Let’s get real. The world of weed isn’t what it used to be. For most things, that’s a good thing. But, it also means – you don’t know your ‘plugs’ as personally as you did before. Without any couch convos to catch-up or small talk window to window – Embarc is setting out to bring that personal connection back to pot. Which brings us to the introduction of our series Quick Sesh with… our first featured brand Potli, the creators of the trendiest edibles in California!

Potli is rooted in culture, and California love too. Their founder, Felicity Chen is a third generation sauce and spice maker who set out to create a brand you could be comfortable sharing cannabis with stereotypically strict parents. She did so, with a collection of goods that not only delivers naturally therapeutic effects but serves as a nod to her heritage and passion for functional ingredients and high-quality, craftsman kitchen staples for everyday use. 

Like integrating the idea of homeopathic honey she watched her father harvest in their East Bay backyard through beekeeping. For the specific purpose of treating her mother’s autoimmune disease honey’s natural antihistamines. With love and intention and always viewing food as medicine, Potli was born.

Today, the brand is on a mission to further their ‘Feel Good’ movement through its locally sourced ingredients, a diverse team of women, and a shared love for celebrating heritage, essential foods, and California roots. And is doing so with some of the best sellers at Embarc including infused honey, sriracha, olive oils and more. 

So, let’s get to know Fel and her unique perspective on cannabis, edibles, and what celebs she’s inviting to her dream smoke session, too. 

Tell us a bit about your newest release, Shrimp Chips

Our Shrimp Chips are born out of a celebration of community. During Lunar New Year, we gathered a party for our manufacturing staff, and with our Potli Olive fried up the first batch of Potli Shrimp Chips. They were devoured, and we knew we had to make them as a product.

What’s your favorite dish to pair with Potli’s sriracha? How many mgs can we count you in for?

Honestly I just like to pour. My favorite sriracha dish actually uses another one of our Potli products — the honey! Equal parts make a hot honey, and it’s perfect for Fried Chicken, a glaze, everything!

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world and bring Potli with you, which product would you take and where would you go?

Potli Dream to help with the jet lag! I really want to go to Italy as my next vacation destination.

Have you ever had one of those edible experiences?

I remember in high school, a friend brought brownies from a dispensary. We each had one whole brownie, not understanding the dosage. I doubt there was even a dosage on the label. Anyway, I can barely remember the rest of the evening, but we went to get La Vics. And I remember sitting there unable to eat any of it. Eventually we got home, and I slept for a full 24 hours.

top 3 places to eat in the bay area…

Yamo. Harborview. State Bird Provisions.


Edibles have a special place in my heart, but I love a good blunt ;). I also enjoy smoking out of my Session bong supporting female founded brands like Gift of Doja.

bong, pipe or joint?

If it’s a bong, it’s a Session Bong.

dream collaboration?

Ali Wong. Awkwafina. Sohla El-waylly.

What are organizations and causes you support?

Last Prisoner Project, specifically for Dr. Ji.

Potli is available at all Embarc locations! Find your shop.

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