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Cannabis Kief 101 – The Best Things to Do With Kief & More

As your weed tolerance gets higher and higher (pun intended!)… sometimes, the same-old joint or vape hit just doesn’tcut it. While frustration may increase, you may start to wonder, “how can I get fried again?”.

Luckily, our favorite plant is always looking out for us. If you’re finding it a *struggle* to reach all new heights or highs…it may just be time to meet kief.

Your new BFF to elevate every smoke sesh, and land on the moon after each hit. Keep reading to learn all the basics oncannabis kief, the best things to do with kief, and how you might already have some at home – or let us pick some out foryou with our favorite kief joints and goods!

a spoon of Leif

What Is Kief?

Let’s break down what exactly kief is and how it can make your smoke sessions that much more elevated.. It’s nosurprise, weed is covered in resinous glands – you know, that sticky, icky good stuff. Technically, these glands are calledtrichomes, which contain THC, CBD, terpenes, and other compounds.

When these crystal-like trichomes dry up and break off the plant, kief is formed. Since it’s a substance collected solely fromcannabis leaves and flowers, if you’ve got weed, chances are, you already have kief at home.

While it’s similar to hash, ice water, and bubble hash like this one, kief is different in that it’s solely made from the cannabis plant; no extra ingredients or fancy tools necessary. The substance can vary in color but it’s typically darkerthan trichomes, ranging from beige or gold to brown. Kief is powdery and sometimes sticky, giving it nicknames like ‘dust’or ‘pollen’ too.


Crafting Kief to Chief

Using kief is one of the simplest (and organic) ways to harness concentrated cannabis. Most people accumulate it bygetting a grinder with a kief catcher (which many come equipped with).

The trusty old grinder you’ve had forever might have a secret treasure waiting for you! Depending on how often yousmoke, it may take a few weeks or even months to get a hefty kief supply.

But don’t worry – it’ll be worth the wait once you discovercannabis kief’s elevated powers. Once you’ve let it build up, justunscrew the grinder’s lower chamber and scoop out the kief. Some grinders even come with a special tool specificallyfor this purpose.

There is a more “professional” method to refining kief, as well. Microscreens are built into wooden boxes,normally called kief boxes, which allow you to filter out various grades of product.

Then, you can get to the end goal: pure kief made up of nothing but tiny trichome heads rather than plant matter, trichome stalls, and various particulate. This super-pure version of kief is highly coveted in old-school stoner culture. Peopleeven refer to it as “99% sift,” meaning that it’s close to 99% pure trichome heads.

You likely won’t cultivate perfect purity on your first try, but any eager kief sifter will improve with each batch.


The Benefits of Chiefin’ Kief

Now that you’ve potentially discovered a whole new form of cannabis just sitting in your weed stash, what’s the benefitof trying it out? The main thing that makes using kief great, is it cuts out chemical solvents involved in many other cannabis concentration methods. Butane, propane, and even water aren’t necessary; almost no equipment or safetyconcerns to fuss over.

Though H2O is safe to consume, water hash can acquire mold if poorly made, which could constitute a health risk. Forthose who like to live on the natural side, kief stands alone as a supremely authentic form of pot. This simple, yet theexciting method of concentrating cannabis dates back several thousand years to hash-making locales like Afghanistanand Morocco.

So, how can us modern stoners honor our weed-loving ancestors? Next up, is a few methods for using kief, today.


The Best Things to Do with Kief

Whether you’re more into bowls or joints, cannabis kief is easy to add for some extra spice. With just a sprinkle of kief,your entire smoke circle will be treated to that extra ‘lift’ kief can deliver. Not to mention, uber jealous of your specialstash.

Now, let’s dive into some of our favorite ways to incorporate kief into your smoking routines.



There’s no easier way to smoke than grinding some bud, packing a quick bowl, and sparking up the bong orpipe. Why not elevate the experience with some kief? Most people who use the substance just end up sprinkling alittle bit (or a lot) on top of some bud. Also known as “crowning a bowl,” it’s the most common way to use kief andwill increase the potency of any sesh.

Pro canna-tip: corner your hits to get the most out of a kief-topped bowl. This entails burning a small section of thebowl at a time instead of sparking the whole thing at once. Then, you can enjoy multiple hits! Any consideratestoner is already familiar with doing this in a smoke circle.


If your definition of unwinding is lighting up a lovely J, head into total Zen mode with a hefty pinch of kief. When rolling a joint,blunt, or spliff, you can pepper the mix with sprinkles of your favorite natural cannabis concoction. You can also “twax” ajoint, which entails dampening the outside of a joint with a lick, then rolling the top ⅓ of it in some kief. While a typical smokesesh leaves you elevated and relaxed, this is the best thing to do with kief for a trip to outer space.


Moon rocks are a must-try for those on the hunt for unique new ways to consume cannabis. They’re nugs, covered in hash, then rolled in kief; sounds like all of our favorite things mixed into one! If you have used themand wondered how they burn for ages, it’s because of the kief. Potency is incredibly high with these bad boys, andyou don’t even have to leave the house to make them.

Try some flower with a fruity flavor, like Elyon’s relaxing Pomegranate Punch or FloraCal’s energizing Lemon Bean. Then, simply add your preferred oil and kief supply, and, voila! Moon rocks are ready for you to savor.

joints rolled in keif

We Collect Kief, You Consume It!

While it’s easy to make kief at home, perhaps your grinder doesn’t have a catcher. Or maybe, you just don’t want to waitthat long for some pure cannabis goodness.

Save yourself the work and shop some of our favorite cannabis kief products from Embarc instead. They’re just a clickaway from heading home, with you.

Hippie Crasher Kief

Want to keep it real with some good, old fashioned kief? Bob Stash has got you covered. Their HippieCrasher kief is known to leave users feeling tingly, chilled, and relaxed. Get it online or head to Embarc’s Fairfield spot for this hybrid gem!

Gelato 33 Baby Jeeters

Not everyone wants to roll their own joint or mess up their manicure sprinkling kief into bowls. Let us do thework for you with Jeeter’s  mini, kief-infused joints. Perfect for an on-the-go uplift, these baby J’s will leaveyou feeling happy, energetic, and uplifted.

Keef Fruit Punch

Perhaps you’re a weed lover whose lungs could use a break. Celebrate the spirit of kief instead ofpartaking in it with Keef’s tasty THC beverages. Our fave is the fruit punch flavor, packed with 100mg ofcannabis for some euphoric feels.

Kingpen Infused Pre Rolls

If the baby Jeeters seemed right up your alley, but you’re looking for a bigger pick-me-up, don’tworry. Kingpen’s kief-coated pre-rolls will make for a nice, long smoke sesh. Savor the inviting flavorsof Platinum Kush and Blackberry Kush as each hit takes you to a deeper state of relaxation.

If you haven’t dug out your grinder and scraped the bottom for every last inch of kief you can find yet, why not? We’ve keptyou long enough – so go on, see what you have, or re-up your stash with all thing’s kief at Embarc! Find a location near younow, or shop conveniently online.