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As we decorate our homes with ghosts and witches, carve pumpkins, and prepare the perfect costumes for this spooky season, memories of trick-or-treating and sugar-induced comas might flood our minds. Although it’s frowned upon for adults to go door-to-door begging for candy, kids can’t enhance their sweet treats with THC like we can…See? Sometimes being ‘old’ is cool.

Want to elevate your holiday experience with Halloween weed edibles? Check out our favorite cannabis candy for an adult twist on all your childhood favorites.

1. peachy passion space crystals

Who doesn’t get super nostalgic vibes from the tingly taste of pop rocks? Sonder’s Space Crystals will give you that same crackling sensation and fruity taste. These delicious popping candies can elevate your mood and relax your mind with 10 mg of THC. Pick up some sweet peach and passionfruit sweets, and the only thing getting tricked this Halloween will be your tastebuds.

peachy passion space crystals by sonder

2. cherry fruit chews

If Starbursts are your go-to Halloween candies, you’ll soon be craving Lost Farm Cherry Fruit Chews. The tangy, yet sweet fruity flavor will exhilarate your taste buds and your mind. These 10 mg pot candies are individually wrapped making them easily sharable with your costume party guests (what an epic party favor). Or, let’s be honest, stash them in a place where only you can find them. Whether you enjoy them alone or with others, these edibles are the perfect cannabis candy edible for Halloween.

peachy passion space crystals by sonder


Not everyone loves the variety of sweet treats Halloween brings (shocker, we know). If you’d rather be passing out the candy than consuming it, the 710 Labs Sour Tangie Gummies might be the right pick. They’re made from rosin with no added flavor, giving them a natural taste and vegan-friendly ingredient list. Let the mood-boosting, creativity-inducing effects of Sour Tangie guide you through an epic spooky season.

peachy passion space crystals by sonder


One of the best things about Halloween candy is how dang cute it can be. Everything’s in a new, festive package, covered in purple and orange, or shaped like a jack-o-lantern. Canna candies might not be on the mainstream marketing level of spooky snacks just yet, but the fun and colorful Space Gem Gummies give us all the Halloween-y vibes. Choose from the various flavored Space Drops that are so adorable, you almost won’t even want to eat them…almost.

But then you’ll remember there’s 10 mg of THC inside, who cares if they’re cute?



Sometimes, choosing one flavor is just too much pressure. Picking the best cannabis candy flavor is the adult version of deciding which full-sized candy bar to choose from the neighbor’s house during trick-or-treating. Ditch the decision-making with the Flav Rainbow Sour Gummy Belts. 10 mg of THC in a colorful, flavorful gummy belt? What more could you ask for? This hybrid treat is the perfect recipe for a happy and fun, yet relaxing Halloween.

Want to balance out the cute with some spooky strains? Check out this article.


6. sea salt caramels

Perhaps your Halloween candy dish is filled with chocolate ghosts rather than gummy pumpkins. Anyone who prefers rich chocolate over the sugary stuff is sure to love the Sea Salt Caramels by Kiva Confections. The smooth, chocolate-coated caramel will delight your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth. Take one of these 5 mg caramels to feel an uplifting buzz, or savor the taste of several for an even more euphoric Halloween night.


7. CBD CHocolate bar

All our classic Hershey bar lovers, we see you! Adult-ify your favorite Halloween candy with the Chill THC Milk Chocolate Bar. This tasty treat is excellent for anyone who wants to feel joyful and calm without altering their consciousness this Halloween. It’s made with 100 mg of CBD and doesn’t contain any THC. Keep your spooky season stress-free with the anxiety-reducing effects of CBD.


8. peanut butter cups

Chocolate and peanut butter: a classic combo and beloved favorite. The only thing that could make it better is, well, weed. If that sounds like two perfect worlds colliding, snack on the Emerald Sky Peanut Butter Cups this Halloween. The relaxing effects of indica will have you ready to cuddle up for a scary movie marathon, or a throwback Halloweentown spree if you’re a bit of a scaredy-cat.


9. chocolate chip cookies

We don’t know about you, but there comes a point on Halloween where we get a little candied out. If you spent the day sneaking into the bowl of candy you set out for the trick-or-treaters, consider a Dr. Norm’s Cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth instead. The mini chocolate chips, pecans, and toffee bits within the cookie make it an irresistible treat. This 10 mg THC edible will leave you feeling elated and carefree throughout your Halloween night. Dr. Norms is available at all Embarc locations!


10. lights out sleep gummies

Whether you spent Halloween partying it up, or accompanying children door-to-door to retrieve candy (that you will be stealing while they’re asleep), you might some help winding down at the end of the night. Calm your insomnia-inducing fears of ghosts, werewolves, and vampires with the Heavy Hitters Lights Out Gummies. Containing both THC and CBN, this weed candy can help guide your mind into a state of peace and calm. With the help of these yummy cherry gummies, your eyes might even start to feel heavy and ready to rest for the night. Select your Embarc location to grab some Heavy Hitters Lights Out sleep gummies.


All Treats, No Tricks

No matter how you’re celebrating Halloween this year, canna candies are here to make it the best one yet. Browse our collection on Embarc and visit your local dispensary before Halloween so you can have a night full of treats and no tricks. Wishing you the spookiest of seasons!