‘Tis the season when you’re making that list and checking it twice. And drawing a blank on what to get your closest friends and family. So, what’s one gift that makes everyone feel merry and bright whether they’re naughty or nice? Weed, duh…


So, to relieve your last-minute present stresses…we’ve put together the ultimate guide to gift ideas for stoners for all the sweet angels and mischievous elves on your list!

Keep reading for 2021’s top wellness weed gifts for those ‘nice’ buds you’re gifting, and the fiercest, most potent gifts for stoners who have a bit of a ‘naughty’ side.

The Best Naughty Stoner Gifts

No bah humbugs here! Just the highest potency gifts to put a grin on any grinch’s face this year.

So, while these gifts may be naughty…no worries! They’ll leave the recipient feeling much more than nice.

1. Jungle Boys Flower

Nothing says Christmas like the toasty light of a fire, even if it’s coming from the end of a joint or inside of a bong. Bring “warm and cozy” to a whole new level for any naughty recipient with Jungle Boys flower. Jungle Boys is notorious for producing the highest levels of THC from buds that shimmer with a heavy coating of snow-like crystals. The perfect top-shelf go-to gift for soothing indica-fueled nightcaps or pre-gaming sativas before the holiday party.

peachy passion space crystals by sonder

2. 710 Labs Concentrates

Dab the halls with boughs of holly! Who wouldn’t love to end the perfect Christmas (or start it, really) with a potently premium dab from 710 Labs? After a season of snow, Santa, and, let’s be honest, stress, even the naughtiest person on your list deserves some unwinding. The 710 Labs live resin concentrates are as high in quality as they are in THC. Our personal favorite variety is Grease Monkey, but Cherry Noir would be just as festive for the person you’re gifting.

peachy passion space crystals by sonder

3. Heavy Hitters Infused Pre-Roll

The best gift you can give a stoner is whatever gets them high the quickest, and most conveniently. Who would waste time rolling a joint when there’s one sitting all pretty and ready to be smoked now? Keep the smoke circle lit all night with a Grandi Guava pre-roll from Heavy Hitters. Now, no one will have to sacrifice a minute of Macaulay Culkin screen time to grind, pack, and roll.

peachy passion space crystals by sonder

4. Stiizy Pods

This next gift is for that special someone in your life who likes to get naughty, even at great aunt Sally’s Christmas dinner. The fam might not appreciate the smell of leftover blunt lingering after their “walk” to get some “air.” Stiizy Pods are the solution. These pods are portable, disposable, and discreet! With this gift, your sneaky recipient will be able to enjoy all the stoney vibes whenever, and wherever they need it. Plus, anyone can get down with the fruity delicious flavor options, too.


5. THC Sriracha 

Yes, you read that right. This stoner Christmas gift list just got a little naughtier, and a little spicier. The 100mg THC Sriracha from Potli is a perfect choice for foodies, heat fanatics, and weed lovers all around. Or, we’re sure you could make everyone laugh with this choice at the white elephant exchange (if your party guests are as naughty as you are). Not sure about you, but we put sriracha on everything. Why not get high and spice up your meals at the same time?



6. THC Rice Krispie Treat

Perhaps your naughty loved one adores weed but can’t handle the spice. Cater to their sweet tooth instead with a 100mg THC crispy rice bar from Dr. Norm’s. If there’s any time to enjoy baked goods, it’s the holidays. And just like anything in life, sweets are only made better with THC. After a taste of this fruity treat, they’ll be feeling as happy as Buddy the Elf.


7. Weed Water

Even staying hydrated can be extra naughty this Christmas. The Keef flavor-enhanced cannabis water will quench thirst and induce euphoria all in one. Savor the delicious taste of sweet strawberry kiwi, then sit back and wait for the 100mg of THC to send the mind and body into total Zen mode. This stoner Christmas gift is perfect for your friend who is always checking their Apple watch, counting calories, and lecturing you after your 2nd plate of holiday dessert. It’s low in calories and sugar, which makes it naughty and nice.


8. Dodi Blunts

Speaking of health-conscious friends and loved ones, what about the person who loves to smoke, but hates coughing up a storm or ending the sesh with a sore throat. Get them a gift that will allow them to indulge without the consequences. The Dodi blunts are made with a Hemp wrap, allowing for a slow and smooth burn.


Amazing Gifts on the Nice List

While we might not understand it, not everyone wants to spend all day in the clouds. If some of your gift recipeients lean more towards the nice side, don’t be mistaken. You can still share your love for weed with them, too! Now here are some of our favorite cannabis gifts for wellness and self-care.

1. Mary’s Medicals CBD Cart 

Got a friend that wants to kick a vaping habit this New Years? Help them curb it and form healthier habits with a CBD vape. It will help induce that same stress-relieving and chill vibes, without the not-so-nice consequences. This cart is 1:1:1, meaning it contains CBD, THC, and CBN; a trio of all-natural cannabinoid benefits and effects. With this gift, they can stick to their self-care journey while still achieving much-needed stress relief during the craziest time of year.


2. Buddies Fire and Ice

The athletes, manual laborers, and sore jointed folks in your life deserve some love, too! Get them a practical Christmas weed gift that will save them in the future. After their next long workday or intense set at the gym, they can apply Buddies Fire and Ice topical cream to the areas needing a little extra TLC. And with multiple uses, you’ll be ‘nice’ each time they apply. To stay on the theme – be sure to share the topical is totally Buddy the Elf approved, too.


3. Chemistry CBD Tincture

Do you have a friend or loved one you could liken to a literal ball of anxiety? Maybe their stress ball and fidget toys just aren’t cutting it anymore? Gift the sense of calmness and relaxation from the inside, out with the Chemistry CBD tincture. The tincture is specifically formulated to elevate the mood while soothing the body of everyday aches and pains. To add, the CBD tincture is non psychoactive in nature for those nice gift recipients that are more cannabis-hesitant.


5. Low Dose Tonic

Have a nice friend who taps out on drinking to avoid the hangover? Give them the gift of saying cheers with Cann Grapefruit Rosemary Tonic. The cannabis-infused and refreshingly sweet beverage contains just 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per can, for an idyllic and uplifting buzz without losing your head. The handy six-pack fits right in with Uncle Steve’s Bud Lights, and helps anyone avoid getting called a buzzkill or Karen, all evening (or day!) long.


6. Almora Sungrown Flower

Just because you’re on the nice list, doesn’t mean you can’t get stoned on the good stuff. Almora’s Hindu Kush is a premium choice for those nice buds who appreciate the finest, purest and more all-natural things in life. Sungrown, outdoors – it doesn’t get more organic than that! Even better, the strain Hindu Kush is ideal for consumers who love to feel at peace after a good sesh and is perfect for cozying up by the fire.


Now that we’ve got everyone on your nice and naughty list covered – you’re bound to win the title of “Best Gift Giver Ever” this holiday. Before you go, don’t forget to browse Embarc’s online collection for more festive stoner Christmas gift ideas. Or, get your Santa hat on and find a location near you to shop in-person, now. From our elves to yours – Happy Holidaze to all, and to all, a good night (full of weed).