The happy holidaze season is officially here.

You know, that wonderful time of the year where Mariah Carey is playing on repeat, Netflix has begun their annual streaming of cheesy Christmas movies (no shade, we love you, The Princess Switch), and you might’ve even started
playing Santa buying presents yourself.

So if all your loved ones want for Christmas is weed…we’ve got the stoner gift guide for you. Keep reading for the top Christmas weed gifts this season that are perfect for all the puff-puff-passers in your life.

Fun and Festive Smoking Devices

1. Session Goods Designer Pipe

Does your stoner friend appreciate the finer things in life? This designer bong will have them feeling as classy as Kevin McAllister in the Plaza hotel. Its sleek design comes in black or white, or choose the holiday pack if you’re feeling extra festive. This fancy, durable bong is a weed Christmas gift they’ll get to savor for years to come!

peachy passion space crystals by sonder

2. Ceramic Bubbler Pipe

Want a smoking experience that’s as smooth as a sip of eggnog? The grenadine bubbler by Neenineen is a perfect stoner Christmas present that they’ll love. This high-quality piece has a tube that runs through the main chamber, which can be filled with a tablespoon of water. A small amount of water makes all the difference, leaving your smoke filtered and smooth. Whether your Secret Santa is a righty or a lefty, this pipe will fit perfectly in their hand.

peachy passion space crystals by sonder

3. Cupsy

We all know someone who’s visiting their strict fam during the holidays, has some nosy roommates, or just feels the need to bring their stash everywhere they go. Help your buds keep it discreet with Budsy; and no, that’s not Will Ferrel’s long lost twin. It’s a bong disguised as your average water bottle, allowing users to hide their piece in plain sight. “No, Grandma! This isn’t a bong, I’m just drinking water!” The recipient will thank you later.

Cupsy front facing

4. A Pipe for the Psychics

If you’ve got a fortune-teller friend or a super witchy loved one on your gift list this year, the Sacksville grounded crystal ball pipe is a must. This two-piece set comes with a round pipe and a glass base to display it. Who doesn’t love a smoking device that doubles as coffee table decor? Even Scrooge would be happy to receive this stylish stoner Christmas gift.


5. Gravity Infuser

What do you get for the pothead in your life who already has every strain and smoking accessory known to man or woman? We guarantee the Studenglass Gravity Infuser will be their favorite gift under the tree this year. It’s a 360 degree rotating bong that uses water and the natural force of gravity to provide a smooth and consistent smoking experience. This high-quality piece will look epic in their collection, not to mention all the fun they’ll have trying it out.


Keepin’ it Lit!

1. Green Tortoise Lighter

If there’s one thing stoners can never have enough of (besides weed, of course), it’s lighters. It almost seems like the Grinch comes in and steals them from every purse, drawer, and pocket in sight. Save those near and dear to you from the horrors of packing a bowl or rolling a blunt just to realize, you don’t have a lighter! Get them a stunning green tortoise lighter that will fit perfectly with their aesthetic, and keep their joint lit, too. What a perfect little stocking stuffer.


2. Decorative Ashtray

Nothing says holiday fun like ash and leftover bud sitting on the counter or in a random can you found. If everyone’s sparking up at the Christmas party, save your friends the mess with a super cool half-circle ashtray from Yewyew. It’s the ideal piece for sharing your stash, as the curved shape is easy to hold and pass around. The design is perfect to place right on the coffee table, and you can cater to their style with a gorgeous teal, pink,  amber, or mint green shade.


3. Super Sleek Grinder

The only thing worse than getting coal in your stocking is realizing you’ve lost your grinder. Who wants to break up flower with their hands? Not this Christmas! These Danish designed grinders, called the KLIP, are magnetic and easy for anyone to use. They actually slice the bud up rather than grinding it, creating a more finely broken result. If the recipient of this stoner Christmas gift likes to keep their bowls and J’s on the small side, consider picking up the KLIP mini instead.


4. Organized Rolling Tray

We all know how crucial it is to have a rolling tray, but what if it turns into a cluttered mess? Bud rolling everywhere, rolling papers flying out, grinder hanging off the edge; we’re not about all that mess this Christmas. Help your favs stay organized with a special rolling tray by Flower. It comes with three different compartments; a large one for rolling, a circular one for your grinder, and a smaller rectangular one for all your extra blunts and joints, rolling papers, and other important accessories. Keeping your stash clean and tidy has never been easier!


‘Twas the Night Before Weedmas

1. Broccoli Mag Subscription 

One of our personal favorite thing about the holiday season is getting all cozied up by the fireplace with a warm mug of hot cocoa and finding something good to read. If the stoney reader on your list likes to ingest their literature in small doses, they’d love a subscription to Broccoli Magazine. It’s the perfect weed gift for her considering it’s a publication run by women, who love weed too. What better way to spread holiday love and cheer than recognizing some boss and bud-loving ladies?


2. Smoke Signals Book

Do you know someone who’s just getting into the world of weed? Are they curious about its history, how it’s been used as medicine, and what science says about it? Smoke Signals is an awesome book all about the history of cannabis medically, scientifically, and recreationally. Get the audiobook on Amazon for your pal who’s always on the go, or choose the hardcover option if their bookshelf is their pride and joy.


3. Encyclo-weedia

In search of the perfect weed-themed coffee table book? Look no further. This fun and colorful book, called the ‘Encyclo-weedia’ is the ultimate stoner lifestyle guide. It includes tons of recipes, music techniques, books, travel destinations, life tips, and more that aim to help us understand how we can use marijuana to enhance our own lives. This pick would be amazing for a White Elephant gift!


Bring the childish joy of the holiday season into adulthood with our fun gift ideas for stoners. A weed themed gift is sure to make your friends’ and fam’s faces light up like a Christmas tree. Check out Embarc for more Christmas weed gifts, or some bud to pair with the new accessories and gifts you’re ganja gifting.