Spooky, scary skeletons, send shivers down your spine…

Is more than just a popular TikTok sound and dance. It’s a vibe we collectively get into every October with a myriad of activities. From scary movies to chilling tales around a fire, to costume parties and haunted houses – ‘tis the season to be frightful and high spirited, too. So, what are some spooky weed strains you can add to Halloween-themed evenings this Croptober? Let’s creep it real this Halloweed with the top 8 strains to get boo’d and baked with!


Halloween is the most acceptable time for the freaks to come out at night and there’s no better spooky weed strain to conjure them with, than #whatthefreak. The elusive well-balanced hybrid comes from a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and is hella freaky in heavy-handed effects. Meaning beginners should beware and proceed with caution when it comes to #whatthefreak’s high levels of THC. With purple tinted buds, and fiery orange hairs this strain screams spooky weed strains from looks and freakishly good effects.

#2 – Flamez

Channel your inner Stephen King this Halloween, and firestart any Halloween weed party with Flamez, the strain. This rare and eye-catching strain is a well-balanced hybrid that’s perfectly suited for day or night Halloween festivities. Reaching 25% THC you’ll feel the heat with potent effects that are uplifting, relaxing and calm in effects.

#3 – Red Bottom Batter

Is it blood or is it the illuminati? Elevate the exploration of mysteries and conspiracies this Halloween with the spooky weed strain, Red Bottom Batter. The latest strain from Richie Rich is so new to the scene, it’s a mystery in itself and just awaiting for consumers to crack its code and share its secrets. Shock all your friends by getting your hands on Red Bottom Batter, and revel in experimenting with the enigmatic Halloween Weed strain.

#4 – Chem Fuego

You can see it now. A creepy chemist at work lighting up the latest concoctions for its next Fuego (fire!) buzz…Or, at least that’s what we imagine when it comes to Chem Fuego, our fourth spooky weed strain to try. Chem Fuego comes from a triple-threat cross of the legendary strains, Sour Diesel x Head Band x Chem Dawg. The result is a sativa dominant hybrid that’ll ignite the senses when smoking weed on Halloween. Chem Fuego is not only fast-acting in effects but has a sweet and sour flavor reminiscent of your favorite Halloween candies, too.


The walking dead, Frankensteins, skeletons and skulls will be flooding the streets before we know it. Don’t fight the monsters but join them instead – with the Halloween weed strain Monster Cookies. A strain that’s sure to calm the terrors of the night with soothing indica dominant effects. Monster Cookies is chock-full of THC for a potently pleasing experience, that’s euphoric and sedating. And, she knows how to stick to a theme – with purple and green sprinkled buds, and a ghastly covering of white trichomes as the perfect end to any Halloween weed party.


We don’t have to get all wordy for you to understand the spooky reason behind Serpentine being #6 on our list. The slithering creature of a strain is just as unique in effects as it is in its’ name. That’s because Serpentine is our first Halloween weed strain to be high in CBD vs THC. Serpentine is the perfect go-to for daytime trips through corn mazes and pumpkin patches, as it delivers a punch of energy with an idyllic euphoric buzz, and heightened focus, too.


No spooky night or party is complete without a foggy sky shadowing the brightly lit moon. No fog? No problem…just puff, puff, pass Silver Haze instead. This sativa-dominant hybrid cross is as classic as they come, with parent strains Haze x Northern Lights. Named for its heavy coating of crystal-like trichomes Silver Haze is ghost-like in appearance as a perfect Halloween weed party strain. Even better? Silver Haze gets every party started on a high note with its’ energetic effects, for clear-headed and uplifting bouts of fun.


Knives, or ropes, rifles or AK’s…it might be grim, but every horror movie serial killer has their weapon of choice. For stoners wanting to avoid being a buzzkill, Cherry AK is a dangerously good strain to choose. The strain’s buds have hints of red and purple to match any blood-soaked or bruised Halloween costumes, and deliver a euphoric, elevated and potent high. On the sweeter side, the sativa dominant hybrid is notorious for cherry and berry like flavors paying homage to the candy-fueled holiday.

Light Up Fright Night

Double, double, toil & trouble, fire burn, and bongs bubble… Now that you’ve got the ultimate list of the top spookiest Halloween weed strains it’s time to light up your next fright night. So, get eerie at Embarc before the scary season’s over by shopping online or stopping in a store near you now. Happy high haunting and Halloweed, too!