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Let’s get real – the past two years have been high-stress for us all. So, there’s no better time to let loose and get back to the old-fashioned, free-living, flower power vibes of the 1960s’. Luckily, for California residents, the Garcia Bertha Tour is heading to a town near you to help with just that.   

If you haven’t heard by now, the Jerry Garcia-inspired cannabis brand Garcia Hand Picked is spreading the cannabis love, with its trending tour. So, where can you join and what’s the movement all about? Keep reading to find out more, and to get into the spirit before you take part.  

Wait, who’s Bertha?  

All dead heads know Bertha is one of the most highly acclaimed Grateful Dead songs with a killer guitar solo from none other than Jerry Garcia, himself. For those fresher to the scene, now you know too. But today, Bertha is the name that’s been given to the refurbished Airsteam that’s now on tour and center-stage for spreading love and good vibes in celebration of legal weed.  

Best described by Garcia Hand Picked, the brand that’s responsible for the tour, Bertha is “full of cool merch, positive vibes, magic, and bliss.” And, taking on west-coast cities one by one. Of course, Embarc is embarking on the Bertha Tour themselves.

With the following dates on the Garcia Bertha tour schedule –  

Bertha takes on Embarc Tahoe – 3/31

Bertha takes on Embarc Martinez – 4/8

Bertha takes on Embarc Fairfield- 4/19


Bertha keeps life rolling with its far-out vibes, and premium collection of Garcia Hand Picked strains, featuring a unique event and promotion with each stop. So, what’s the down-low on the brand behind the bus?

We’ll lay it on you, next.  


The Down Low on Garcia Hand Picked 

Put simply, there’s no one else that would be more impressed with the recent cannabis movement than Jerry Garcia. Garcia was a the helm of the 1960s ‘flower power’ movement thanks to his band’s popularity, the Grateful Dead. Who’s designs and aesthetics are still synonymous with today’s current culture and industry, and are found at headshops and storefronts from coast-to-coast.  

 Founded by the Garcia family themselves, Trixie, Annabelle, and Sunshine set out to hand-pick Jerry Garcia strains, inspired by years on the road and friends around the country. To pay homage to the past, and take part in the spirit of Jerry that lives on today – Garcia Hand-Picked was born.  

 To honor Jerry’s passions, the brand prides itself on eco-friendly practices, uniquely sourced genetics that tells a story, and partnering with experts in the industry to deliver the highest quality flower, possible. The brand even promotes consumers to partake in ‘the transcendent experience of cannabis and music’ just like Jerry did, by curating custom playlists that inspire just the right indica, sativa, or hybrid type of mood.  

 The Garcia girls also share a common motivation for spreading the love for cannabis, in light of their dad’s addiction to heroin that may have played a part in his early death. As Trixie told Esquire Magazine, “…it’s our responsibility to offer better choices in the future and help people get away from that.” With Annabelle adding, “It would be nice if there’s just more options and that we could put our voice towards the same purpose, which is, ‘forget the opioids, man! They don’t work.’” 

 So far, their mission has been a success as Garcia Hand-Picked has become one of the most highly sought-after flower brands and continues to grow in popularity.  

Embarc on Garcia Hand Picked 

At Embarc, we’re more than just a cannabis retailer. We’re dedicated to nourishing cannabis culture and community, to flourish. There’s no better way to do that than to connect with like-minded brands and help spread the love for cannabis collectively!  

With our intentionally curated collection of products, it was a no-brainer to partner with Garcia Hand Picked. They too share the same values as Embarc on promoting inclusion and diversity within the industry, never compromising on quality, and educating consumers on the plant we love. As shown by the Bertha tour, itself.  

So, get on board the Garcia Bertha Tour and embark on something new to do, with Embarc. Save the Garcia Bertha Tour Dates at Embarc, now, share with one of your best buds and invite your crew too!