Our Alameda Dispensary is committed to the community — and we are part of it.

We believe in making life for Alameda citizens better with our work and that’s why we create a safe space for anyone to enjoy cannabis, as well as give back to the community with an investment fund, and tell local stories in the Embarc Journal.

So, learn more about our story and how our dispensary in Alameda is addressing the injustice cannabis has fueled (and still fuels) due to the war on drugs in our communities.

We give back 1% of sales to the community

Each Embarc dispensary gives back 1% of revenue generated from sales to its local community.

The money is deposited into a community investment fund that is directed by a board of local leaders and residents. They (not Embarc) are those who decide where the money goes. This guarantees the investment is directed to where the community in unison believes needs it the most.

We believe operating a cannabis dispensary is a privilege — and that should be addressed

The war on drugs is still ongoing. And even today in the US, minorities are still imprisoned and disenfranchised for using cannabis where it isn`t legalized.

We know that for many decades, people suffered to do what we can now do freely under the law. And that’s why we are exercising a privilege and must recognize that.

Embarc keeps close ties with the local community and our guides are people who care about the well-being of the residents. After all, they are part of the community too since all Embarc dispensaries are locally owned.

Our values

  • Keep it local: all hiring is done in the local community and we support local organizations. Our staff also volunteer for local projects to help out
  • Equity: we prioritize shelf space in the dispensaries for products by BIPOC, female, and LGBTQIA+ owners, as well as brands that promote social equity and small, locally farmed brands
  • Create access for all: our guides strive to make cannabis accessible to anyone, no matter their background. The idea is to make you feel welcome, accepted, and comfortable to have a great experience

Learn more about our mission

Read the Embarc Journal

The Embarc Journal is our blog with stories of the community, our guides, and local brand owners.

And unlike other dispensary blogs, here you’ll find unique content you won’t get anywhere else. Real stories with people we know personally, took their photos, and shared their stories to the world.

Stories of our guides

Every month, we feature the story of an Embarc guide. At Embarc, each guide has their walk in life and stories to share, but they all hold a single goal in common: help people live better lives.

And cannabis is a great way to promote wellness to people who are stressed or suffer from pain.

Click on the links below to read the stories:

  • Will’s Journey: From South Korea to South Lake
  • Confessions of a Cannabis Guide: Olivia Cooper

Local brands

We share the stories of local brands that are changing the cannabis industry for the better with in-depth interviews and product showcases.

Click on the links below to read the stories:

Woman-Owned Cannabis Brands We Love
Q&A with Moon Made Farms

More stories

Learn about cannabis strains, edibles, and read more community stories. Embarc on a cannabis adventure:

Read the Embarc Journal

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Embarc Alameda has guides ready to help you start your journey, whether you’re a beginner or expert on cannabis. The guide picks section is like a starter pack, with the best strains, edibles, pre-rolls, and topicals that our staff recommends.

And you can enjoy your purchase right at Embarc. We have a safe space for you to use cannabis with a guide ready to assist you if needed. Unfortunately, many people don’t have a safe space to use cannabis (such as a home environment that is against it) and rely on us to have this special moment.

And at Embarc you find a wide selection of highly-acclaimed strains such as Apple Quake and Pixie Dust, as well as edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, topicals, and gear for all your cannabis needs. You won’t need to go anywhere else and can get all your stuff here!

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