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Crunchy Toasted Cinnamon [100mg] Nano Rice Krispy Treat

100mg THC
$20.25 N/A
Gluten-Free Crunchy Toasted Cinnamon Crispy Rice Bar 100mg Per Bar | 1 Bar Per Bag Introducing the first NANO Crispy Rice Bar in California! Description: Experience Dr. Norm’s NANO – our line of cannabis baked goods that have greater bioavailability than traditional edibles. This means faster acting, more potent and longer lasting. In fact, you may feel the effects of this Rice Krispy Treat in as little as 15 minutes! This unique product is also FULL-SPECTRUM, containing multiple cannabinoids which produce the “entourage effect”. Our crunchy, chewy, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bar features the classic taste of the original Cinnamon Toast Crunch Breakfast Cereal combined with velvety melted marshmallows, butter and our secret ingredient. These puffed rice treats literally melt in your mouth and will have customers coming back for more! Of course, you can still count on Dr. Norm’s NANO for amazing taste, superior quality and accurate dosing. We hope you enjoy! Comes with a custom cutting grid so you can portion into 10mg doses if desired. Perfect for low, medium or high tolerance consumers.