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Enjoy 710 Day Deals & Discounts with Embarc

Celebrate 710 Day with us on July 10th at Embarc Dispensaries! It’s a special cannabis holiday to discover our cannabis oil products and concentrates. At every one of our local Embarc dispensaries, we focus on quality, community, and making lasting memories. So make sure to take advantage of our 710 Day deals!

Shop with Embarc Dispensaries on Dab Day

At Embarc Dispensaries, we pride ourselves on offering premium cannabis products curated for quality and potency. Here’s why most cannabis enthusiasts choose us:

  • Quality: Our products are hand-selected from trusted brands, ensuring premium quality and potency.
  • Community: We are dedicated to supporting local communities, donating 1% of all sales back to community programs.
  • Experience: We create memorable shopping experiences with excellent service and thoughtfully designed stores.

Unbeatable 710 Day Specials

To make your 710 Day extraordinary, we’re offering special promotions on our cannabis oil products and cannabis concentrates. Here are some highlights:

What is 710 Day? Understand the Popular Cannabis Holiday

July 10th marks 710 Day, or National Oil Day, a celebration that spotlights cannabis oils, extracts and concentrates. Reversing 710 spells oil, symbolizing the focus on these products. The day honors the cannabis community, particularly those who appreciate cannabis extracts. It’s a time to gather, enjoy special deals and discounts, and discover new and exciting products.

How to Prepare for National Dab Day

Here’s a basic guide for all our extract lovers to follow before the big day:

  • Stock Up on the Best: This 710 Day, indulge in our premium cannabis extracts and concentrates. Take advantage of our exclusive deals and fill your stash with the finest products Embarc offers.
  • Prep Your Dab Rig: Ensure your dab rig is sparkling clean for the best experience. A pristine rig means you’ll enjoy the purest flavors and maximum potency. Consuming cannabis oil products can get messy, so keep some cleaning supplies on hand to avoid any sticky surprises.
  • Choose Your Elite Concentrates: Whether you’re a fan of live resin, hash oil, or other high-end concentrates, make sure you have your favorites on hand. Embarc’s curated selection guarantees something for every connoisseur.
  • Stay in the Know: Follow us on social media to catch the latest deals and product drops. Don’t miss out on exclusive offers that can take your 710 Day to the next level.
  • Try Something New: 710 Day is the perfect excuse to explore a new cannabis concentrate. Step out of your comfort zone and discover a new favorite.
  • Dab with Style: Dabbing is more enjoyable with friends. Invite your crew for a 710 Day gathering. Share some dabs, some laughs, and create memories that last.
  • Hydrate to Elevate: Keep the celebration going strong by staying hydrated. Have plenty of water and take breaks to maintain energy and enjoyment.
  • Pace Yourself Like a Pro: 710 Day is all about savoring the experience. Start with small doses and enjoy the journey.

If you’re ready to enjoy concentrates like no other, shop with Embarc!


What does 710 mean?

710 spells oil when flipped upside down, representing cannabis oils and concentrates. It’s a slang term!

What is the significance of 710 day?

710 Day celebrates the culture and enjoyment of cannabis oil products and cannabis extracts.

What is the origin of 710 day?

The term 710 became popular around the early 2010s, complementing the well-known 420 holiday cannabis consumers love.

Why celebrate 710?

It’s a day devoted to appreciating and enjoying cannabis concentrates. It’s a rising popularity in the cannabis community and a great opportunity to try new products and celebrate with friends.