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Exploring Ultra-Potent THC Strains: Highest Recorded

The landscape of cannabis cultivation is dynamic and ever-changing. Growers, breeders, and manufacturers have pursued and achieved the highest potency weed strains ever recorded. 

Who holds the record? What are the names of these high-potency strains? How do growers achieve this potency? And is THC all that truly matters?

Come with us on a journey to explore ultra-potent THC strains and unravel a few of the exciting mysteries behind powerful marijuana.

What Is Considered High THC?

Cannabis that contains more than 20% THC is considered high-potency. However, multiple factors contribute to the effect or actual high a user feels. 

Bear in mind that we’re not focusing on cannabis concentrates such as shatter, crumble, rosin, resin, hash, etc. This percentage specifically applies to weed strains (which are unique varieties of marijuana as a plant), rather than the form in which the cannabis takes.

Expert marijuana breeders, growers, and cultivators have carefully selected and crossbred weed strains to achieve the highest THC potency possible in the original plant form.

Historical Record Holders Of Highest THC Percentage

The highest recorded THC content in a weed strain is in Berlin. Berlin has been regularly producing high-potency marijuana strains since 2007. But they’ve held the historical record since 2010 when cannabis strains from Berlin were found to contain a THC content of 44%!

Many growers have tried their best to replicate this strength, but have failed. It’s widely debated whether this could be a miscalculation or an overestimation since the method of measurement has not been fully disclosed.

However, even if the strain with 44% THC is a myth or a miscalculation, Berlin still holds the world record for the highest THC percentage in a cannabis strain.

What Are The Strongest Weed Strains 2024?

New strains of cannabis enter the scene regularly. Therefore, the strongest weed strains differ from year to year. Let’s look at some of the highest potency strains for 2024 so far.

As a side note, before we begin, some additional members of this high-potency list we won’t detail are Dulce, Boss Babe, and Marshmallow OG. So, be on the lookout for these cannabis strains as well!

Godfather OG

Godfather OG: It’s at the top for a reason! This strain is renowned as one of the strongest cannabis varieties available, thanks to its potent THC levels exceeding 30%. 

This is not a stain for beginners. Godfather OG is an indica-dominant hybrid made from a cross between XXX OG and Alpha OG. Although the strain has been around for a while, its popularity has not diminished.

Users report a powerful body high and quick sedative effects making it an excellent choice to combat insomnia. 

Jenny Kush

This strain is at the top of the list for good reason! Jenny Kush is a wonderfully balanced hybrid of sativa and indica. This means the psychoactive effects will be balanced as well.

Jenny Kush has a massive THC content, falling between 29% and 42%. The terpene content is 1.5-3.5% and the total cannabinoid count is between 31% and 45%.

This perfectly balanced hybrid gives the user a potent uplifting high, raising your spirits. At the same time, it’s mentally soothing and relaxes your body. Enjoy the earthy, floral scent of this strong marijuana strain when you inhale or ingest it.

Alien Mints

Next, we have Alien Mints, also falling under the hybrid category. This weed strain has a THC content of 28-34%, which makes it slightly lower than Jenny Kush while remaining high on the strength list.

The total cannabinoids contained in this cannabis strain fall between 30% and 38%. You’ll feel a powerful, mood-lifting high, although the onset is slow and peaceful. 


The name may be unattractive to some naturalists, but GMO is nothing to be avoided. Also a hybrid, GMO has a slightly higher indica content than sativa.

This strain offers a primarily relaxed, “chilled-out” sensation, yet it still leaves you energized enough to engage in enjoyable outdoor activities. It’s best enjoyed in a natural setting. Just remember to bring along some snacks because GMO will probably boost your appetite!

This strain is 27%-33% THC and contains 30-37% cannabinoids.

Blueberry Crumble

Although named after a berry, this strain of weed has a distinct, sweet citrus flavor and scent. Users have experienced notes of flowers as well. 

Blueberry Crumble is another balanced hybrid strain with 24-34% THC and above. Inhale or ingest this cannabis strain for gentle energy and motivation. You’ll be able to complete projects and tasks in a noticeably relaxed manner. We also suggest doing something creative, as Blueberry Crumble helps with inspiration.

Bobby Wild

Bobby Wild is a deceiving name for this Indica marijuana strain. You’ll feel a body buzz and a head rush, so be aware of this before smoking or eating your cannabis-infused edibles if that’s more your style. 

Bobby Wild has a THC content of between 24% and 32% and sometimes above. You’ll want to have a laid-back evening or night planned for this weed strain.

Has Weed Gotten Stronger Over Time?

You may have noticed for yourself that the strength of cannabis strains has increased gradually in the last few decades. 

This is not in your imagination! We’ve seen an increase in cannabis flower potency from 4% THC in 1995 to 17% in 2017. And this number has climbed since then. There are several reasons for this.

The ever-growing cannabis market has forced growers to become more creative, leading some to create weed strains that are stronger than ever. There’s a financial incentive in it for breeders since high-potency strains naturally sell for more money.

With the booming marijuana industry cannabis cultivation has hit new heights of efficiency. Growers have cutting edge technology at their fingertips. They can now optimize environments to grow THC-packed buds.

This focus shift extends to Sinsemilla, the pinnacle of female marijuana plants left unfertilized. Sinsemilla boasts the highest THC levels found in any cannabis plant.

Determining Which Strain Is The Strongest

Testing and analysis must be conducted in a laboratory to measure the percentages of the various compounds in a cannabis strain. This is because it’s difficult to measure the strength of weed strains through consumption, since different strains have different effects, as we mentioned previously. 

For example, your method of consumption matters greatly. Smoking or vaporizing delivers a quick, intense high. While edibles made from the same strain of marijuana may have a longer onset and duration, yet milder intensity of effects.

Is THC Percentage All That Matters?

Scientists take measurements related to other factors apart from THC percentage when gathering data about a marijuana strain. THC percentage is the primary marker of cannabis potency, as it’s the main psychoactive compound found in the plant. However, there’s more to the story.

Terpenes play a significant role in determining potency, too. With 112 different types, each terpene contributes to the distinct effects of a weed strain. Myrcene, for instance, has a sedative effect, inducing feelings of relaxation and drowsiness. On the other hand, limonene is known for its energizing properties and ability to enhance focus.

Terpenes are the compounds that give your marijuana strain its distinct aroma and flavor. Many manufacturers and growers increase the THC potency of a strain while sacrificing other active ingredients, such as terpenes and CBD. 

In reality, a well-rounded strain with a high terpene content and an average THC content can provide the user with a more potent experience than a strain with a higher THC content.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive marijuana compound, meaning you won’t feel a change in your mental processes, perception, and behavior. However, many cannabis consumers prefer a higher percentage of CBD in their strains for its positive effects on pain, depression, and anxiety.

How Do Some Strains Get Higher THC Percentages (Factors Affecting THC Content in Cannabis)

Growers, breeders, and manufacturers have put a lot of effort into achieving higher THC percentages in their strains. But how do they manage it? Here’s a list of some factors that affect the THC content in cannabis.

  • Lighting: Growers use lighting systems that achieve the optimal amount of light exposure for their plants. Light spectrum optimization is an essential aspect of maximizing THC potency in strains.
  • Temperature and humidity: Temperatures that are too high can degrade the cannabinoids present in the weed. Temperatures that are too low can slow down and hinder essential metabolic processes.
  • Nutrient management: An important component of producing high-potency cannabis is the nutrient content of the soil in which a plant is grown. Nitrogen, for example, aids in the protein-building process and the photosynthesis process of plants. Growers study the genetics of their cannabis. This information helps to understand the optimum range of nitrogen a specific plant will need.
  • Harvest time: THC potency also depends on harvest time. There’s an optimal harvest window that is difficult to identify for an inexperienced grower. Each plant spends a certain amount of time in flower. If a grower harvests too early or too late, the THC potency will be diminished. The optimal harvest window for a plant is often determined by genetics, as well as the number of trichomes visible and the pistil color on the plant.

Advantages Of Stronger Strains

The more powerful strains of cannabis have several advantages. 

  • Potent strains offer enhanced relief for medical users, particularly those with severe or chronic pain, as higher doses may be necessary for effective treatment.
  • Stronger strains can relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, nausea, and appetite loss more effectively, providing greater relief for individuals struggling with these issues.
  • Despite being initially pricier, high-potency cannabis is cost-effective over time as less product is needed to achieve desired effects, resulting in longer-lasting supply and potentially lower overall costs.

High THC Risks

High-potency cannabis strains come with certain risks, especially for individuals sensitive to THC.

More THC means less CBD, which is the compound that reduces negative side effects.

Physical health risks include:

  •  Poor body coordination
  •  Difficulty concentrating and thinking
  •  Rapid heart rate
  •  Impaired cognitive function

Mental health risks to consider:

  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Disturbed or confused thoughts
  • Anxiety, fear, panic
  • Paranoia
  • Dependency-related issues

If you are prone to experiencing any of these effects, don’t rush into inhaling or ingesting weed strains with a high THC percentage.

Safety Tips

We have some safety tips and tricks to avoid mishaps and issues with your ultra-potent cannabis.

Start small with strains with a lower THC percentage. Choose higher-potency strains over time to allow your body to adjust to the minor changes. When you find the lowest effective dose that suits your needs, stop. This reduces your risk of experiencing negative side effects.

Always purchase your weed products from regulated sources. Embarc can help you find licensed dispensaries and authorized retailers that stock marijuana products that have undergone laboratory testing. This ensures you know exactly how much THC you’re getting in your product.

And remember, don’t just shop based on THC percentage! High potency doesn’t always translate to high quality. You may want to choose a strain with a high CBD percentage that minimizes the negative side effects of THC, isn’t habit-forming, and has several other medical benefits.


In the dynamic world of cannabis cultivation, potency records continue to be shattered, with growers and breeders pushing the boundaries to achieve ever-higher THC levels. 

From Berlin’s historic 44% THC strain to today’s latest offerings like Godfather OG and Jenny Kush, the quest for potency remains relentless. However, it is crucial to remember the potential risks associated with high THC content, especially for those sensitive to its effects. 

By staying informed, starting small, and choosing quality over mere potency, consumers can navigate the landscape of ultra-potent cannabis safely and responsibly.

Contact Embarc for further assistance and expert recommendations of reliable dispensaries and the best cannabis strains that will suit your personal needs.