With a list of celebrity endorsers and investors from Gwyneth Paltrow, to Adam Devine, Rebel Wilson to Nina Dobrev, you know Cann’s quite the star itself. The cannabis infused social tonic is winning over Hollywood, and California one sip at a time while revolutionizing the sober curious culture.

So, what exactly is attracting the Hollywood elite and everyday consumers alike to this THC-infused beverage?

Let’s take a look at all the Cann drink buzz to find out why the brand is trending with the who, what, when, why, where and how on Cann company deets.

#1 – Who is Cann?

The LGBTQ founded brand is led by co-founders Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson, Harvard and Stanford graduates. Emerging from LA, the pair has managed to craft what’s now the top selling THC-infused drink globally. Cann is dedicated to supporting the ‘future of drinking’ with their Cann beverages specially crafted for social drinking, with varying levels of THC for consumers
with varying tolerances.

#2 – What is Cann known for?

Cann began as a new way to microdose, with their flagship White Claw-esque, sparkling juice-flavored drinks. For those exploring the Cali-sober lifestyle, Cann allows consumers to partake in the fun without heavy intoxication and zero chance of hangovers. Even better?

Unlike other edibles, consumers love the crisp, refreshing taste of Cann because it doesn’t actually taste like weed. I mean, we love you cannabis plant, but we don’t always want to taste your au naturel, raw flavor.

The brand’s OG collection of Cann drinks come in 8oz cans, and contain 2 mg THC and 4 mg CBD. They’re sold in six packs for the same effect and aesthetic as booze, and perfect for any fridge stock or party.

With its early popularity, the Cann company has been able to expand their collection of drinks to suit a wider market of consumers. Today, you’ll find Hi Boy Cann drinks that have 5 mg of THCfor more experienced consumers. In addition to roadies, which are liquid packets designed to add to any drink, for when you’re on the go. Their Cann without the ‘can’ boasts a mantra of ‘mix
me while you mingle’ and offer a clean way (no powder!) to mix in your THC beverage infusion.

Since Cann is uber in-touch with their consumer, they’re continually coming out with the latest and greatest goods to meet their unique desires. Including the latest answer to a ‘case’ of beer with their ‘Party Pack’ that packages four six packs in one for gatherings and crowds. For those who are watching their calories, the latest ‘Lite’ collection was designed specially for you, too.

And now, Cann drinks even offers an ‘unspiked’ version for those looking to get their LaCroix on with bold, new flavors without the buzz, and only 30 calories.

Our Commitment to the Community

#3 – When did Cann emerge onto the scene?

Cann began its collection of cannabis drinks in 2019 with the mission to serve the sober-curious with an alternative to all the drawbacks of drinking. On the flip side, Cann also provides an alternative way of consuming cannabis for those all day, everyday, consumers.

#4 – Why choose Cann?

So, why should you choose Cann social tonics as your go-to drink? We’ve got one word to answer this question best – flavor. Not only does a cannabis infused drink add a special twist to any social event, or night at home, but the unique and foodie worthy flavors elevate it that much more.

Their classic collection includes flavors like Grapefruit Rosemary, Blood Orange Cardamom, Lemon Lavender, and the brand also offers seasonal flavors like Cranberry Sage and Ginger Lemongrass throughout the year, too.

Adding to its flavor collection is the brand’s first collaboration with other pot powerhouse (and fellow queer-owned cannabis brand) Sonder. Together, the pair unleashed Cann limited edition Space Crystals to experience their seasonal flavor Cranberry Sage, as an ‘explosion of flavor on your tongue’.

But, flavor and cool collabs aren’t the only reason why Cann is trending. Behind the scenes, Cann is using their platform to support cannabis, and LGBTQ communities and culture. How? We’ll find out next.

Our Commitment to the Community

#5 – How does Cann support the cannabis community and culture?

Being LGBTQ owned, you’d expect the Cann beverage brand to go all out during Pride month. But, this year the company took their celebration to all new heights. In June, they launched a campaign to highlight the community and launched its very first original song with a music video – “Taste So Good”.

The lyrics are an anthem celebrating a movement of racial and sexual inclusivity, and its music video brought all the big stars out in support. From Gus Kenworthy, to Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hayley Kiyoko and Patricia Arquette, it’s a who’s who spanning generations of fandom.

In the performance, the stars are joined with top drag performers from RuPaul’s Draft Race, for a lively and fun way of showing support as queer allies. Co-founder Luke Anderson sums up the experience best, saying, “As a queer founded brand, it was a dream come true to work on this campaign with the most amazing tribe of queer icons and celebrity allies to introduce the new Lite flavors while championing our message of equality for Pride.”

#5 – Where can you find Cann?

Even though Cann started in California, the brand can now be purchased in Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and just recently went international in Ontario, too. Locally, of course, Embarc strives to keep a full stock of Cann on its shelves to keep up with cannabis drinkers demand.

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