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Martinez dispensary guide

martinez dispensary

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Woman-Owned Cannabis Brands We Love

Here at Embarc, we’re so incredibly proud of the many amazing woman-owned brands whose products we stock on our shelves and who are doing amazing things not only in cannabis, but also in important social justice causes throughout California and beyond.

Stocking Up for Personal Wellness

Stocking Up for Personal Wellness: A Guide from Embarc & LEVEL

HighRize, a Cannabis Brand Committed to the Best

Meet HighRize, a Cannabis Brand Committed to the Best

Work From Home Strains to Get You Through the Day

Check out these strains to enjoy while you work from home.

World Mental Health Day: Cultivate a Sound Mind with Strain Specific Cannabis

Celebrate World Mental Health Day with Garden Society

Meet Besito

Meet Besito, the revolutionary cannabis brand on a mission.