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Live Rosin Prices

Live rosin is a lesser-known cannabis product that is more popular among experienced cannabis enthusiasts. The potency is intense and, unfortunately, so is the price tag. 

Live rosin is notorious for being expensive, with some state prices averaging at $3000! No matter how much you love cannabis, the cost of live rosin can give even the most budget-friendly person a pause. 

To determine if live rosin is worth it for you, let’s take a look at what live rosin is, how it’s made, why the price is so high, and whether the price tag is worth the product. 

What Is Live Hash Rosin?

Live rosin is a chemical solvent-free cannabis product known for its purity and price. It’s often mistaken for live resin, another pure concentrate. However, live resin is extracted with chemical solvents like butane. 

To make live rosin, cannibas is flash-frozen straight after harvest. This process leaves the cannabis ‘alive’, hence the “live” in the product name. 

Usually, to make concentrates like live resin, growers wash the cannabis in solvent to separate the trichomes and terpenes. With live rosin, there’s no solvent. Instead, the frozen cannabis is put through an ice water bath and agitated until the resin trichomes separate from the plant. 

The live rosin is then frozen again and dried. At this point, the product is hash.

Next, growers introduce a small amount of heat and pressure to the cannabis and push it through a fine filter. The end product is highly potent and pure live rosin – made without the help of a chemical solvent. 

How Much Is An Ounce Of Rosin Cost

The exact amount you pay depends on a variety of factors. Most notably, where you live and the dispensary you’re buying from. 

Higher qualify rosin tends to be more expensive and states with a higher cost of living charge more for their product. So, determining the price of an ounce can be difficult. 

On average, live rosin prices range from $10 a gram to $100 a gram. With 28 grams in an ounce, you can expect anywhere from $280 up to $3000 per ounce of live rosin. 

Why Is Live Rosin Expensive?

As we’ve established, live rosin is more expensive than most cannabis products. Two main factors contribute to this price tag. 

Growers put more work into producing live rosin than almost any other cannabis product. The labor is intensive and dispensaries have to charge for that labor. 

Another reason live rosin tends to be more expensive is supply and demand. Because of the manufacturing process, growers get a lot less product from live rosin extraction than, let’s say, live resin extraction. 

The combination of hard work plus small output means dispensaries have to make their cash and charge more for live rosin than most other cannabis products. 

Is Live Rosin Worth The Price?

Honestly, it depends on what you’re paying and whether you care for live rosin. 

With price tags of up to $3000 an ounce, most people would call it quits on live rosin. Modern cannabis products are relatively cheap and paying that much for a product seems crazy. 

If you love live rosin and the effect it has on you, or you want to avoid any sort of solvents in your resin, then go ahead. Buy rosin. 

But it’s important to remember that cannabis products like live resin, while made with solvents, are safe to use. Professional growers who make concentrates know how to effectively remove the solvents used during the extraction process. 

Price is also a determining factor. If you love live rosin and the only option you can find locally is $3000, then go ahead. If you’ve got the cash, why not? 

However, if you do find cheaper options, go for the cheaper options. While quality and price are definitely linked, it doesn’t mean you have to pay the highest price to access the best product. There is a middle ground, one where prices are reasonable and product quality is still good. 

What To Know About Rosin Vs Resin

The biggest difference between resin and rosin is how they’re produced. Rosin is made without the use of solvents, while resin is made with the use of solvents. 

Besides how they’re made, the type of high they produce is also different. Resin is a super-pure cannabis product but rosin is even more.

Rosin is known for producing an intense full-body high because of its extraction process, a high similar to what you experience with THC diamonds. No chemical interaction means live rosin maintains its original chemical profile. You lose none of the cannabis properties during the extraction process as you lose in resin production. 

Is Live Rosin Better Than Live Resin?

When it comes to highs, live rosin is better than live resin. The high live rosin produces is more intense and complete. 

When it comes to price, however, live resin is better. Live rosin is significantly more expensive than live rosin. 

Whichever factor matters more to you will help you determine which option is the best for you. 

Which Products Are Made From Cannabis Rosin?

Live Rosin is versatile. The most common types you’ll find are flower rosin, where the cannabis flower is pressed and cured; rosin chips, the leftover plant material from the filtering process; dry sift rosin, where mesh is used to filter the product; and live rosin, the flash-frozen process we discussed above. 

All these types of rosin produce trichome and terpene-heavy products, which activate the entourage effect, and produce intense, full-body highs. 

Is Live Rosin Legal?

Like with all cannabis products, it depends on your state. 

If cannabis is legal in your state, then live rosin should also be – unless there are restrictions on cannabis potency. If cannabis is illegal in your state, then live rosin will also be illegal. To find out if cannabis is legal in your state, visit your state website. 


There are hundreds of ways to enjoy cannabis. One lesser-known option is live rosin, the sister product to live resin. While live rosin is extremely potent and considered more natural because it doesn’t use any chemical solvents to produce, it’s still not as well known as other products. 

The biggest reason for this is the price. Live rosin is notoriously expensive. But that’s what happens when a product requires a lot of labor and produces only small batches. 

Is live rosin worth the price? It depends on your budget and personal preferences. 

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