Embarc Tahoe
Cannabis Dispensary

4035 Lake Tahoe Blvd South Lake Tahoe, CA
4.8 730+ google reviews

Tahoe's highest rated cannabis dispensary.

Hours open daily
Address 4035 Lake Tahoe Blvd South Lake Tahoe, CA
Contact (530) 600-3040
IG @embarctahoe
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  • Welcome to Embarc Tahoe 


    Whether you’re visiting Lake Tahoe or new in town, it’s time you meet Embarc Tahoe, the best dispensary South Lake Tahoe residents like to call home. So immerse yourself in the area and stop by Embarc Tahoe for California-grown before you enjoy all that the lands of California have to offer in views and unadulterated nature. 

    But who is Embarc, really? Embarc is a family of shops celebrating cannabis for the curious, the expert, and everyone in between. Our Embarc Tahoe team is dedicated to connecting you to the state’s best cannabis at the best prices. Of course, while making you feel like you’re walking into your best bud’s house to buy your bud. 

    From low dose edibles to potent extracts and exotic strains, Embarc curates a wide variety of quality cannabis goods and elevates the experience of securing the bag with convenient store pickup and online shopping. Embark on a whole new weed routine, and make Embarc your go-to California cannabis dispensary to shop weed from people you’d smoke weed with (IYKYK).  

    California cannabis rewards at Embarc

    If you earn points when you buy groceries, your coffee, or simply use certain credit cards, why not earn points when you buy all the necessities…like weed, too? Meet the premier cannabis rewards program for the California cannabis community, Embarc’s Passport Club. Sign up for the Passport Club and get transported to a whole new world of weed...

    …A world where you rack up points every time you secure the bag. A world where you gain exclusive behind-the-scenes access to brands that grow your weed (because, let’s be honest, we’d all be friends!). And most importantly - a world where you can turn those points into savings and keep on keepin’ on with more green in your world (get it? more money and weed!).

    At Embarc, weed is more than just weed; it’s a lifestyle. Join the California cannabis rewards program that supports your lifestyle and invites you to Embarc on all new elevated adventures with your best-est buds. Make Embarc your neighborhood cannabis store and join our cannabis loyalty program today.

    Neighborhoods Served by Embarc Tahoe

    Tahoe Keys – 96150 Al Tahoe – 96150 Bijou – 96150 Stateline – 89449 (Note: Stateline is in Nevada, close to South Lake Tahoe) Heavenly Village – 96150 Sierra Tract – 96150 Tahoe Island – 96150 Y Area – 96150 Meyers – 96150 Christmas Valley – 96150

    "Best shop n the tahoe area for both variety, deals, and customer service!"

    "Great selection, they have an ATM that's less than a dollar to use. Very friendly, best place in Tahoe."

    "Embark is my go-to dispensary. They are hands-down by far the best dispensary in town. From their customer service to the quality of the products they sell and just the all around vibes every time I go in there. It’s a place to call home and they definitely take care of their locals. Paul and Chris in particular helped me out last time I was in there. MJ, Denise, Hunter! and Marcos are also top notch in their industry. Definitely stop in. When you’re in South Lake Tahoe you won’t regret it.!"

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    Where is the Embarc Lake Tahoe Cannabis Dispensary located?
    Our dispensary is conveniently located at 4035 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA
    Is there parking at your dispensary?
    There is free 20 minute parking adjacent to our dispensary.
    What are the hours of operation?
    We’re open from 9am-8:45pm every day of the week.
    What kind of cannabis products do you offer?
    We carefully curate cannabis goods from the State’s finest cultivators and brands. We choose brands that align with our company ethos and values with a focus on featuring small Northern California farmers. Whether you’re looking for pre-rolls, fresh flower, concentrates, vapes, topicals, edibles or something for your dog, we have your needs covered.
    What cannabis products should I purchase?
    Not to worry, that’s what our Guides are here for. We believe each person’s relationship with cannabis is unique. Our Guides are available in-person or over the phone to help you explore your options and find what’s right for you.
    Can I use a debit or credit card at Embarc?
    We accept debit cards and cash. There is an ATM inside for your convenience. For your convenience, we accept electronic transactions. A $5 flat convenience fee applies to all such transactions.
    Do I need to show I.D. to purchase marijuana at Embarc?
    You must be 21 years or older with a valid, government issued photo ID. Guests 18 and older must present a medical card along with their valid ID. Expired forms of ID will not be accepted.
    How much weed can I legally buy in Lake Tahoe, California?
    California law allows you to purchase up to one ounce of non-concentrated cannabis (flower) and eight grams of concentrated cannabis.
    Can I return cannabis products?
    Due to California regulations, we do not accept returns of cannabis products unless they are defective. If you experience a defective product, such as a faulty vape pen, we will replace it.
    How much are the taxes for weed in Lake Tahoe, California?
    When shopping at Embarc Tahoe, we are required to add California state and local taxes to any cannabis purchases. A standardized 15% excise tax is applied as an average markup to all cannabis products costs, and must be paid by the purchaser at the time of the sale according to California law. Additionally, the City of South Lake Tahoe local community benefit fee of 6% is applied to the subtotal, upon which the local California sales tax rate of 8.75% is added to your final price.
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