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How Your Cannabis Budtender Can Help You Pick Your Cannabis Products

Just like bartenders in establishments that serve alcohol, a “budtender” is someone that is well-versed in cannabis products and their effects. However, unlike a bartender, which can serve you a drink to be consumed on the premises, a cannabis budtender is more of a sales associate that can help you decide when it comes to the dizzying array of cannabis products that are out there — but under no circumstances can marijuana be consumed on the premises.

If you’re new to the world of marijuana dispensaries, or even if you’ve been to a dispensary or two over the years, it’s the budtender that can help you make the right choice so that you walk out with a cannabis product that suits your needs. From cannabis flower to edibles, vapes, concentrates and other products, there are a lot of things that a budtender should know, and they can be more of a resource than you may be giving them credit for. 

What do budtenders do?

For the uninitiated, a cannabis budtender is an associate that works at a recreational cannabis store or a medical marijuana dispensary. Specifically, it’s their job to answer questions and help customers and patients make the right decisions when it comes to their cannabis needs. From helping those new to cannabis find the right product through questions and other concerns to tracking down the hottest new strains for longtime cannabis connoisseurs, as well as helping to facilitate transactions, budtender duties are numerous. 

With years of experience using and advising people on marijuana products, cannabis budtenders are a crucial piece of the dispensary experience. After all, a lot has changed in cannabis over the last several years. While many customers may prefer the simplicity of marijuana flower, there are now countless product types, brands, strains and other items for sale at a dispensary, and it’s the budtender that keeps the knowledge — and products — flowing.

What Makes a good cannabis budtender

Budtender skills may be numerous, but what makes a good budtender is the same thing that makes any associate a valuable addition to the team. Cannabis budtenders are much more knowledgeable of the current marijuana market, including new products that you may not even be aware of. Sure, they can greet you at the door and help you find a product you’re looking for, but they’re also powerful resources and they can answer questions that you may not be comfortable asking of friends and family.

Their breadth of knowledge is also substantial, which means that if a marijuana product exists, your local cannabis budtender is likely familiar with it. If you’re in a rut and want to change things up, the budtender is a great resource to help you do just that. Not only are they familiar with different products, brands and strains, but they’ve also likely tried it, and that means they can give you a first-hand recounting of their experience. Since different people use cannabis for different means, a cannabis budtender can let you know if that new drink or edible is appropriate for your needs, as well as offering alternatives to consider.

What don’t budtenders do?

While there are many things that cannabis budtenders do, sometimes the best tip a budtender can give is when they don’t know something. Patients that are looking for medical advice likely won’t get any answers from their budtender as they are not doctors, nurses or medical practitioners. While they may be aware of how different product types work and the benefits of each, that kind of medical advice should be coming from your doctor.

Cannabis budtenders may also start by saying little at all. Unlike typical sales associates that try to push you into buying anything and getting you out the door as quickly as possible, budtenders are often taught to listen first. People use cannabis for many reasons, and a budtender won’t be able to offer you much help until they can get a sense for what you’re looking for. Friends will likely give you information based on how it worked for them, but cannabis budtenders understand that each person uses cannabis products for different reasons. By listening first, they’ll be able to better help you when the time for actual advice comes around.

Questions a Cannabis budtender may ask

Generally, the first thing you might hear from a cannabis budtender is how they can help you. It’s not an empty question — they’re literally interested in what you’re looking to get out of your cannabis experience, and their questions are designed to find out what you like so that they can give you better suggestions and advice. Non-budtenders will likely tell you about what works for them, but a budtender will help you choose the right product for your needs.

Beyond the initial question of how they can help, a cannabis budtender will often ask about your goals. Some people may be looking for a smooth, relaxing high, perfect for vegging out on the couch or getting ready for sleep, while others may prefer a more cerebral, heady high and the creativity it can bring about. Still others may be trying marijuana to see if the therapeutic effects are right for them. There’s no wrong answer — it’s more about being as honest as you can so that the budtender can help you find the right product. And if you don’t need help at all and you know exactly what you want, just tell your budtender!

Other questions that a cannabis budtender may ask include the type of consumption method you prefer. Some love smoking joints while others exclusively smoke cannabis out of water pipes or bongs. Those new to cannabis may want to ditch the smoking altogether and settle on convenient edibles or drinks, though the budtender may want to warn them about the protracted onset and to not chase the high since it can take hours to feel the effects, versus seconds or minutes with smoking or vaping.

That said, some consumers may not want to get high at all, and in which case your budtender may suggest products that don’t contain THC. Others may want a more mild high, and the budtender can help identify the right product for each consumer’s unique needs.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and embark on your own cannabis journey, shop our first-class cannabis deals at one of our California dispensary locations. Our cannabis budtenders are standing by, ready to advise you so that you can Embarc on your cannabis journey today!