 45 farms have become Sun and Earth certified across the US with 34 from our very own Golden State. Want to start shopping sun and earth-friendly goods here, and now? Keep reading for sun grown cannabis brands to try, here in Cali.

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Sungrown, AF!

From outdoor, sun grown cannabis, to Sun and Earth certified – we’re happy to shine a light on brands who heart mother nature as much as we do! Get Sungrown AF with our list of favorite flower get au naturel with.

Garcia Handpicked

Inspired by a tree-hugging King, Garcia Handpicked offers a variety sun grown cannabis strains, even sativa-dominant hybrid’s like Orange Valley Sun to keep you on theme.

Moon Made Farms

Sun and Earth Certified, Moon Made Farms is what they call ‘sun grown, mood made’ and as natural as it gets. Shop from their collection of premium outdoor flower pre-rolls, in summer-worthy strain’s like Ice Cream Cake

Almora Farms

Another earth-friendly outdoor cultivator fave is Almora Farms, who’s motto is ‘naturally better’. The brand’s strainspack a punch with funky terpene profiles, and come in handy pre-roll packs to explore the great outdoors while you enjoy the outdoors, yourself.

Family First Farms

From Mendocino County, Family First Farms cultivates sun grown cannabis over 2 acres of local land. Fed with high quality, food-grade and organic nutrients, you’ll taste the difference in flower like Georgia Pie that’s as potent as it is pungent.

Embarc on Fresh Wellness Routines

Like these brands’ dedication to California sun grown cannabis, and earth-certified practices: Embarc too strives to enrich itself in local community, and culture. We’re proud to partner with a variety of artisanal, craft cultivators, and even those who have become Earth and Sun certified themselves (we’re looking at you Moon Made!).


So embark on fresh and all-natural wellness routines at Embarc. Find a location near you to stop by, join our journey by connecting with us on Instagram or shop online for pick-up now.