The Craft

The Craft Season 2: Sanctuary Farms

In celebration of Women’s History Month, allow us to introduce you to two remarkable women making waves in the cannabis industry. Meet Eliza Pérez and Makayla Garcia, both pivotal members of the Sanctuary Farm team. 

Eliza Pérez, one of the owner-operators of Sanctuary Farms, shares the journey of the farm from its roots in 2016, focusing initially on cultivation for cannabis. Makayla, her niece, handles marketing and sales, ensuring the brand’s presence in dispensaries and online platforms. 

The heart of Sanctuary Farms lies in its dedication to quality and community. Eliza, along with her husband, nurtures the plants and oversees the cultivation process, ensuring the highest standards are met. They started with a passion for plants and expanded into cannabis cultivation in 2016, driven by the desire to provide medicine to those in need. 

Their commitment extends beyond profit; it’s about serving their community. Makayla emphasizes their dedication to providing quality cannabis to people like her father, who rely on it for medical purposes. This sense of responsibility is ingrained in every aspect of their operation, from cultivation to distribution. 

What sets Sanctuary Farms apart is their hands-on approach to farming. They control every step of the process, from selecting strains to harvesting, ensuring the highest quality product. Their focus on living soil and natural farming methods reflects their commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

For Eliza and Makayla, Sanctuary Farms is more than a business; it’s their art.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s recognize the contributions of women like Eliza Pérez and Makayla Garcia, who are shaping the future of the cannabis industry with their dedication, innovation, and commitment to community. 

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