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We’re a Northern California retailer focused on demonstrating through action that cannabis can operate mindfully and sensitively in communities. Through our local partnership model, each Embarc store is locally owned, ensuring our leadership is responsive to the unique needs and priorities of the community.

Confessions of a
Cannabis Guide – Olivia Cooper

Each month, we’ll feature a different one of our guides who will reveal behind-the-scenes secrets, tips for customers to get more out of their cannabis shopping experience, and their favorite ways to choose the best cannabis products. This week, we’re starting with our amazing Lead Guide, Olivia Cooper.

How to Buy Cannabis Online: Your Guide from Embarc

As the cannabis industry grows, there are also more ways to make buying and enjoying weed more convenient. Our personal favorite new revolution? The ability to order weed online and have it delivered right to your door.

Q&A with Moon Made Farms

Moon Made Farms represents the best kind of cannabis-centric brand, one who sees their mission as much larger than simply profiting of the plant we all love.

Make Holiday Gift Buying Easy with Embarc Gift Guide!

Our new gift baskets and stocking stuffer bundles are here to make your gift buying easy. This week, choose from one of three bundles that not only offer a curated selection of products for a range of unique tastes, but also bring you deep discounts compared to full retail of individual products, or shop Embarc to find all your holiday needs.

Get Acquainted with the Tie-Dyed Beauty of Garcia Hand Picked Cannabis

This Friday from 11am to 4:20pm (of course), Embarc Tahoe will host a visit from Bertha— the massive, green tie-dyed Airstream from Garcia Hand Picked cannabis. This one-of-a-kind cannabis brand, inspired by the legacy of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia and launched by his close family, has also partnered with our team at Embarc to exclusively offer their full range of cannabis products for the near future.

Sonder: Bringing Pop Rocks Candy to Cannabis Edibles

Sonder, your favorite creator of unique cannabis oil cartridges, has found a way to bring their high-quality, sun grown cannabis into a Pop Rocks-style edible.

Cannabis Delivery

Embarc Delivery: Bringing Cannabis to Your Door