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Martinez Dispensary

Embarc Martinez is a neighborhood dispensary where everyone is welcome to discover and celebrate cannabis’s unparalleled quality and value. We carefully curate our menu — if it’s here, you know it’s good. Your dollar also flies further at Embarc because we get the best deals from our brand partners and pass the savings on to you. Don’t miss checking our deals and discounts page for huge savings!

But as much as we love to do all that for our Indio people, quality and value mean more than just great weed at a great price. It’s also about giving back to the neighborhoods we serve. Embarc donates 1% of sales to our Indio community, so when you shop at Embarc, you support the city you call home. 

Hours open daily
Address 3503 Alhambra Ave
Contact (925) 466-5444
IG @embarc_martinez

Experience the Best of Cannabis in Martinez

Embarc is home to the best cannabis in Martinez, with a menu so deep that we hit the sweet spot of every customer and every budget. Our Flower menu is stacked with iconic brands like STIIIZY, Claybourne, and Traditional. If Pre-rolls are your thing, Zombi and LoLo are always on point.  

Embarc Martinez also carries Vapes from brands like West Coast Cure and Raw Garden, and we feature a fantastic selection of Edibles from suppliers like Wyld, Space Gem, Camino, and Kanha. Of course, no menu would be complete without a full lineup of Concentrates, Tinctures, and Topicals from brands such as Papa & Barkley, Proof, High Power, and King’s Garden, as well as CBD products, including CBD  flower, CBD vapes, CBD edibles, CBD tinctures,  and CBD topicals.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll always find it at Embarc. And don’t miss out on joining our fantastic rewards program! Earn 1 point for every $1 spent – exchange for cannabis, birthday goodies, and exciting surprises! Sign up for exclusive giveaways at passportClub.co! Receive $5 in points by downloading our app and enabling push notifications.

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Explore Martinez, CA

Martinez, California, is the county seat of Contra Costa County and is along the southern shore of the Carquinez Strait in the San Francisco Bay. The indigenous Karkin Ohlone people originally inhabited the area. Spanish explorers arrived in 1775, and Martinez officially became a town in 1849 during the California Gold Rush. 

Fun fact: Martinez claims to be the birthplace of the martini, adding a splash of cocktail lore to its historical narrative. Today, it’s also known for these popular points of interest.

John Muir National Historic Site

Located at 4202 Alhambra Avenue, this historic site preserves the home and estate of John Muir, one of America’s most famous naturalists. Visitors can explore Muir’s Victorian mansion and orchards and hike on scenic Mount Wanda.

Pick up some quality Flower from Traditional before you visit John Muir’s home because John Muir loved nature too much to let anyone smoke mids.

Martinez Regional Shoreline

This picturesque waterfront park offers trails, picnic areas, and a marina. Located on North Court Street, It’s an excellent spot for bird watching, fishing, and enjoying views of the Carquinez Strait.

Pre-rolls are the perfect choice for a day on the coast, and Jeeter offers everything from dogwalkers to infused Pre-rolls. There’s always a Jeeter for every preference!

Briones Regional Park

Spanning over 6,000 acres, this park offers a variety of recreational activities, including hiking and horseback riding along its rolling hills, which offer epic views of the surrounding areas.

Whether you prefer Flower, Pre-rolls, or a Vaporizer for your Briones adventure, Connected has you covered with some of the best cannabis products in Cali. 

Visit Embarc Martinez Dispensary Today!

Embarc is home to the best weed, the best menu, and the best prices in Martinez. Celebrate cannabis and support your community. Shop at Embarc Martinez today! 

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Where is the Embarc Alameda Cannabis Dispensary located?
Where is the Embarc Martinez Cannabis Dispensary located?
Is there parking at your dispensary?
There is free 20 minute parking at the lot across the street from our dispensary.
What are the hours of operation?
We’re open from 9am-9pm every day of the week.
What kind of cannabis products do you offer?
We carefully curate cannabis goods from the State’s finest cultivators and brands. We choose brands that align with our company ethos and values with a focus on featuring small Northern California farmers. Whether you’re looking for pre-rolls, fresh flower, concentrates, vapes, topicals, edibles or something for your dog, we have your needs covered.
What cannabis products should I purchase?
Not to worry, that’s what our Guides are here for. We believe each person’s relationship with cannabis is unique. Our Guides are available in-person or over the phone to help you explore your options and find what’s right for you.
Can I use a debit or credit card at Embarc?
We accept debit cards and cash. There is an ATM inside for your convenience. For your convenience, we accept electronic transactions. A $5 flat convenience fee applies to all such transactions.
Do I need to show I.D. to purchase marijuana at Embarc?
You must be 21 years or older with a valid, government issued photo ID. Guests 18 and older must present a medical card along with their valid ID. Expired forms of ID will not be accepted.
How much weed can I legally buy in Martinez, California?
California law allows you to purchase up to one ounce of non-concentrated cannabis (flower) and eight grams of concentrated cannabis.
Can I return cannabis products?
Due to California regulations, we do not accept returns of cannabis products unless they are defective. If you experience a defective product, such as a faulty vape pen, we will replace it.
How much are the taxes for weed in Martinez, California?
When shopping at Embarc Martinez, we are required to add California state and local taxes to all cannabis purchases. A standardized 15% excise tax is applied as an average markup to all cannabis products costs, and must be paid by the purchaser at the time of the sale according to California law. Additionally, the Contra Costa County local cannabis sales tax of 6% is applied to the subtotal, upon which the local California sales tax rate of 9.75% is applied for your final price.
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