According to Urban Dictionary, Sonder is the realization that everybody around you, even strangers, is living a life just as complex as yours.

Or, as the Sonder cannabis company describes its own namesake, the word refers to – “the space between spaces; the magical moments we find if we take the time to look and turn towards the world openly with curiosity and wonder.”

And, we all know cannabis can help with both definitions.

The Sonder cannabis brand was founded by individuals with a deep love of using the plant as a vessel for creativity, and it shows. Today, Sonder is one of the funkiest, most far-out, and imaginative companies you can find on dispensary shelves and out in the community, flaunting their love for the plant and culture.

Let’s get to know the LGBTQ and woman-owned company more, by learning about their vision, flower, and the latest on their extraordinary goods.

A Sonderful Vision

Faun Chapin and M. Paradise are the married couple to thank for the Sonder spark that has lit up the cannabis scene. They both come from cannabis farming families, and after pursuing creative careers in NYC, they moved back to California to take the family names to all new heights.

The two share the belief that, regardless of what *some* people say, cannabis inspires connections rather than disengages those from the real world. Hence, the brand name Sonder and its mindful, spiritual meaning.

Being creatives themselves, the pair also own the design studio Guts & Glory, and have infused Sonder with its own notable campy designs, that have an intergalactic twist. Two aesthetics that not only connect with cannabis consumers but bring their packaging and branding visuals to life.

Our Commitment to the Community

The Flower Behind the Oil

But Sonder products are just as beautiful on the outside, as they are on the inside. As they say, Sonder cannabis goods contain “only the good stuff, never the bad stuff” which begins with the flower they use for extraction.

The brand prides itself on using sun-grown flower material sourced from family-run farms in the Emerald Triangle, specifically Mendocino. Leif and Jessica Bolin were taught to grow by their own mothers, are second-generation cannabis farmers, and now, as Sonder’s master growers, mix long-standing practices with modern techniques for optimal results.

It’s no wonder Sonder is also hip to sustainable practices, and grows their crops 100% pesticide-free too, for the richest and most robust terpene and cannabinoid profiles, which they also attribute to the land which they’ve sown in the unique terroir of the coastal Mendocino region.

Like wine, grapes, and Northern California vineyards, Sonder exclaims that this area provides a unique microclimate that nourishes the plants gently over time with the sun, rain, and its naturally nutrient-rich soil in a rhythm that has nurtured the world’s greatest cannabis for generations.

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High-est Quality Goods

When you put all the right quality ingredients together, like Sonder has, in the end, you have a 5-star end-product. The company first emerged with its offering of premium oil vape carts and has now entered the edibles scene with its one-of-a-kind pop rock-esque Space Crystals and brand collabs.

So, without further adieu, let’s get on to the ‘good stuff’ by exploring what makes each Sonder cannabis product, as unique as its brand image and story.

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Vape Carts

The best mix of modern and old-school techniques doesn’t just stop at the cultivation of flower. It continues through the extraction process for the utmost quality in taste, and potency for Sonder’s line of cannabis oil vape carts.

For extracting, Sonder uses the top-notch supercritical CO2 technique to gently wash the plant over time allowing for the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes to be released more naturally. With no additional additives, once the extraction process is complete you’re left with nothing but the pure, unadulterated oils from their premium grown flower.

Their blends collection offers simple sativa, indica, and hybrid ‘blends’ while their single origin collection delivers strain-specific effects from favorites like Green Crack, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and Girl Scout Cookies.

Our Commitment to the Community

Space Crystals

But let’s be honest – we know why you’re really here. Lately, it’s all about the Sonder pop rocks known as Space Crystals. These out-of-this-world treats have nostalgia like no other, as the crystal-like rocks dance around the tongue, released their fruity flavors and infused THC. Which means, unlike your childhood, after the poppin’ stops you’re treated to an elevated buzz.

What’s even more unique about this throwback worthy edible, is the fact that’s it’s consumed sublingually versus orally. So instead of having to wait 45 minutes – one hour for effects to kick in, it only takes approximately 15-20 minutes. That’s because, similarly to sublingually consuming CBD oil, the THC infused liquid from the Space Crystals are absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the sublingual artery found beneath the tongue.

Sonder cannabis Space Crystals, of course, come in a variety of craveworthy and socially forward flavors like Cheers Queers (a pride month special), Peachy Passion, Pineapple Party, and Stoned Fruit (a nod to apricots and nectarines). The brand has even connected with fellow LGBTQ owned brand, Cann, to offer a limited edition collection of Cann x Space Crystals in their seasonal flavor of Cranberry Sage.

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