Papayahuasca Rosin Disposeable

$36 .5g
Papayahuasca Live Rosin Papayahuasca is a rare cross between the classic Headband and Papaya strains, resulting in a delightful and well-rounded experience. The earthy and fruity aroma is accompanied by hints of pine and sweet undertones. The flavor profile is equally impressive, with a blend of sweet, tropical, and woody notes that give way to a fruity and herbal aftertaste. This hybrid strain offers a range of effects, making it a versatile for both medicinal and recreational use. The initial effects are cerebral and euphoric, producing a feeling of happiness and contentment that uplifts the mood. As the high progresses, users may feel a sense of relaxation and tingling sensations throughout the body, which can be great for reducing stress and anxiety. Phenotype Hybrid Cross Headband x Papaya Notes Mango, Papaya, Pine Surf All-In-One .5g Disposable Vape Bloom Surf is the most advanced disposable vape on the market. Meticulously designed to preserve the rich terpene profiles in our oil, Bloom Surf is built with ceramic heating elements that prevent overheating and triple-airflow for bigger hits and better flavor. Made with a 190mAh battery that provides more capacity than needed, the Surf ensures your battery will last long enough to finish every drop of oil. Available in .5g for Bloom Classic, Bloom Live and Live Rosin.