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You know what they say about events…the show must go on! And, after a long-awaited return – in-person events are back and better than ever. Especially considering, they’re more elevated than ever before, too. There’s nothing that goes more hand in hand than cannabis and concerts or festivals…and now, they can do so legally. Back in 2019, Outside Lands, the epic 3-day music festival in Golden Gate Park, created the ground breaking cannabis-friendly event Grass Lands and this year? Well, we couldn’t be more excited and proud to help produce and curate the experience by bringing you an incredible selection of cannabis goods to explore and consume.

So, as your guide to partaking in getting stoned socially and enjoying your favorite things – music, people, food, and drinks…here’s your ultimate guide to cannabis festivals and what to expect from the upcoming Grass Lands’ event.

The History on Canna Concerts

The legendary Woodstock festival is the most notorious weed event of recent history, and even that was held over 50 years ago today. But that same sense of getting into high spirits, socializing with like-minded people, and listening to dope music hasn’t faded. With laws serving as the biggest buzzkill, legalization is now serving up elevated entertainment once again at cannabis festivals and concerts coast-to-coast.


Since Woodstock, modern-day music festivals like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Coachella have been paying homage to the cultural phenomenon. In fact, recently these festivals and other top shows have hosted nearly 2 million attendees. Of course, in the world of enjoying good weed, good music, and even better vibes – there’s always room for more. That’s why next we’ll explore the latest star-studded festival stoners can get down with, in the Bay.

Embarc’ing on a New Scene

At Embarc, we’re always seeking out the freshest ways to bring the cannabis community together and to ignite the current culture. And there’s no better way to do so than creating a new scene of events and gatherings. Enter: Embarc Events, an extension of our brand and company that is dedicated to bringing cannabis to the world’s largest events. For ever it’s been acceptable to go to parties, live entertainment and events and order alcohol, but why not cannabis? Why not now? Through Embarc Events we aim to bring cannabis to your favorite concerts, comedy shows and more. Popculture and cannabis? Together? Legally? That’s our mission.



To put it simply – Grass Lands was the first of its kind, and the first carefully crafted cannabis experience at a major American music festival back in 2019. Grass Lands is a perfect example of how we can celebrate, educate, and integrate cannabis products into our daily lives – and enjoy dank tunes, and entertainment while we’re at it. 


Grass Lands is an immersive experience that allows guests 21+ to interact with California’s top cannabis brands, products and consume directly on site (remember tho, consumption is only permitted within the Grass Lands area). If you’re new to cannabis, don’t be shy. From low-dose beverages to infused blunts, our knowledgeable budtenders will walk you through the menu and help you find products that are right for you.

Now, while Grass Lands is cannabis-friendly you are not allowed to bring in outside cannabis. All weed must be purchased onsite.

Wanna see the menu? Want to preorder your goods? Head here to get your pre-order on and pickup at the Grass Lands Farmers’ Marketplace Dispensary throughout the weekend. Note that per State law festival buyin’ is a little different than traditional retail: you can purchase up to 7 grams of non-concentrated cannabis (flower) and 2 grams of concentrated cannabis each day.

In addition to the main stage performers – the Grass Lands Stage will host three days worth of cannabis-themed demos, conversations, and performances featuring Doug Benson, Vanessa Lavorato, Nancy Whang, The Soul Rebels, and more. Plus, an open consumption area, where you can pick up products at the Farmers’ Market Dispensary to puff, puff away with your chosen crew.

Outside of the Grass Lands, the main stage will be the most talked-about place to be. So, next let’s get familiar with some of the biggest names to perform.

Outside Land Sets to Get Buzzed About

Beyond enjoying Grass Lands, Cheese Lands, Wine Lands, and Beer Lands…the lineup of performances will take center stage in enhancing your event experience. Here’s a look at the top artists to see, when to see them, and where. 


Attendee tip! Register for an account on Outside Lands’ website and easily create a schedule of acts you want to see, to follow along while you’re there.  


All the rumors are true, and Lizzo will be taking center stage at Outside Lands on one of the prime nights and times. Get your spot to take part in a set full of self-confidence, earth-shattering vocals, and a bold, beautiful wardrobe with the star. 


Day – Saturday, Oct 30
Time – 8:25 PM – 9:55 PM


Fly high on your way to Twin Peaks for Tyler the Creator’s unique and riveting set. The recording artist, songwriter, producer, director, designer, and Grammy award winner is the hit hip hop appearance for Friday, which you won’t want to miss. 


Stage – Twin Peaks 
Day – Friday, Oct 29
Time – 8:25 PM – 9:40 PM


Ready to get nostalgic with all the good vibes and guitar rifts from The Strokes? Head to the Lands End for #FlashbackFriday where you’ll kick off the event with the hot indie rock revival band from the 2000’s. 


Stage – Lands End 
Day – Friday, Oct 29
Time – 8:25 PM – 9:55 PM


Calling all bonitas and guapos to the Twin Peaks center stage to enjoy the upbeat, and culturally infused beats of J Balvin. Where you can expect him to perform just as supersized as his surprise Superbowl performance. 


Stage – Twin Peaks
Day – Sunday, Oct 31
Time – 8:25 PM – 9:35 PM



Ready to slow things down with smooth vocals and sick beats? Head to the Sutro stage on Sunday evening to enjoy the vocals of Kehlani and her top hits. 


Stage – Sutro 
Day – Sunday, Oct 31
Time – 8:20 PM – 9:20 PM


Is it hot in herre? Or just Nelly? Find out on the main stage in Lands End on Sunday afternoon, with throwback jams from none other than Nelly. 


Stage – Lands End
Day – Sunday, Oct 31
Time – 3:10 PM – 4:00 PM

Cannabis Festivals 2021 and Beyond


Let us finish by saying – this is just the start of things to come when it comes to specially curated events celebrating cannabis culture. And, Embarc is at the helm. Our team couldn’t be more thrilled to host and produce Grass Lands as the premier cannabis festival 2021 attendees can enjoy (21+ of course).

So, do you have your ‘fits picked out, shuttle passes, and plan for where to be when at Outside Lands this weekend? If not, do it to it and begin crafting your own custom time at the this Halloween weekend, cannabis-friendly festival.


You can pre-order cannabis and pick it up at the Grass Lands Farmers’ Marketplace Dispensary by going to