People have been getting high and getting off since the dawn of time, from Ancient Greece to India. Priapus is the Greek god of the erect penis. 

To grace the presence and seek wisdom from Priapus priestesses, men had to undergo a purification process using a concoction that included snake venom, alcohol, ivy, and cannabis to bring on a dreamy intoxicated state. In India, cannabis was used to increase consciousness during tantric sex. But you don’t need to be a tantra master or Ancient Greek to enjoy the benefits of cannabis-enhanced copulation.

The euphoric effects of cannabis can reduce anxiety, increase sensation, and even help you bond with your partner. In addition, because the endocannabinoid system, our body’s cannabis receptors, exists throughout the entire body, we feel the delightful effects of stoned sex in our whole body as well. But before you start the party, keep reading to learn the science of the mental and physical effects of cannabis on sex and how to enjoy it safely.

The Mental

THC induces euphoria, which is a fantastic start to your stoned sex knowledge. Think about how cannabis can make watching a movie or listening to music even better. The same goes for stoned sex. Research also shows that cannabis lowers inhibitions. However, unlike alcohol, you are unlikely to blackout from stoned sex. But, safely lowering your inhibitions allows you to experience the present moment fully. Sometimes, you can get trapped in your head during sex. Anxiety takes over your mind and transports you out of the bedroom and into worries. This can make it challenging to connect with your partner and have an orgasm. Cannabis, when dosed responsibly, helps promote mindfulness during sex. These effects can also work monumentally on sexual assault survivors experiencing PTSD. Studies suggest that marijuana can prevent traumatic flashbacks, dissociation, anxiety, and other survivor symptoms that
keep you from living the sex life that you deserve.

Lowered inhibitions help you enjoy every moment of sex, but they also help make sex more enjoyable, diverse, and sincere. Most of us have fantasies, such as spanking or using sex toys. However, asking your partner to try these things can feel daunting, even when you’re dating someone supportive. THC can make it easier to ask for what you want and be yourself. Conversely, if your partner asks to try something new, the plant can help you say yes to exploration. If you’re single or want to have some alone time, these also apply to masturbation. Using a new sex toy becomes a brand new adventure once you add cannabis. You may even come up with a new idea, such as masturbating in the bathtub due to the creative properties of cannabis. Studies suggest that the therapeutic plant can increase divergent thinking, which is how the brain connects seemingly unrelated ideas. Divergent thinking is said to be the backbone of creativity.

While you don’t need a partner to enjoy cannabis and sex, the experience can bring you closer emotionally if you are seeing someone. Studies show that cannabis can help reduce negative bias, helping us see the world (and our partners) glass half-full. Bringing up fantasies is not only easier when everyone’s in a positive state of mind, but you’re likely to enjoy them more and bond over the experience, proving that love and lust can coexist.

The Physical

Cannabis can help get you out of your head and into the body, which is a good thing, as you don’t want to miss the amplified sensations of stoned sex. Cannabis can enhance all of the senses. Smells, such as your lover’s scent or a romantic candlelit for the occasion, can imprint memories while anchoring you in the now. Taste is heightened, so is the taste of your partner’s kiss. Practice aftercare, or the process of looking after one another post-sex to ensure all of your needs are met by bringing a snack tray into bed. Fill it with healthy snacks such as grapes, cheese, and chocolates. It’s always a good idea to have snacks after sex anyways to replenish the body. Sexy munchies never felt so good.

You also may find yourself more in tune with the power of sound. Stoned sex provides great encouragement to play music during sex. Opt for something soft and ambient for the least distractions. Because your vision is enhanced, use this opportunity to play with lighting. Try a romantic candlelit scene, or experiment with color lighting (red is lovely for sensual pleasure). Don’t be surprised if your partner looks sexier than usual, and definitely don’t be afraid to act on that. Your sense of touch is also intensified. A brush against the cheek may light your brain up with a psychedelic pattern, or turn you on, which Mary Jane is designed to do.

Cannabis is a vasodilator, meaning it increases blood flow. As a result, partaking in cannabis before sex can make orgasms more intense. You don’t need an orgasm to have good sex, but then again, you don’t technically need cannabis, either. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying both — especially when adding cannabis can make orgasms even more robust. If you experience pain during sex, cannabis can also make sex more comfortable. You don’t even need to get high if you don’t want to; use a CBD topical or suppository.

Methods of Intake and The Final Word

Dosage, method of intake, and set and setting are essential to have good stoned sex. Starting dosages range from 5mg to 10mg, although that number tends to be much higher in medical patients. It’s always best to start low and go slow, as getting too high can ruin the moment.

The following methods of intake all enhance sex. Choose the one that’s most applicable to your needs, and know that all are available with THC or simply CBD, depending on your state’s laws.

Inhalation: Smoking or vaping is great if you want to be high while you fool around but don’t want it to last all night. Inhalation methods also draw attention to the erogenous zone of the mouth, which many find erotic.

Topical: Topicals such as cannabis suppositories and balms can be used before sex to relax the vagina, as part of a massage during foreplay, or rubbed on any sore spots after sex. Mucous membranes absorb cannabis well, so if you have a vagina, consider using a suppository to enhance orgasm and reduce pain.

Edibles: Edibles can be shared (especially if they’re delicious chocolate) for when you’re in the mood for a sex marathon, as they last a long time. Remember to eat yours two hours before you begin to experience the effects. While the body high that edibles provide is epic, if you’re looking for a more fleeting experience, stick with inhalation.

Remember that it’s normal for two (or more) people to have different relationships with cannabis. If you’re dating someone who weighs twice your size and is a medical patient, don’t try to match their edible dosage. Stoned sex is compassionate and wants you to be kind to you and your partner(s). Now that you know the science of stoned sex and how to prepare, go forth and enjoy. And, as always, practice enthusiastic consent.