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Our Favorite Stoner Accessories

Looking to elevate your weed game to the next level? The quality of the flowers themselves is obviously Priority One, but flowers alone don’t make for an amazing smoke session. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites accessories designed to enhance the quality and convenience of your cannabis experience, from hand-blown glass pipes to scent-eliminating sprays.


Our favorite cannabis accessories are those that can be both useful and beautiful, and that is exactly the lane where Edie Parker shines. Their glass pipes are beautifully colored, made from hand-blown glass, and come in a variety of fruit designs— strawberry, grape, lemon, banana, and peach. Aside from being great quality pipes, they’re also just so damn collectible that we want to have a whole fruit bowl of them on-hand at all times.


Michael Arnold is a local artisan who’s been crafting blown glass creations for over 18 years in South Lake Tahoe. His business, PACERGLASS, supplies locals with all of the cannabis accessories they need— pipes and bubblers, oil rigs and dab tools, and more. The best part? They’re all as visually beautiful as they are functional. You can follow Michael on Instagram @PACERGLASS to see his work for yourself.


Most cannabis-related companies can’t trace their history further back than the year 2000. Zig-Zag rolling paper can trace its history back 140 years. Over all that time, their craftsmanship has only gotten better as they’ve continued to be the most iconic name in rolling paper and cannabis accessories. The album cover for Dr. Dre’s iconic hip-hop masterpiece “The Chronic?” That’s Dre inside the Zig-Zag logo. Talk about clout.


If you didn’t know cannabis, you might see a Puffco product and think you’re looking at some device sent from the future with unknown purpose. But Puffco’s space-age designs covering everything from vaporizers to atomizers aren’t just for show. Each one is crafted to provide the best possible experience for however you enjoy cannabis. Maybe that’s why so many of their devices have received ‘Most Awarded’ designation from High Times.


Often when enjoying cannabis, discretion is key. You might need to eliminate lingering smells during or after your session. That’s where Veil comes in. Their pleasant-smelling and very effective scent-eliminating spray is specifically engineered to eliminate cannabis odor particles from the air and leave no evidence that cannabis was enjoyed in the area— other than how good you feel, that is.


Smoking through an apple is one of the most iconic homemade cannabis experiences. But it’s not always the most practical— who’s always got an apple handy? Enter Summerland, with their ceramic apple pipe. Aside from being adorable, it’s also discrete— it looks like a small art piece and can be displayed openly on a desk or bookcase. Only your real friends will know its true power.


What happens when you combine the past and future? You get this titanium pipe from Dangle Supply. It’s shaped like a pipe you might see in an old painting of some Western farmers relaxing after a hard day’s work, but it’s made from high-end titanium. The bowl is the perfect size for 1-3 solid puffs, and the entire pipe is small enough to be packed away in a pocket or backpack. After all, travel is what the designers at Dangle Supply had in mind. Also comes in Gold, Emerald, and Granite finish.


Getting social with your cannabis? Why not take it to the next level with this futuristic and sophisticated gravity hookah from Stündenglass. This 360-degree rotating design generates kinetic motion activation via cascading water displacement— a fancy way of saying it looks insanely cool while also using gravity to enhance the experience of your whole party.

At Embarc, getting you to the best possible high with the least amount of hassle is our number-one mission. [Shop our accessories] online today to browse our selection of cannabis-related products and accessories, check out some of the hottest brands in cannabis, and place an order for pickup or delivery today.