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Thanksgiving marks the opening of a long Holidaze season of preparing dishes, traveling long distances, seeing family, and recovering from it all, too.

Luckily, if there’s one thing that can enhance the holiday experience (and stresses!) along the way – it’s weed.

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the strains and weed-infused goodies that we’re extra thankful for when it comes to festivities and feasting. So, keep reading to find out what Thanksgiving cannabis products to purchase to keep calm, and get your gobble on.

2021 Buying Guide for a Cannabis Thanksgiving

‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice and everything nice – including these special Thanksgiving weed strains and elevated goodies we’re especially grateful for. No matter the day, or weekend you have planned – we’ve got a pot pairing for you.

    1. Add a Festive Flair with Fall Flavors

    You’ll be the hit of any Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving gathering with a festive lineup of fall-flavored flower or stains. Here’s the freshest offerings to add to your cannabis cornucopia this year.

    Apple Fritter – Nothing says fall and Thanksgiving like apples and donuts, but Apple Fritter delivers even more. The strain has unique hints of funky cheese making it the perfect addition to any charcuterie board of bud to share with your bests. More importantly, Apple Fritter is a Sativa hybrid that’ll stimulate conversations in those all too common holiday awkward silences.

    Marshmallow OG – A live resin vape cart reminiscent of your favorite sweet potato dish is just as satisfyingly sweet. This Marshmallow OG variety by Brite Labs has a sweet and nutty aroma that’s synonymous with freshly baked goods of the holiday. You’ll be just as baked with 86% THC and the benefits of full-spectrum effects from a variety of whole-plant terpenes and cannabinoids. 

    2. Mellow Your Mood

    From normal social anxiety to dealing with your mildly inappropriate Uncle for hours – every holiday is riddled with some level of stress. With a quick step outside, and a hit of Ghost OG you’ll be floating above all of your worries with the strain’s mellowing effects. This hybrid is notorious for relieving depression and anxiety and comes in a convenient vape cart for discrete, scentless puffs. Or, pop a quick Delta 8 ProTab that’s specifically crafted to alleviate stresses with soothing effects. Overall, Delta 8 THC produces milder psychoactive effects than Delta 9 THC which can also help maintain mental clarity and focus for conversations with gathering guests.

    3. Wake and Bake Brunch

    There’s nothing better than starting off a Holidaze with an energizing wake and bake brunch, amirite? To get your day started with straight fire, here are the best strains for energy to get lit with or energizing edibles to enjoy:

    • Cappuccino Crunch milk chocolate edibles infused with finely crushed espresso beans.
    • A sativa-dominant Mimosa pre-roll known for its uplifting effects and on theme for brunch.
    • Red Congolese is another sativa dominant that’s uplifting, euphoric, and energizing while easing nasuea from full tummies, too.

    But don’t limit yourself to just brunch! Stay lively throughout the day and for all the plans you’ll be embarking on, by stocking up on all things Sativa.

    4. Winning Wine and Weed Pairings

    Double your thankfulness by bringing two of your favorite things together this Thanksgiving season – weed and wine. In general, experts agree there are a few types of wine that are on point for Thanksgiving meals and specific spices, and flavors. And, when considering the unique terpenes of cannabis, a few strains pair well with those. So, choose your favorite wine and select a coordinating strain to elevate your feast and experience that much more.

    5. Rest and Recovery

    After a long day of dodging nosy Aunt Sue, and traveling from party to party – you’ll deserve an evening of rest and recovery. This means, queuing up good laughs on Netflix and grinding up an Indica strain that’ll comfort you into the most chill of moods. With a full belly, it’s fitting that Fatso the strain is a perfect Thanksgiving cannabis finale. The variety is also potent in THC to fully knock out, kick back and relax.

    Another night cap worthy treat is specially formulated to soothe you into a sweet slumber, with the addition of CBN. So, save room for a bite of milk and cookies with this Kiva Confections edible production. The Terra Bites treat you to a sweet cookie and cream flavor, with 5MG of THC and 2 MG of CBN for a deliciously drowsy effect.

    6. Munchies for Meals

    Going from one meal to another? Pre-game in between with strains that increase appetite or edibles that make you hungry. That way you’ll avoid disappointing the host while feeling eager to try as many holiday party foods and meals as possible in one day, yourself. With just a few puffs, you’ll have room enough for that extra slice of pecan pie or pumpkin cheesecake you almost turned down. A few of the best edibles for appetite or strains that’ll boost your appetite and stimulate the munchies include:

    Danksgiving Time

    With this guide, you’re officially set for a Danksgiving type of time this holiday. As you gather your dish ingredients or pack your bags for traveling don’t forget to prioritize procuring your stash supplies too. Start building and securing the bag now, by shopping Embarc’s full collection of Thanksgiving weed goods online, or by planning a visit to a location near you.