Blackberry Kush

$37.13 1g
Blackberry Kush, also known as "BBK" is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Afghani with Blackberry. Blackberry Kush produces relaxing effects, and is often recommended for pain management thanks to its strong body high. Blackberry Kush offers a hashy flavor profile with a jet fuel taste and aroma balanced out with sweet berries. According to growers, this strain is marked by dense and beautiful nugs of purple and orange OUR STORY. AND WE’RE STICKING TO IT. THE PURSUIT OF MORE When we say we’re here for More, we mean it. More is something extra. More is what you get when good- enough doesn’t cut it. More is a philosophy and a promise we make to our consumers. ‘Cause life could use a little something extra. So let’s get out there and have a great time. Let’s get a little crazy and never apologize for it. Let’s explore and see the world in a new way. Let’s live the dream and #livethedream. Let’s not settle for anything less than great. Let’s share the goodness and revel in the abundance. No fluff. Just good cannabis at a great price. We’re Surplus and we’re here for More. Want some?