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Working from home? It’s not always easy to adjust to the home office life. Staying focused on your work at the office is one thing, but doing it when you’re at home, where distractions are everywhere and your bed is calling for an afternoon nap, is even tougher.

But there’s one advantage that working from home has over the office— being able to light up anytime you want. Not only can this help chill you out after an endless video conference, but certain strains can also help energize you and provide focus, clarity, and creativity to make you even better at the work you do.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite strains to help you get through the day when working from home.

Jack Herer
Don’t want to get too mellowed out for a creative work day? Jack Herer is the perfect strain for that, offering an energizing high thanks to its sativa-dominant genes, with 17.5% THC level and a fruity, peppery, and herbal terpene profile. Jack Herer will leave you feeling happy, uplifted, energetic and focused for your day working from home.

Canndescent Charge 504

Canndescent’s Charge 504 strain is cultivated with purified water and organic pest management, making it not only a great strain but one that’s responsibly and naturally farmed. Charge 504 provides kinetic energy to keep you moving through the day thanks to its virgin cannabis, whole flower profile that leaves in all of the goodness of the entire cannabis plant.

Dosist Bliss

Dosist has become famous in cannabis circles for their pods that can flawlessly measure out the perfect dose for every pull, but their specific formulas are also worthy of some serious praise. One of our favorites is Bliss, which is a 9:1 THC to CBD formula that’s designed to help you feel elevated, light, and energized. Customers describe it as providing a ‘light, happy feeling’ that blends well with productive days at home. Try microdosing for an experience that fits flawlessly into your work day.

Durban Poison

This sativa strain originating from South Africa brings a spicy and sweet aroma and taste profile, and customers love it thanks to the clear-headed high that it brings. It’s the perfect strain for fully engaging the mind and staying focused when working from home. Durban Poison is one of the best daytime strains we’ve ever experienced.

Green Crack

Cerebral. Energetic. Uplifted. These are the kinds of feelings that can make your workday both more productive and more enjoyable, and that’s exactly what you get with Green Crack. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain features 18% THC content and an earthy, sweet flavor. You’ll be energized enough to power through that report or assignment you’ve been avoiding all week and head into the weekend feeling accomplished.

Make your WFH life even more laidback by ordering cannabis directly to your door. We offer same-day delivery in South Lake Tahoe, so order online now and give yourself something amazing to look forward to during the work day.