Whether you are a veteran smoker looking to try a new method of medicating or a complete newbie to the cannabis world, the number of options available can be intimidating! Embarc’s Martinez dispensary has a ton of different selections to try that have gotten the seal of approval from our trusted locals, including edibles, flower, pre-rolls, pods, and carts. Let’s begin diving into what differentiates these products, what their dosages and prices look like, and why they are so popular! 

Gummies of Embarc

Gummies & Edibles

Starting with the sweet stuff, gummies, tinctures, and drinks are an excellent way for cannabis users to conveniently get their dose in during the day. Gummies are without a doubt the top favorite product among our Martinez customers.

1. homegrown NorCal company ABX offers 100mg 20-pack Gummies, and the Forbidden Fruit and Tangie flavors specifically have been flying off the shelves! At 5mg per gummy, these juicy treats are perfect for slow dosing throughout your day and contain all vegan, gluten-free premium ingredients. At a gentle 0.11% THC level and $12 a bag, it isn’t hard to see why these have been a popular pick.

2. Good News has three local hits as well, including their Counting Sheep Black Cherry sour gummies, an Indica strain with 50mg CBN & 100mg THC, and the two less-potent Sativa-dominant 10mg THC 10 packs of Friyay Sour Watermelon, and Vegas Sparkling White Grape.

3. Along the line of Indica gummies, the Lights Out Heavy Hitters gummies contain 100mg THC and 100mg CBN. According to Heavy Hitters, CBN is a minor cannabinoid resulting from aged THC. When mixed with THC, the combination can exhibit a more potent sedation effect than with just THC on its own.

4. Mindy’s touts their Botanical White Grapefruit Gummies as “the world’s best tasting edibles”, and they may be onto something! These 20-pack gummies contain 40mg THC total at 0.16% and are a refreshing sour treat for only $14.

5. Last on our Martinez’s favorite gummies list, but certainly not least, we have two hybrid enhanced products from WYLD. The Huckleberry and Pear flavors are both made with real fruit and come in a 10-pack. The Pear flavor contains a 1:1 CBG/THC ratio, which offers further rejuvenation from CBG on top of the calming effects of THC.

6. A few drops of Moods’ 1:3 Purple Chemistry full-spectrum CBD/THC tincture can be added to any beverage, meal, or even as is under your tongue for quick delivery of relaxation.

7. To escape the summer heat, Uncle Arnie’s has some widely-acclaimed medicated beverages. The Sweet Peach Iced Tea and Ice Tea Lemonade both contain 100mg of Nano-infused THC and are ready to be enjoyed with every sip.

cannabis flower

Flower & Pre-Rolls

Onto the beloved cannabis classics of our Martinez community, we have good old-fashioned flower and pre-rolls. Here are the five best-selling flower strains and accompanying brands:

1. We’ve collaborated with LoLo to launch a delicious new strain for all to enjoy named #embarconthisdank. Coming in with a nice 31.11% THC level at $35 for a 3.5g bag, who wouldn’t fall in love? 

2. Pacific Stone’s Indica Fruit Bubblegum flower with a musky, sweet aroma and calming effects contains 18.71% THC and comes in 3.5g bags for $24. 

3. For another eighth of deliciousness, Reveur’s Hybrid 27% THC Kush Mints flower has been a show-stopper recently as its cross of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush provides users with a delicious relaxation minus any drowsiness. 

4. For Martinez consumers looking for larger quantities, the two best sellers have been the Schwag 28g Hybrid Dank Indoor Smalls, and Seven Leaves Hybrid Jupiter Jack – both excellent choices for daytime strains. 

The best-selling $9 pre-rolls hail from Henry’s Original 1g Indica Bubba Kush and LoLo’s 1g #keefsweat. Pacific Stone has their Hybrid 805 Glue 7 pack of .5g pre-rolls. The 805 Glue strain is a crossbreed of 805 and Gorilla Glue #4, now known as GG#, and contains 33.23% THC. 

Pods & Carts

A little more modern and a touch more potent, Martinez locals have been enjoying two brands in particular for pods and cartridges recently, each offering something for everyone. 

The limited-edition 500mg Lemon Tart Pucker is a live resin pod from doist x 710 Labs containing 63.11% THC and 2% CBD and has 200 doses in each pod. Phire has three home-run carts currently, each containing 1g and around 90% THC for only $20! It’s no wonder Embarc Martinez dispensary has been selling the Banana Runtz, Cranberry Crush, and Watermelon Hard Candy strains like hotcakes.

Stop by our dispensary today to check out our best selling products. Our Guides are happy to help you find the perfect product for you.