weed and Grub. photo credit: Lauren Hunt

If you’re anything like us, surrounding your world with weed might just be the key to happiness. From consuming it all day every day to immersing yourself in the culture, and community – there’s always room to learn about your favorite plant.

But, there isn’t always the time to read up on what’s new. That’s why we pop in those AirPods and let the best cannabis podcasts do the work for us.

Weed podcasts are a fun, entertaining, and accessible way to get informed. So, keep reading to light up, listen and learn with our guide to the best cannabis podcasts you need to tune into.

Our Guide to the 7 Best Cannabis Podcast

1. Stoner Chicks Podcast

Calling all the ladies! Your days of smoking alone, wondering where to find other stoner baddies, are over. Join the community of cannabis-loving besties (who met through comedy and bonded through weed) over at the Stoner Chicks podcast. This podcast serves as a “love letter” to the stoner community with a focus on the modern cannabis industry and women’s roles in shaping it. It’ll give both ladies and gents a good laugh as the hosts cover everything from ice bongs, getting the munchies, to wake-n-baking, and more.

You’ve got to pair this podcast with a Super Lemon Haze pre-roll from 1Lyfe. There’s nothing better than sitting down to unwind with your new fave podcast and realizing you don’t have to grind up weed or roll a joint. Just light her up, and you’ll be ready to laugh, get motivated, and channel your inner stoner feminis

canna insider podcast

2. Cannainsider – Interviews with the Business Leaders of the Legal Cannabis, Marijuana CBD Industry

Have you been looking for a good cannabis industry podcast? There’s no better way to get educated on the weed biz than listening to weekly Cannainsider interviews with the leading voices of the industry. Learn about everything from the new trends and technology shaping the industry, to what jobs it’s providing. Even, investment opportunities where eager investors will learn smart ways to put their money towards the growing industry. Gain knowledge from the long list of cannabis chemists, dispensary owners, investors, and more, who have been on the show.

Any good businessman or woman needs a nice, energizing drink to power through the day (at least in our case). Ditch the coffee and try Artet’s Rosemary Jane seltzer instead. This 1:1 CBD and THC drink will help you feel blissful and let your wandering mind settle down, so you can soak in every important piece of the cannabiz info.

weed and grub podcast

3. Weed & Grub

Perhaps you’re not looking to make an investment or put on a business suit today. Unwind and have some fun with discussions of cannabis, cooking, comedy, and culture on Weed & Grub. Hosts, Emmy nominated Mike Glazier and cannabis culture writer Mary Jane Gibson, smoke, snack, and share stories with incredible guests. Expect to hear weed talk from David Crosby, Roxane Gay, RuPaul’s Drag Race stars, athletes, activists, and more.

This podcast would be perfectly paired with an edible to snack on alongside the hosts. One of Embarc’s best sellers is the Garden Society spiced dark chocolate bar with chili. This sativa dominant bar will help boost your mood, chill you out, and lighten your heart for lots of laughs with Mike and Mary.

periodic effects podcast

4. Periodic Effects

The next weed podcast is for those who love the science-y side of cannabis. In Periodic Effects, host Wayne Schwind conducts weekly interviews with business leaders and cultivators of the cannabis industry. It’s available wherever you prefer to enjoy podcasts! Listened in and couldn’t get enough? Head to periodicsearch.com to find episodes and videos that address a specific question you have.

A science-based podcast calls for some old-fashioned flower to observe while listening. Pick up some Pomegranate Punch, a best-seller at Embarc, and examine its features as you learn more about the plant. Use the grinding, rolling, and packing process to study your cannabis closely

greatest moments in weed history podcast

5. Great Moments in Weed History

Want to delve deep into humanity’s 10,000+ year relationship with cannabis? Great Moments in Weed History is the perfect podcast for you. It explores the humor, heart, and historical importance of our favorite plant. Hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock cover stories of famous names in the weed biz, our favorite strains, and how cannabis has helped people from past to present.

Hit a Jack Herer cart from Papa’s Herb and admire how far the weed industry has come while listening to Jack Herer’s special episode. Fun fact: the strain was first sourced from the Netherlands in the mid-1900s, and was later distributed as a recognized medical-grade strain. While you can’t get it at a pharmacy now, it’ll have you feeling just as blissful, clear-headed, and creative as smokers of the past.

grow bud yourself podcast

6. Grow Bud Yourself

If you’ve been looking for ways to save money on weed, connect with the plant, or become keener on its biology, Grow Bud Yourself was made for you. It’s a great source for marijuana cultivation information, cannabis news, activities, reviews, and more. The episodes will teach you how growing your own weed can be a liberating and even political act. Hosts Danny Danko and Mike G. bring new episodes every Thursday, inviting some of the biggest names in the cannabiz. It’s available wherever you listen to podcasts!

Part of growing bud is knowing what good flower looks like. So, examine and smoke on some Night Sky Indica from A Golden State. This Embarc fave is the perfect strain to observe and study. After a long day of cannabis cultivation, this strain will help you wind down.

casually baked podcast

7. Casually Baked

Any new stoner who’s just getting to know the plant, needs to listen to “the potcast”: Casually Baked. It allows listeners to discover cannabis and hemp, 420 style. Before you listen, stop by host Jo’s site for a “modern cannabis glossary” and all her favorite weed resources. Learn to live the cannabis lifestyle through discussions of everything from weed’s relationship with womens’ health, to baked playlists.

You’ve got to listen to the Casually Baked podcast, while getting baked, with baked goods. It’s just the right thing to do. So, head to Embarc for some of Dr. Norm’s delicious (and gluten-free) snickerdoodles. Share the servings with some buds, or take baked to a whole new level with all ten.

Now that you know some of the best marijuana podcasts, sprinkling more bud into your life has never been easier. Whether you’re driving to work, workin’ it at the gym, or indulging in a smoke sesh, these podcasts will be there to make every day an elevated one. Happy listening, future cannabis experts!