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Classic Cultivars: Meet Some of the Most Famous Strains in Cannabis

As the cannabis market has grown exponentially thanks to more widespread legalization, it seems like the level of variety in cannabis has exploded. From the countless strains to the hundreds of product types, brands, and consumption methods, our team at Embarc has loved watching the creativity in cannabis grow to serve more consumers than ever.

That said, the classics are classic for a reason. With that in mind, here are some of our absolute favorite popular strains for when you just need good quality cannabis.

OG Kush
OG Kush might be the most famous cannabis strain in the world, and for good reason. Its mix of sour and sweet, citrusy and thick aromas combines a lovable terpene profile with a potent high. The original hybrid, OG Kush has led to a huge family tree of expanding descendants— but there’s still nothing quite like the OG.

OG Kush strains strike a great balance between calming and energizing qualities that our customers love.

Blue Dream
Blue Dream originated in California and resulted from a cross between Blueberry and Haze.

They say that Blue Dream is the most famous strain of cannabis on earth. But what makes it so popular? Is it the wonderfully sweet flavor and aroma? The feel-good mood boost that comes along with every high? Or maybe it’s just the fact that Blue Dream represents everything we love most about great cannabis. Dream on.

Gelato is a relatively recent strain, but it’s completely taken the world by storm. While it’s particularly beloved here in California, people around the globe have fallen in love with Gelato’s sweet, berry-esque aromas and flavors.

Gelato has become a favorite for end-of-the-day sessions, because it comes on fast with a pleasing, relaxing high.

Purple Haze
Even people who don’t know cannabis know Purple Haze, thanks in no small part to the classic Jimi Hendrix song. But Purple Haze is blazing it’s own legacy as a killer psychedelic with roots that stretch back into the 60s. Potent, energizing without losing out on calming effects, and made to inspire creative wanderings through the mind, this is a haze that we all love to get lost in.

Purple Haze is a sativa strain with a 17% THC content, making it a potent flower enriched by sweet and earthy tones thanks to its rich terpene profile.

Sour Diesel
While it goes by a range of different nicknames depending on where you’re from, Sour Diesel’s sour, citrusy flavor has gone mainstream thanks to its functional, energizing high that many use for a little extra boost during the day. After all, there’s no fuel quite like Diesel.

With a THC content of 18%, Sour Diesel is the most potent flower on our mix— so it’s not to be used lightly. But responsible use will reward customers with one of the most energizing and thrilling highs in all of cannabis.

AK-47 is a hybrid strain with a 16% THC content, and despite its weaponry-inspired name it’s actually a relatively smooth and calming blend of euphoria and inspiration.

The high from AK-47 goes off like a bang and just keeps firing, making this strain popular for its mellow but long lasting high. Far from a couch-lock cannabis strain, AK-47 awakens the mind and stimulates creative thought. Visually, it’s most recognizable by the orange, hair-like threads that appear in quality AK-47 buds.

Green Crack
The sharp energy boost and intense focus it provides isn’t found in many other strains, resulting in comparisons to the drug most famously associated with long bouts of intense focus and energy.

There are multiple varieties of Green Crack available, but they all bring that sweet earthy flavor and cerebral effects that have made cannabis so popular around the world.

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake may be a new upstart in the world of cannabis strains, but it pays homage to many greats that came before it.

The iconic name comes from both the strain’s flavor— sweet and doughy— and its smoke — thick like cake. Most famously, the aftertaste is described as being exactly like a slice of vanilla cake.

That said, the taste isn’t even the best part of Wedding Cake. Its 20% or higher THC content makes this a knockout strain that will leave you feeling as happy as your wedding day— or happier.

Forbidden Fruit
For those who love taste above all else, you can’t go wrong with Forbidden Fruit. This strain combines berry, citrusy, and even tropical flavors into an experience you won’t find in any other strain. Its taste has been compared to candy, fruit juice, and any number of other sweet treats, and one taste will leave you understanding exactly why.

Forbidden Fruit comes to the world through its parents, a crossing of Tangie and Cherry Pie. We recommend finding a Forbidden Fruit concentrate, where the terpenes really get a chance to truly shine. You won’t find a strain with more impressive flavors than this one.

Acapulco Gold
Originating from Mexico, Acapulco Gold is widely considered one of the best cannabis strains in history. It’s an absolute masterpiece, representative of the highest level of quality.

As for the buzz itself, you can expect it to be happy, uplifting, and stimulating— not too much of anything, just the perfect high for a perfect day thanks to the perfect sativa strain.

This hybrid strain may have a mysterious past— no one knows exactly where it came from, though it seems to have begun somewhere near Nepal or Thailand— but there’s nothing mysterious about why it has become so popular.

Chemdawg features a distinct aroma that’s reminiscent of diesel, and the experience that comes with it is often described as intensely focused, cerebral, and enlightening.

This amazing experience has made Chemdawg a popular choice for breedingand is responsible for hugely popular strains that include Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Just as potent as the gasoline its aroma reminds us of, Chemdawg is a must-have strain for cannabis enthusiasts.

Double Dream
Blue Dream may get a lot of the attention, but Double Dream may be just as lovable. Created from a hybrid of Blue Dream and Dream Star, Double Dream offers a complex blend of flavors that range from floral to fruity and even spicy.

As for the high, it’s often described as both invigorating and soothing— a powerful combo that will leave you feeling good vibes without wanting to simply lie down on the floor and stare at the ceiling. We’re talking a dreamy and relaxing buzz that also makes you want to create something magical.

If you want the best of both Blue Dream and Dream Star, Double Dream is the answer.

Alaskan Thunder F***
Its profane name is certainly memorable, but that’s not even the most memorable thing about ATF. This legendary strain, sativa-dominant and originating in the Matanuska Valley of Alaska, produces massive and gorgeously frosted buds that give off aromas you won’t find in any other strain.

Hearty and strong, the high from ATF is heady and absolutely overflowing with positive vibes.

Durban Poison
This strain, a pure sativa powerhouse, originated in the South African city of Durban that gives it its name. From there, it spread like sweet-smelling wildfire throughout the world thanks to the energizing and euphoria-inducing effects it provides.

One of the most important elements of this strain is its oversized resin glands, which have resulted in it becoming a popular selection for the creation of cannabis concentrates.

If you’re looking for a strain that will fuel your creativity and focus in ways you never thought possible, start with Durban Poison.

Northern Lights
It’s one of the most famous strains of all time, and it’s the granddaddy of too many hybrids to count.

But what makes Northern Lights such an all-time classic? Maybe it’s the resinous buds, or maybe it’s the powerful sweet and spicy aroma they produce. Or maybe it’s that iconic purple hue that shows up in only the highest-quality cultivars. Or the relaxing, psychoactive effect that makes both the mind and the muscles feels perfectly loose.

Whatever your reason for loving Northern Lights, you’re certainly not alone in the world of cannabis.

This Indica strain has unknown origins, and perhaps that’s added to its mystique and hype over the years. But there’s nothing overhyped about the quality of this extremely strong indica strain. If you want to be absolutely knocked out by your smoke session, there’s no better place to start than G13.

Whether or not you believe the legend that G13 was rescued from government experiments by one cannabis-loving employee and spread from the lab to the masses, we’re just glad that— however it came to be— it made its way into public consumption.

Jack Herer
Jack Herer (the person) is one of the most iconic and respected cannabis activists in history, so it’s fitting that his name is attached to such a wonderful strain. Created in the Netherlands, this strain was designed to create both the amazing high of sativas and the heavy resins of indicas— and it’s a massive success in both rights.

Jack Herer is identifiable from its iconic piney scent, the perfect companion for an evening look out over a pine forest and thinking euphoric thoughts.

Skunk No. 1
One of the most influential cannabis strains in the world, Skunk No. 1 is a hybrid crafted from Afghani, Acapulco Gold (another classic on our list), and Colombian Gold.

While Skunk No. 1 has become influential largely in its role as a popular parent strain for other crosses, it holds its own as a powerfully impressive strain with pungent aromas and heavy effects that you have to feel to truly appreciate. Popular in Amsterdam and around the world since the 70s, Skunk No. 1 is a classic strain that’s both its own achievement and a stepping stone for countless new strains.

Super Lemon Haze
With parent strains of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze takes the best of its parents and creates something wholly original in a glorious sativa-dominant hybrid package.

The first thing you’ll notice about Super Lemon Haze is its beautiful appearance, featuring a multi-colored face that’s dazzling to look at. Next is the aroma— lemony, citrusy, and a touch sweet. The taste follows, adding to these notes with a touch of sour tartness without losing its mellow profile.

Finally, the high— energetic, lively, and perfect for bringing another level to a perfect day.

Pineapple Express
Pineapple Express is perhaps most iconic thanks to the movie that bears its name, but it actually didn’t exist at the time the movie was filmed.

What you do need to know about this new age strain is that there are a lot of variations produced by a lot of different brands. As for the high? It’s powerful without being overpowering, and will leave you feeling like life is good and is going to stay that way.

Tahoe OG
You know we couldn’t close out this list without the classic strain that bears the name of our hometown.

Tahoe OG is an extremely strong and fast-acting hybrid strain that’s best suited to sessions that don’t require you to leave the house anytime soon. There are plenty of ‘functional’ strains out there, designed for integrating into your day-to-day tasks— Tahoe OG is better suited to when you just want to clear your schedule, peace-out for a while and have a long session of relaxation and euphoria.

Tahoe OG’s excellent breeding history has created a heavy, relaxing sensation that also brings a euphoric kick. It’s all paired with earthy, lemony notes that make it the perfect pairing to a laid-back and relaxed day.

Want to shop some of these classic strains for yourself? You can find them in our South Lake Tahoe cannabis store, or order cannabis online for delivery or curbside pickup.