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Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with extended family, just your closest family, or a family of newly found or old-time friends – there’s always room for weed at the table.

Even if you have to be discrete in front of Grandma, Grandpa, or Great Aunt Karen. So, just how can you incorporate cannabis into your family’s Thanksgiving gathering? Keep reading for the smoothest ways to elevate this year’s feast and fun.

De-stigmatize the conversation

If every guest at your Thanksgiving gathering isn’t as 420-friendly as you, have no fear. Instead, try to de-stigmatize the conversation instead and come prepared with your own fact-checked stats to pull out when or if called upon. Like, how cannabis is now legal for recreational or medical use in the majority of US states, or how cannabis prescription medicine now exists for serious conditions. No matter what source you choose to cite, be sure to approach the conversation cool, calm, and collected to keep the day in the holiday spirits, high or not.

Pack up on pre-rolls

Instead of a six-pack of the trendiest craft beer, roll up with a pack of pre-rolls instead. Pre-rolls and multi-packs are now available in a wide range of varieties, including Sativa, Indica, Hybrids, and even CBD-dominant for those avoiding a psychoactive buzz. With a variety of pre-rolls to choose from, you can re-make the circle of cigar-smoking uncles you might be used to at family gatherings, but this time Thanksgiving weed edition.

Prep the vape pens

Let’s be honest – most family gatherings tend to have one narc or naysayer amongst the crew. And the pungent aromas of flower aren’t shy or easy to tame. Luckily, vape pens are practically scentless and have small vapors of white clouds that can easily be expunged with a few waves of the hand. In the case you’d like to remain aroma-free, prep your vape pens for a still-lit yet more discrete weed thanksgiving. That means, bring back-up batteries, chargers, or an extra potent indica cart to mellow out with post-feast.

Other scentless options include edibles or capsules, but be sure to advise anyone partaking of the unique effect duration times and potency these consumption methods produce.

Bring an infused dish or drink

Feeling more confident with your Thanksgiving cannabis loving crowd? Consider bringing a weed infused dish to pass, or infused drinks to share. But, of course, be sure to label the elevated offerings so your Thanksgiving guests are fully aware of what they’re about to consume. A few drinks that pair well with the hearty goodness of turkey, stuffing, and all the traditional rich Thanksgiving desserts and sweets would be Blood Orange Bitters sparkling beverage, or Hi-Fi Hops Reverb.

Offer advice & guidance

As the resident cannabis connoisseur, you have the power to lead the cannabis Thanksgiving experience with some sound advice and guidance. If you know your cousin has a low tolerance, don’t invite them over to the dag rig for a rip. Or, as much as Uncle Bob swears he used to be the biggest pothead ever, don’t let him puff off today’s more potent products after he’s put back a 12 pack. While you want the family to enjoy cannabis as much as you do, you don’t want them blaming you for any bad experiences, either.

Time it right

Timing (and setting!) can be everything with a good buzz, and it’s even more important for a high-spirited and functional Thanksgiving cannabis dinner. AKA, don’t dose the cook before the meal is done. Instead, make smart choices and think about timing before you light up. Like, you already know Sativa dominant strains are uplifting for the mood and can stimulate a conversation like no other. While others can stimulate the appetite, or get you into chill-mode fast.

So, pre-dinner puffs of a strain like Super Lemon Haze or pre-gaming with Sour Diesel can spark up a lively conversation and invoke a more enjoyable time at the table. Or, turn to strains that can induce the munchies like Kush Mints to make the meal that much more satisfying.

Ready to relax and watch the Raiders game or settle into a comforting food-coma on the couch? Turn to Indica dominant hybrids that will mellow the mind without putting you to sleep. Like Wedding Cake or Grape Stomper.

Gratitude and Ganja

Done right, nothing goes better together than Thanksgiving and cannabis. So, share your gratitude for ganja with those you’re thankful for this holiday. With these simple tips, you can elevate the day and introduce new family traditions, too. Get ahead and start shopping for your menu of weed infused goodies to bring to the table, today. Browse Embarc’s online collection now or visit a location near you.