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White Durban Strain Review

White Durban is one of the most well-known weed strains in the industry, and for good reason. It produces a powerful high, one that’s hard to beat or forget. 

But before you get into your first White Durban joint, use this guide to learn more about this cannabis strain. Discover why it’s so well known, its legendary parentage, what to expect from your first toke, and fun ways to enjoy White Durban at home. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the White Durban Strain review!

White Durban Strain: An Overview 

White Durban is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a loyal fanbase. The strain is a go-to for many cannabis enthusiasts. 

The reason for this popularity is the iconic White Durban high. White Durban is sativa dominant. Sativa is known for its energizing effects. People also enjoy increased creativity. 

White Duban is extremely potent, which kicks the sativa effects into overdrive. Borderline psychedelic, the high people experience with White Durban, is more than you’ll experience with most other weed strains

Where Did The White Durban Strain Originate?

White Durban was born from two very popular strains, Durban Poison and White Fire OG. 

Durban poison is a South African strain that first rose to prominence in the 1970s. Even though decades have passed, it’s still a fan favorite worldwide. Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain and is known as the “espresso” of the cannabis world. It’s an extremely energizing weed strain. 

White Fire OG is also very popular, and its lineage explains why. Bred from The White and Hindu Kush, a classic, this strain is also known for being super energizing. 

The cannabis team Fireline used these two legendary strains to create the first batch of White Durban, a powerful strain that combines all the best of The White and Hindu Kush. 

Strain Description

To get to know White Durban, you need to know what to expect. Let’s look at White Durban’s strain description and everything this flower holds. 

Appearance And Characteristic

White Durban produces dense buds with an impressive look. The plant develops a mix of deep and vibrant greens that play off each other. Between the vivid green, orange hairs break up the palette. 

Overlaid over all this color is an impressive display of trichomes. White Durban is potent and you can see it by the dense collection of resin. It gives the plant an almost frosty sheen. 

Aroma And Flavor Profile

White Durban has a very distinctive and powerful aroma. The second you bring the bud to light, the smell is there. While it could be overpowering for some, its deep, full-body aroma is unique to the White Durban strain. 

The aroma and flavor carry notes of herbs, fruit, citrus, diesel, and earth. The taste is deep and earthy and simultaneously fresh and citrusy. It’s a strange combination that works surprisingly well together. 

Effects And Benefits

White Durban is a sativa hybrid with powerful parentage and it’s obvious in how it affects the body. White Durban produces a physical and mental high, one that’s stimulating and energizing. Most people experience a boost in cognitive function, energy, creativity, and sociability. 

White Durban Terpenes

White Durban’s most prominent terpenes are myrcene, ocimene, and limonene. 

Myrcene is a fruity and herby terpene. It smells like beer and is one of the most common terpenes in cannabis. Limonene, another common terpene, is known for its fresh citrusy aroma and fresh taste. Ocimene has a unique blend of fruity and earthy, woodsy tones. 

Learn more about terpenes and their effects in our cannabis-derived terpenes guide

THC/ CBD Content

The exact amount of THC and CBD in White Durban depends on the dispensary. But, on average, White Durban contains 20% or more THC. It also contains small amounts of CBD, which (together with terpenes) activates the entourage effect for a full body high. 

Medical Uses And Therapeutic Potential

Cannabis comes with a host of health benefits, and White Durban is no different. 

White Durban is great for: 

  • Mental Clarity: Sativa is known for its energizing effects. White Durban is especially effective because of its potency. Users enjoy more energy, creativity, and improved cognitive function. 
  • Pain Management: Cannabis blocks certain nerve pain and interacts with the cannabinoids naturally found in the body. This makes it an effective pain treatment, especially for chronic pain. 
  • Stress/ Anxiety Relief: Sativa dominant strains like White Durban are great for reducing anxiety and increasing sociability. Cannabis, especially high THC strains like Durban, is an effective treatment at lower doses.
  • Reduced Inflammation: While there isn’t an abundance of research, recent studies support the hypothesis that cannabis is effective at reducing inflammation, which can cause cell damage and tissue death.

As always, if you are taking any other type of medication or you’re dealing with chronic issues, consult your doctor about cannabis use first. 

How To Use White Durban

Now that you know all there is to know about White Durban, let’s look at the most popular ways to enjoy this impressive cannabis strain. 


Foremost, you’ve got smoking. Joints are easily the most common way to enjoy cannabis. 

All you need is a grinder, rolling paper, a filter, and your White Durban bud. Grind your cannabis to your preferred consistency, roll your bud and place your filter, seal the joint, and pack the weed. Tighten the excess rolling paper at the tip and light up. 


Vapes are modern versions of the e-cigarette, and you can use them to enjoy your White Durban cannabis. All you need is cannabis concentrate. Load the vape cartridge. The vape will heat the concentrate and vaporize it for you to enjoy. 


Edibles are another fan favorite in the cannabis community. From brownies to hard candies, you can make edibles of almost anything, 

To make edibles, you need to decarb your cannabis and infuse it in fat like butter or oil. Once you’ve cooked it into your fat, you can add the cannabis-infused fat to whatever food or drink you’re enjoying. For in-depth instructions, follow this guide on how to make cannabis cooking oil


With so many weed strains to choose from, how are you ever supposed to find the best one for you? Luckily, with standouts like White Durban, you can learn more about cannabis and the types you might enjoy the most. 

Start with White Durban, a White Fire OG and Durban Poison mix. It packs a powerful punch, one that borders on the psychedelic. Combined with its distinctive aroma, versatility, and medicinal uses, it’s obvious why White Durban is one of the most popular options in the cannabis community. 

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