In today’s world, sometimes it feels like no one agrees on anything! The more voices and opinions we hear, the more we feel that our own is drowned out. Many of us have reached a point of exhaustion, some even giving up on being heard altogether. 

What if we told you your opinion matters and there is a place it needs to be heard? 91% of Americans support some form of cannabis legalization but we still see it criminalized on the federal level. We, currently, have a rare opportunity to change that. At Embarc, we are proud to support our cannabis community and important initiatives like this one, but we can’t do it alone…

WE need you!!

In 2021, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced a historic legalization bill called the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act. This is the first time the US Senate has addressed cannabis legalization in such a serious way. This is a huge opportunity for Americans to come together on a good and valuable cause.  

so how can you help?

Many US senators have not indicated support or lack thereof for cannabis legalization and we need you to help us change this. This is our chance to speak up and ensure our elected officials are acting in the interests of the majority. In the state of California, Our current senators, Sen. Dianne Feinstien and Sen. Alex Padilla have not yet indicated their support for cannabis legalization, despite California’s booming cannabis industry that employs many of their constituents. You can help by letting your officials know you support the legalization of cannabis. 

Join us at Embarc, and make your voice heard!


They’ve made it easier than ever to reach out to YOUR congress members. Now is the time to MAKE SOME NOISE, before senators go on Holiday break on December 13th! 

Here’s some actionable things you can do: 

This is our chance to make a difference. We might not agree on everything, but we do have #cannabisincommon.