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Brand Highlight: Pure Beauty

Millennials and gen-z alike are rejoicing in old-school nostalgic vibes with all the latest fashions, trends, and aesthetics. For the cannabis world, that means getting back to the purity of the plant and OG ways of lighting up and puff, puff, passing. 

The Pure Beauty cannabis brand is dialing in on this concept and harnessing their ‘deep love for our flower’. With products that highlight where weed truly comes from, and focusing on how the legal cultivation of the plant affects our ecosystems and environments.

So, how is this bug-loving, tree-hugging, high-fashion boutique brand changing the face of modern cannabis? Let’s get back to our roots and find out, with this ultimate guide to one of our favorite Cali grown brands – Pure Beauty.

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With their notable eyebrows raised, animated emoji icon, you just know what’s behind Pure Beauty is more that meets the eye. The woman-owned brand’s quirky aesthetic comes from co-founders Imelda Walavalkar, Tracy Anderson, and Irwin Matutina who set out to connect cannabis, fashion and art.

Their mission was successful with one of the trendiest brands on the scene today, thats even catching on with celeb investors like Timbaland and Nas. Each package, social media post, and campaign is thoughtfully crafted, with help from high fashion PR firm KCD who also represents clients like Tom Ford.

But the brand isn’t just beautiful on the outside, it radiates pure beauty from the inside too. As the company has sustainability at the forefront of mind, and makes their indoor cultivation facility as energy-efficient as possible. Even using their own on site micro turbines for energy, and reducing water use by recapturing humidity from the air.

Of course, Pure Beauty is just as passionate about cannabis social equity as shown by recently partnering with Dream Corps’ and their Federal Prison Closure Campaign, to help reform the criminal justice system. In fact, in 2021 nearly 65% of Pure Beauty employees were women and minorities.


Are you singing the praises of the church of Pure Beauty already? With fashion, culture and art in mind, is the brand’s answer to fans wanting to flaunt their merch, and show off one of a kind designs celebrating the plant they love. From ashtrays to pins, t-shirts to mixtapes (yes, we’re talking cassette tapes!), even luxury bongs, Pure Beauty’s latest line of goods elevates your cannabis routines that much more.

Taking high fashion to the next level, Pure Beauty teams up with designers and artists like Jochen Holz and Aries for exclusive drops and extraordinary pieces of art that you can smoke out of too. Their extra offerings also lend to their advocacy for groups they support, like the LGBTQ community. For instance, for 2022 pride month, Pure Beauty is donating 100% of their net proceeds from their Drugstore collection to The Ali Forney Center which serves as a non-profit organization to protect LGBTQ youths.

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It’s no surprise all this goodness carries over into the Pure Beauty product collection. Their indoor grown flower lends to premium pre rolls with robust terpene profiles and hits that are as smooth as the packaging appears. The boutique brand even strives to produce strains that are just as hip as their aesthetics. With landrace genetrics and names like Mother’s Milk that comes from Nepali OG x Appalachia, and Sea Star, the stunning and tasty outcome of Grape Pie x Animal Cookies.

Next, let’s break down each of the brand’s unique products you can pick up at Embarc today.

Prerolls and Babies

The brand’s flagship products are prerolls and appropriately named ‘babies’ that are mini joints. As co-founder and CEO Walavalkar describes best by saying, “It’s the perfect size because I find myself smoking a joint and I’m like ‘I can’t finish this,’ then you put it in your purse and pocket is messy.”

The prerolls come encapsulated in all-natural hemp paper for an organic, smooth smoke, and a variety of sizes, types and strains. In addition to 10 pack babies, you can get 5 packs (we’ll cover those next!), ‘Threesome’ 3-packs and perfectly filled 1 gram joints, too. Each in a sleek, fashionable package, that’s sustainably made, too.

Five Finger Discounts

“Fun-sized and ready to go”, the brand’s limited edition Five Finger Discounts offer 5 pre-rolls (of course!) that are designed for portability and chock-full of well-balanced, high-quality hybrid Pure Beauty flower. Even more special, each package is environmentally friendly and comes in a PLA bag that’s made from plant starch. Every Pure Beauty pre roll is guaranteed to be 100% flower, and no shake for a full-bodied, bougie buzz for all your seshes.

Cannabis Cigarettes

You’re treated to major spliff vibes with Pure Beauty cannabis cigarettes that can even come with a refreshing menthol twist. We know, we know – cigarettes are bad for us. But, there’s nothing ‘cooler’ than an Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction inspired smoke sesh. With Pure Beauty flower cigarettes, you can channel your inner-Mia without the guilt.

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IYKYK…you can always count on Embarc for the hippest, freshest brands like Pure Beauty pre rolls and their growing collection. Now that you’re inspired by the story behind Pure Beauty cannabis, get a taste of the pure life yourself. Shop Pure Beauty babies, and more at your friendly neighborhood bodega for all things bud. Find an Embarc location near you, or start shopping online now.